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  1. HossDrone here with Jaegerbomb gaming letting you know that we've created a new youtube channel about a month or so ago and have been recording and posting SW destiny content. Please check it out, like and subscribe. To help you out, heres a link to recent video so you can watch then subscribe easily! https://youtu.be/5I2Vv9WZ6EA
  2. Building off this thought, I think it's good to have in a meta that might be mill heavy since it becomes a must answer die.
  3. FWIW, been playing a bunch of trilogies lately bc we are doing a trilogy event soon and theed is def not an auto include in trilogy format which leads me to believe that once rotation happens and all the borderline op awakenings block cards go away things will change.
  4. That's not what you said earlier: You can't have your cake and eat it too. You and theo cant argue that jyn is both applying all the time and only applying when you go to check costs. Jyn is always on, but only has her effect when you get to check costs, which is also when calling triggers but a plain reading of calling strongly implies that calling checks the cost of the card, as it was, before any other modifiers had/have an effect. Otherwise "before you play a card" doesn't have any meaning. Truthfully though, this game needs to define "printed cost" vs "cost after modifiers".
  5. You're making a huge leap of supposition that the effect of the cards in my hand have their costs decrease. A leap I don't think is supported by the rules. If player A is playing Jyn and player 2 is playing kylo1 and reveals a cost 1 yellow event before I've played any events, you are saying kylo will deal 0 damage? What about if I can play an event from my discard pile? Do I now have to assume that the cost of all the yellow event cards in my discard pile are cost -1? Once you start saying that the printed value of something is meaningless because there's a remote possibility its paid for cost *might* be effected by a card not specifically affecting that zone, you are asking for trouble. The truth is that the definition of an ongoing ability doesn't grant the ability anything special that makes it relevant when it's not relevant. It might be "on", but that just means it's not "off". It might not actually be doing anything. Furthermore, effect is defined as the result of the ability. Jyns ability can only have its result as the first yellow event is played. Before that, it's just a *possibility*. Example: say a character had the ability: "the first card you play each round becomes the color of your choice" are you saying that I now have a hand with each card being whatever color I want it to be? Or that they are now all colors? I don't know which card i'm gonna play is the first one, how does the character?
  6. Except that I don't think that's true. There's nothing in the rules that expressly states that and the entry on decreases actually implies the opposite: "Effects which decrease something only last for the duration of the effect." The effect being that it's cost is decreased when cost is checked during the play a card action for both jyn and calling in favors. Since calling in favors uses the trigger "before a card is played" the logical conclusion is that the checking cost step "sees" calling in favors effect as checking the cards cost while it was in hand (so..3) and jyns ability as only having an effect here and now and then applies then both fully so you get a -2 and a -1 for a -3 total.
  7. Even if it's always on, it still only actually has its effect at the step where you apply all modifiers to the cost. Calling states that before you even play the card you modify the next card. Calling happens, you then follow the playing a card steps which includes applying all modifiers, both take effect. Neither calling nor jyns ability modify the card while its still in your hand which is where it's at when you can trigger calling. Also, the rulebook entry on decreasing (page 20) makes it clear that the decrease only has an effect for the duration of when it needs to.... in this case, when you actually pay for the event. Thus, they stack regardless of triggers or ongoing. This is the exact same principle as reaping and it binds. Whether ongoing or not they still have to check if their effect is valid, meaning they don't necessarily apply themselves prior to the card getting actually paid for...
  8. Orange City, IA August 11th, 11am OC Games and Comics 117 Central Ave SE Orange City, Iowa 51041 Sioux Falls, SD August 18th, 1pm Dragons Den Gaming 5403 W 41st St Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57106
  9. Orange City, IA August 11th, 11am OC Games and Comics Sioux Falls, SD August 18th, 1pm Dragons Den Gaming
  10. I only ask because the argument made to me was basically, if dice can have inherent dice effects, doesn't that imply that resolving a die creates a die effect and a card effect is only cards played from hand and character abilities?
  11. Remind me again, what is a "card effect" exactly?
  12. Located in South Dakota. Updated 8/27/17 Haves: U-wing At-st Blackmail Crime Lord Holdout blaster Cunning Luminara unduli x2 Mon Mothma Asajj Ventress Jyn Erso x2 Gauvian Enforcer x3 Count Dooku Tuscan Raider Interrogation droid x2 R2d2 Promotion A180 blaster x2 Survival gear Eweb emplacement x2 Jedi robes Con artist Command shuttle x2 Lure of power Immobilize Snap wexley Maz kanata Ascension gun x2 Astromech Force heal Lightsaber pike Overkill Personal shield Smuggling freighter Supply line x2 Diplomatic immunity Wants: Sabine seen x2 Baze Malbus Captain Phasma x2 Chewbacca Hand crafted light bow x2 IG-88 x2 Imperial Discipline Death trooper Scout Tie pilot Nightsister
  13. Heros: "look at our five dice list now that we have ezra!" Villians: "hold our beer" (ekrennic/7thsister)
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