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  1. If you allow this you are in dangerous waters. Your game can be perceived as having only fake danger, and the characters mortality is a very wishy washy thing. Also having the player come back and basically invoke player agency to rez their character is kind of sketchy for me anyway. I don't know how they "died" and if you mean dead where they lost 3 times their Threshold or were just defeated, and could still be alive. It depends on what you want for the game, but you also have the danger of making it seem like dead is optional in a game that already leans so heavy into keeping PCs alive.
  2. The inclusion of the SWTOR stuff was what I found most frightening. I found that game to be the most linear, poorly thought out MMO. I was sooo disappointed by that game. I have a permanent chip on my shoulder against it. EA and BIOWARE suck.
  3. That's very cool! I will also say that the TOR timeline is an area where I drift from my religious devotion to movie-like Star Wars representation. I feel like the past is mysterious and unknown, and so anything can go really. Good stuff ASCI Blue
  4. That they hint at it makes me think it might be smoke. I remember the preconceptions I had about TFA and TPM from the trailers and it was way off lol. I don't think it could have all been from me having bad judgment, I imagine some of it has to do with trailers that are meant to misdirect. If you are trying this hard to hide information from the public, misinformation is a must. I don't even trust the blurb we got about the "insiders" who saw the rough cut and said the movie will "divide the fanbase." That's a statement that a cold reader would be proud to use. Hmm I see, I see someone who uses the Force, and it's not clear if they are Dark or Light! Oh must be gray! Must be.
  5. I like to think that along the way there have been several big dark ages in various regions, as well as some enlightened ages where great tech was around for a while. I know this is basically what you said in reference to the past, but I'm just saying I like to use it forward of TOR timeline leading up to GCW time to allow for some of the post-apocalyptic style goodness such as finding ancient goodies in old ruins and such.
  6. What are we like 2 months away from The Last Jedi? I watched that last trailer and I fee like it was cut to make you believe the good guys have all gone neutral or bad by the end of the movie, but because the trailer is cut like that it makes me doubt that the movie will be that way.
  7. Yeah I have seen that guys videos and to me there is nothing to see there. It's not even inventively bad.
  8. This is wonderful stuff. I think this also counts as another way that conventional RPG wisdom is put on its head.
  9. Session 0. By all that is holy do a session 0 and make sure you don't say yes to things you hate just because you just met them. I have made this mistake and paid the price.
  10. Plus you may need Xenology too if you want to be a stickler. I need to get this guy's helmet off to help him... no don't he's an argon breather, you'll kill us and him if you take that off! lol
  11. and I'm not meaning this
  12. I am planning on using this time for a game in the future and I was wanting to do it as a really heavily fantasy influenced game as opposed to GCW Star Wars. I felt like Old Republic is fertile ground for the kind of stories that work in a Fantasy setting like slaying dragons, defeating evil Sith sorcerers, and exploring ancient ruins. The tech level is still high, but since it is so much earlier on in the timeline there are more species that could be further back in the technology trail. Also hyperdrive could be less reliable and not as pedestrian as it is in those later times, so an age of sail type setup is not out of the question. What may be minor navigation obstacles in the regular time could be terrible seas of gravitational storms that are perilous to cross. I realize that this is big picture stuff but I was thinking that you can define how you want the feel. The one thing I don't really like is doing Old Republic games in the standard high-tech locations (Coruscant, etc.) because they always end up feeling like a not-so-good echo of the later timeline stuff. If you're going to do blasters and starships then why go back to that time? I know people do it, and while I liked KOTOR, I feel like the good stuff about the old republic time is where it differs from the GCW time not where it's the same.
  13. Yeah that sounds amazing. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you I love that idea of sharing blues too.
  14. I am developing a Narrative Initiative System for use in my games, and one of the things I do despite the initiative system is to separate combat action hotspots into what I call "Frames." If you have a fight where two people are dueling with lightsabers and the others are engaged in a shootout, I separate those into two separate combats. The reason I do this is because I find that in games where there is one combat situation for all characters and a You Go, Now I Go initiative and action system there tends to be a mass battle effect in every fight (all combatants engaging in a chaotic manner, and with no sense beyond the immediate turn of what is actually happening). Big battles or barfights are generally where I want that feel , but for other fights I like to shape the action of the fight by having the "camera" focus on elements in a purposeful way. I like the idea that someone posted in another thread about running characters in separate places in the session because it mimics the way that the action in the movies often happens. Has anyone had it occur where those two or more sub-groups of characters have actually been in combat in two separate places at the same time? So in essence, have you ever run two separate combats at the same time? Maybe starfighters with Group1, Ground combat with Group2? If so, how did you divide the time (Group1-Round1, Group2-Round2 or Group1-Rounds1-4, Group2-Rounds1-3, Group1-Round5)? I have done it a couple of different ways but I tend to like where the other fight is progressing but not to any substantial (no damage or mechanical effect) way so that all the action seems to be progressing rather than stop/go. How do you handle concurrent combats? Thanks for any input.