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  1. Northern Nevada is definitely coming! My only regret is not being able to use Palpatine for this one.
  2. Cheers guys! Always a pleasure when we can coax you out to our neck of the woods. Can't wait to shake the rust off next month in Mountain View!
  3. Guess it's my turn to join the support group. Mistakes were made. Empire 4 ISD (1 Chimaera) 3 Victory 3 Quasar Fire 2 Interdictor 5 Raider 5 Arquiten 3 Gladiator 3 Gozanti Rebellion 1 MC80h 2 MC80l 2 MC75 3 Assault Frigate 6 CR90 4 Hammerhead 4 MC30c 3 Nebulon-B 2 Pelta 4 GR75 And a whole mess of squadrons, generally 6-8 per type. Large Ships: 9 Medium Ships: 11 Small Ships: 39 Squads: 180 Mats: Endor, Starfield, Stele Open/Jakku
  4. Yes, yes, yes. 100% this. I love the arquitens as is but it's an absolute crime that the support team slot is restricted to the command cruiser. Give the arquitens access to engine techs without paying a five point tax on it and you've instantly got a ship that's way more viable. I also love the idea of giving the command cruiser fleet command. Fits in with name of the card, gives you a reason to take the command version over the newly improved light cruiser, and gives the empire access to fleet commands without having half the list eaten up by an ISD.
  5. Go hedgehog! Knock 'em dead!
  6. A full size card for the best art in the game and an easy way to field SFOs? Amazing. Will probably need to sleeve that double-sided SFO up with another officer to avoid confusion about spontaneously sprouting DTTs when you discard it.
  7. Thanks for the base template Darth Sanguis! Already printed it out and gave it my own dry run of a game. As other people have commentated so far, the guns really aren't that much to write home about (it's an ISD II) but the noteworthy thing for me is how the SSD forces its opponent to play aggressively. With such a large footprint you're looking at turn one shots being traded, turn one tokens being grabbed and a solid 1/2 the board that finds itself threatened at any given time. If you try to wait till later in the game to push damage the SSD is just way too tanky to bring down.
  8. In the fine tradition of monster trucks, the SSD has gotta be ‘Truckasaurus’.
  9. Definitely happy. From my point of view this is a wishlist come true.... - Giant model, seemingly even bigger than I had hoped. (FFG, please get a tape measure by that thing tomorrow) - It comes with both two thematic insanely overpowered versions for the fluffy players and two tournament balanced versions for the competitive players. Star Wars geeks get to unleash the full power of an SSD, tournament players get to actually use their giant ship (unlike X-Wing). - There are eight cards in there that were previously only available from Rebel only expansions. Imperial exclusive players not only get their biggest toy, they also won't have to buy all those Rebel ships in the future. - There's zero cards that aren't available to Rebels in other expansions. Everything is either unique, in an existing Rebel expansion...or Flight Controllers. So Rebel exclusive players are saved a big ticket item (after they ebay Flight Controllers) - Not one but two commanders that the community has been asking for since the game came out. The only strike against it is the price. It's about $50 more than I realistically hoped it would be and I know locally it's going to be a struggle for a sizeable portion of the community to afford. But I'd much rather have it at $50 more than I wanted than not and, hey, I was willing to buy a $50 ISD four times and this thing looks like it's at least as much plastic as those are.
  10. Man, unexpected results in here. Didn’t expect seven (and a half) out of thirteen imperial responses to have arquitens as their favorite. Go team arquitens.
  12. Going to agree with this but with the caveat that this won't be Wave 8, it'll be an SSD released outside of a wave. So 175 days. Wave 8 proper drops February 7th, so....224.
