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  1. Yeah! I didn't think of that but you're right
  2. I just finished running a game located on level 1354 of the Coruscant underworld. I made a map of the area around the portal shaft and I just did a sort of "hex crawl" format by populating areas as they came to them. You just need to make a few lists: Terrain type (Urban, Industrial, Natural), Encounters for each type of terrain, and then a list of story threads for them to engage such as thief took our power converter and fled into the air shafts. I ran it like a poverty stricken urban sprawl with surrounding "wilderness" areas of the various gigantic Works machinery and sometimes with things like fungal forests or caverns. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktwylcx4pvy8n8f/level1354 labeled.png?dl=0
  3. One of the great things about these games is that you can use Rulings over Rules to resolve something in that instance. Keeping the game going was a better choice than hunting through the rules for some pre-made method of dealing with it that you may not have liked that much anyway. Having the rules be known and followed is important, but I like for players to try to solve problems creatively which means you have to adjudicate their ideas. I like giving objects a soak and damage threshold, but I don't do it that way all the time. I just use what seems best in that moment without invalidating PC abilities if possible.
  4. I think it's one thing to get that distance, but another thing to accurately place that grenade within that distance (Long). A grenade generally has a lethal range of 5m so not only are you talking about throwing it at those ranges while in a firefight, but also getting it to land right where it needs to. A wookiee or some other non human may be able to do it, or if it is a human character what led to the character having this ability to unnaturally fling projectiles at that distance? If they can throw things with that kind of velocity then you should probably let them kill other characters at short range due to the velocities and the weight of the projectile. A MLB pitch has a velocity of 45 m/sec A low velocity Grenade launcher is 269 m/sec If you get hit by that grenade launcher in the face and the grenade doesn't explode you are still likely dead. With no body armor the round itself will penetrate the body and even though it won't detonate it will have to be surgically removed. As for the Rule of Cool, that is kind of a nothing statement because the subjectivity of "cool" is really different to everyone. If you like something a certain way, then I feel that is enough reason to do it. Often (and I know you may not be doing this) it is proffered as some kind of RPG law. One final thing. As the GM you represent the physics of the game world and the players will be determining their physical capabilities somewhat based on how you represent the reality of the game world in your descriptions and rulings. It's your game so of course I agree that you can do anything that you want, but I would say that maybe having things behave realistically where you can, will give the game world a sense of verisimilitude that will make your players find it easier to estimate what they can and cannot do without setting up precedents that you now may have to apply equally (such as lethally tossing rocks). I'd like to know who wrote that talent and why they put it in the game. It feels like a balancing effort in order to make grenade specialists keep up with gun guys. Guns and Grenades and Melee are different though, and I wish they had recognized this. Players can easily act in such a way that they maximize their arena of combat without the rules arbitrarily making everything valid in all situations.
  5. Grenades being thrown past Medium range is a problem for me. One of the reasons to have Grenade Launchers is because Hand Grenades are limited to the range you can throw them, and the kinds of trajectories you can get from a throw vs. a shot. By shot I am referring to the typically low velocity grenade launchers usually seen in the 40mm short variety, that you can launch at a high parabola to get over the top and behind things sometimes. Some of the Star Wars grenades I have seen in various lore are really large (Imperial Detonator) so anyone but a wookiee or similarly large and powerful alien would not be able to toss it very far imo. I know there is a talent that lets you become a catapult, but at some point I drew the line so that grenade launchers were still useful. I like the Shrapnel quality
  6. If you put an electronic machine in your head and someone can make a physical connection to it via a scomplink they can do whatever to it. The benefit of the implant is that it exceeds normal biological performance, the downsides are Ion and Slicing. In capturing the player I would not make it something the player has no chance to resist though, and would make any attempt to capture the PC something that can fail if the characters win or outsmart the NPCs. This is where I would focus their agency, not in the post-capture events. If they realize what is going on it becomes an interesting part of the story. This idea that the technology is now impenetrable because it's attached to the PC makes no sense to me. The price to pay for cyberpunking is that the machine parts are machines and are subject to being interacted with... like machines.
  7. I think if you can get on the same page with your players and not have them doing random stuff for no reason or min/maxing then this works well. If you have players who are not guided by a concept for their character or a sense of what the character would be like, then I can see why relying on the trees would be more important to you. Collaboration on characters and the themes and expected/accepted power level of an upcoming campaign are important things to do in my opinion. It keeps people from feeling like they have been bait & switched and it keeps the GM from seeing the players as sandbaggers looking to compete against the GM.
  8. Indeed! lol I wasn't sure if this forum was still up, and I missed the source of information and the community.
  9. Hi P-47 🙂 I guess that is just long habit of those pools being subtractive rather than additive in most games. So I should have said that when Strain reaches the Threshold then X happens, and also the same thing for Wound Threshold. I don't go into Strain above or beyond the Strain Threshold, and instead those points of damage (assuming its a physical attack) go into Wounds.
  10. Hey thanks Ace, Yeah I should have clarified that. I generally only have physical wounds come from hits that are Criticals, or if the hit would take the character into the negative in Strain then the remaining points go into Wounds. Soak is only invoked once per hit. Agree about the players' sense of wariness when Strain starts disappearing in gobs. In this game I find that defeat is the most common result instead of death, which I like because it allows the players to suffer a non-win without a lot of random character death. Yeah I was wondering for the characters who are low in Wound Threshold do you give them setbacks on checks to represent the effects of wounds?
