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  1. damonteufel

    Starting Skills

    That's what was blowing my mind. If everyone started with 4 rank 4 skills, it would be lopsided as ****. Guess I should have read more carefully. Thank y'all!
  2. damonteufel

    Starting Skills

    Finally sat down to read the Genesys Corebook and was confused by two statements made in the character creation section. Then it says... So if I'm reading the first part correctly, you can pick 4 skills from your career skills list and raise them to rank 4. But then it says you can't have any skills higher than 2 ranks to start. That makes me think they meant to say you get to raise 4 career skills 1 rank (for a total of 4 ranks) in the first part, but that's not how it reads. In the second quote, do they mean non-career skills? What am I getting wrong?
  3. damonteufel

    Genesys OGL?

    I know it may be crazy early to be asking questions other than how the system might work for different genres but will FF be going the way of WotC, Paizo, and even White Wolf in allowing for community generated products through an Open Game Licence? With the ability to craft your own unique worlds and apply your own powers, talents, and such, it seems like the sort of system that would lend itself to this notion.