  13. Aw yeah, been waiting for this one. Really looking forward to some ideas to steal. +1 Nick
  14. In addition to Comic Kingdom, we've got two more store champs this year in Northern Nevada: 07/08/2018 - Games Galore 5460 Meadowood Mall Cir, Reno, NV 89502 08/19/2018 - Hydra's Lair Store Championship 1802 N Carson St #120, Carson City, NV 89701
  15. Despite being one of the most crucial elements of the game I seldom see deployment discussed. Let’s fix that! What’s your favorite fleet, what’s your general plan for deployment with that fleet and what factors (mission, opponent’s fleet) can cause you to change that plan up? Bonus if you can provide pictures for us more visually inclined players. (Cheers to ovinomanc3r and mad cat whose excellent posts inspired this.)
  16. +1 for Yavaris. It's too dangerous to let live but at a mere 65 pts I very, very rarely avoid trading significantly down. Honorable mention to a JJ enhanced Demolisher which is just so squirrely. 7 clicks and move/shoot? Good god.
  17. That's only because, unlike Demolisher, people have never seen that art at the table.
  18. The Demolisher title art, no contest. They should have done a full art version of this for the alt Glad I instead of that goofy looking frosted one from worlds.
  19. In a situation where you are attacking from an arc with only a single die facing the table edge selected for Solar Corona, are you still able to use add effects (con fire, slaved turrets, etc...)? Or more specifically, do you still count as 'gathering' the dice throughout the entirety of the "Roll Attack Dice" step or is that only prior to actually rolling the dice? Or a third option, does Solar Corona resolve in the "Resolve Attack Effects" step but must go before resolving any other attack effects? Example. A hammerhead scout attacks out of its side arc with a single blue die, facing the corona. The single die is gathered, an accuracy results and the die is removed. If the entire step counts as gathering (which the FAQ seems to imply?) then the attack would be canceled. If gathering only applies prior to rolling the dice, then it would seem the window for checking to cancel the attack has already passed and you can proceed to step 3 (resolve attack effects) with a dice pool of zero dice. Ditto for Solar Corona resolving first in the resolve attack effects step. Relevant Rules Gather attack dice to form the attack pool and roll those dice. If the attacker cannot gather any dice (...) the attack is canceled." - rules reference Q: If a ship's attack would not include any dice, but the ship can add dice through a card effect, can it perform the attack? A: No. If a ship does not gather any dice during the "Roll Attack Dice" step of an attack, the attack is canceled. - FAQ While a ship is attacking, before resolving any attack effects, if any portion of the corona is inside the attacking hull zone's defending arc, the attacker must discard 1 die with a accuracy icon from the attack pool, if able. - Solar Corona
  20. Pretty much this. He's still bad mind you. Real bad. But the closest I've gotten to making him work is to just take two Christmas tree'd ISDs and throw them right into the teeth of the enemy as fast as possible.
  21. The timing on Shields to Maximum, for sure. Invariably I've already flipped the dial and have ruler in hand before I remember....oh yeah, the shields....
  22. Based on what Tokra's reported.... Admiral Raddus - 13 Admiral Sloane - 11 Moff Jerjerrod - 9 General Rieekan - 6 Admiral Motti - 5 Darth Vader - 4 Grand Admiral Thrawn - 4 Admiral Ackbar - 4 General Dodona - 4 Admiral Screed - 2 Garm Bel Iblis - 2 Admiral Ozzel - 1 Grand Moff Tarkin - 1 General Cracken - 1 General Madine - 1 Admiral Konstantine - 0 General Tagge - 0 Commander Sato - 0 Leia Organa - 0 Mon Mothma - 0
  23. Top 4 will be streaming 3:00-9:00 CDT on Friday. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/9a/9e/9a9e710f-3766-4e93-b96c-e36ada3fad44/2018a_streaming_schedule_web.pdf
  24. Agreed, thematically it's really weird since they're not particularly common. Mechanically, small ships with defensive retrofits just don't really have anything useful to put there now. Making it spammable will help the ship type (and MSU) in general, making it unique will just make Admonition and Jaina's Light even better. No reason to be married to 'cloaking device' as a name though. If only targeting scrambler hadn't already been taken...
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