  11. Something I came up with about 5 or 6 months ago and it seems to be working well. My Problem: Characters are blaster bolt pincushions and get shot and stabbed a lot while still running around thanks to chronic use of Stimpaks. Description makes the PCs sound like they are absorbing crazy amounts of damage, which outside of heavily armored characters doesn't feel very much like classic movie Star Wars to me. My Solution: I decided that all straight damage results that do not indicate a Critical Hit go to Strain first , and is described as near misses and other hair raising close calls. Wound Threshold describes only actual physical damage to the character, and such damage is only taken from an attack that is deemed a Critical Hit, or damage that spills over from Strain pool into Wound Threshold pool of points (Soak is only used once per hit). Stimpaks are used for actual wounds. Reaching 0 Strain or below does not Down a character, but instead it results in a check for the character to see if they have retreated, been pinned down, succumbed to fear, or otherwise decide that this tactic isn't working. This makes it so that the characters are often moving and not staying in static, D&D style chopping-trees fights. Checks to regain Strain can occur in times other than at the end of the scene/encounter. If the character hits 0 Strain, they must wait a round and then their next action must be spent to roll for more Strain. A Destiny Point can be spent to return a Character to Half of Normal full Strain. Stun Damage and Stun weapons do Wound Threshold Damage, but this heals up after every scene automatically. As an ancillary benefit, Use of Strain as the primary damage also cuts down on Players constantly taking a second Maneuver every round just because. In Play: The use of Strain in this way has somehow made combat feel more dangerous and urgent, while cutting down on the D&D feel of combat. A good hit will still do a Critical if it has enough Advantage or a Triumph behind it, and that feels right because it was a Good Hit and made combat feel hard to predict and exciting. Some talents are affected by this rule as Strain is a much more precious commodity, but it hasn't been as big of an effect as I thought it might be before playtesting the rule. My groups do not tend to have a lot of Fore Users and the Force users that are around are generally Force Sensitive types anyway. So for heavy Lightsaber action this may have a bigger effect on use.
  12. Sear_Clone first off I would just like to thank you for such a pleasant and thoughtful response. I appreciate you taking the feedbacking the spirit in which it was given. Destiny Points: This way of using it sounds cool as all get out, I am just trying to make sure I understand it. I don't really get excited about the whole "I am going to use a Destiny point to make this Charm check to see if I can get the drink form the bartender cheaper" thing, so I think a narrative story use for them sounds great. Also I really like your rule for Missing but a lot of advantage. This is one of those things that crops up frequently and can feel a bit weird. Good use of an existing mechanic in using something like the Blast quality. I think I would not use it all the time but I am going to steal it for occasional use 🙂 Your preamble was helpful too in knowing what kind of game you like to run. Could you elaborate on what you mean when you say "timeline" ? get this error on the attachment: Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  13. I applaud people for trying out and using house rules. Not all House Rules end up working but I think it's great to try them. I think the Suppressing Fire and Pinned rules are nice. I think this is an aspect of gunfire exchange that isn't often handled very well so I like that you addressed it. A Triumph to heal a Crit seems a bit generous as Triumphs happen so often that this rule would basically make criticals not much of a threat. The main way to die in the game is via a critical hit that is bad enough and the cumulative effect of the consecutive criticals supplies needed danger. Not sure why blind firing has much chance to hit if it is what it sounds like, sticking your weapon blindly around a corner or over a wall and firing. I would discourage that as a viable tactic, seems like rewarding people for being silly. Complete cover seems good. I don't understand the Destiny Points thing and the Doc won't link when I try to view it. All in all I think it's great that you are tinkering with the rules.
  14. I had something interesting happen recently in a game I was running. The PCs were the crew of a patrol boat/cargo lifter ship and were in the employ of a trader who owns a docking bay and a few other businesses. The docking bay was located in a fringe settlement that also had spaceport facilities, with the individual bays and their repair services being largely owned by locals. I was doing a sort of variation on the Yojimbo story for one of the threads as two gangs who had come into the town interact with a mysterious stranger. The player who is the pilot of the group decided that rather than allow the gangs to fight it out he would get in the ship and turn the laser cannons on both gangs. I should have foreseen this, but I didn't lol. The players shot up both gangs, who scattered like roaches. They also tore up a building and some of the street. And then it hit me that I had never thought about the fact that these spaceports have armed craft coming in and out of them while flying over a population center. What would happen if Han turned the Falcon's guns on hoodlums in Mos Eisley? I had always thought of spaceports a bit like airports, but you have ships coming and going with seriously destructive armaments on them. The settlement in my game was supposed to be a bit like an old west town, and the Empire and even Planetary Government forces were not a presence I had wanted to have around as it was a backwater settlement on Ord Mantell. My immediate ideas for response were: Anti-Ship Defense Gun Emplacements Patrol Airspeeders from a nearby station A Bounty placed on the ship and characters In the end I had their employer tell them to take the ship and leave the system, and I gave them a Debt obligation for value of the ship to be paid to an agent of the Trader in the Outer Rim. For future situations I realized that I need a variety of ways that such a municipality would deal with pilots who turn the guns from their vessels on the town, to include places that might not be prepared at all. How do you address this situation, if at all? I normally don't like a ton of detailing of the everyday information in the Galaxy but this was too big to ignore. I have solved that particular situation to my satisfaction in this game, but I am thinking about the future now. Any ideas would be great, thank you 🙂
  15. In recent films and tv shows Force Healing has made an appearance and Star Wars has finally jumped the shark. Why haven't Jedi just done this in the past? Why have brave and wonderful people needlessly died? Why has anyone died when it is apparently needless? It appears that Resurrection and Cure Serious Wounds have made it into the Star Wars setting because nobody apparently thinks this stuff through. I have to wonder if the movie making folks are determined to kill Star Wars.
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