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  1. Archlyte

    Adventures on Jedha

    I like the Dungeon Crawl idea as there has to be some awesome ruins on Jedha. What about finding the entrance to an ancient complex that is near the bottom of one of those mega Jedi colossus that have fallen over? They can find a series of these and discover something about the Temple of the Whills maybe. Then take the adventure into the city at some point.
  2. Archlyte

    Fishing gear for ideas for our next episode

    Totally came here excited to hear about fishing lol.
  3. Archlyte

    Battle Meditation

    To me that is probably the best way to use it. Not sure where they pulled this Force power from.
  4. Archlyte

    Old School Star Wars

    I think that is true and I think that keeping it nebulous would be the best way to go. I agree that I was pigeon-holing it too much and it could really go either way and keep the feel but the real danger in my opinion would be to start getting into exposition or analysis of it in the game because that is clearly sci fi and would be dangerous ground. I think that the fact that animals can use the force but droids cannot despite cognitive ability does kind of provide a view of how droids are not really a part of the metaphysical world of the Force. The movies are all humano-centric and the Force is the spiritual aspect of the setting so to me it kind of says droids are not really supposed to fill the protagonist role, but are instead supporting and weird character like some fantasy non-human species who delve the earth for gold single-mindedly, or otherwise embody a few attributes but aren't really full beings. Which I think is fine for an RPG for the most part because most games just don't go that deep into stuff and if you are doing the faster star wars pace then it probably wouldn't be concern. I agree that the Empire are basically space Nazis/Soviets and so I have never been one to love the Empire. I try to be very sparse with moral relativism style situations with them because to me it just starts to throw the feel off. But to me sci fi/contemporary fiction is a place to engage in real-world allegory and commentary, whereas I feel like this setting is at it's best when it is mainly doing weird fantasy. I like the idea of doing morality stories and there is some crossover, just not dragging my childhood love into real world stuff.
  5. Yes the community ruleset is fine I have used it quite a bit.
  6. Starting gear bypasses Negotiation/Streetwise and therefore allows for some rare gear to get through immediately to the character. If you are using the character generator then chances are the "named' gear from the splatbooks is also an option they are going to exploit and so you will lose some of the progressive loot feel that you can get with rare gear acquired during play being a stickler for making them roll for availability of items. If you are wanting players to have great gear at start of play and you feel it makes sense for their background then you can do what I call Common Sense starting gear and just hand waive it, but it may mean that loot is not going to be perceived as something they work for so much as something they will expect to materialize when they want it.
  7. Archlyte

    What Advantages do Humans get

    I was in between appointments when I read that post the first time and I interpreted it to mean that it was a situation where a player wants to do a serious job of playing that species and isn't min/maxing. Oldmike1 actually said something more along the lines of the cosmetic choice which I don't like as a standalone reason. I feel like this thread has had some negative responses that have kind of pushed me back toward my old positions unless the player is accomplished and solid. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt but I think the common stance is what I originally appraised it to be.
  8. Archlyte

    prisoners and interactivity

    Yeah I just wonder why the scenes of the character in jail are getting valued over moving the game along. Maybe the OP but a bunch of work into the prison or something I don't know.
  9. Archlyte

    World War feel

    Yeah and the Deadpool movies have emboldened them I think lol. I am easy going irl and so I sometimes have a hard time shutting down the joking especially when it makes me laugh. I have one at my table now who does this with his concepts because he isn't the best comedian but hasn't figured that out yet. Comedy is hard. I do explain to players that overall I'm looking for a serious game, and that the kind of piss'n'vinegar tubed games are not really what I am interested in playing. In the last few years I have noticed that streamed games are really pervasive and the players who watch them want to do that same thing. I was watching one game on youtube and they played for 4 minutes out of 30 minutes time spent just screwing around on average. There's always a fat guy playing a wookiee with a dumb name like Toobackoh or Chewballsy and aliens acting like human stereotypes like its the secret life of pets or something.
  10. Archlyte

    World War feel

    There's a lot of awesome packed into this post.
  11. Archlyte

    What Advantages do Humans get

    I love this. It's this type of player who I am always willing to bend over backwards for to help them realize their character.
  12. Archlyte

    prisoners and interactivity

    Is there some reason to not just run the escape? Does the game time played have to reflect time in incarceration or can you just orient the narrative toward this escape situation? In other words, what is going on that is important enough to delay handling the escape? What are the free characters doing that is more important than rescuing her?
  13. Archlyte

    Old School Star Wars

    Yes! And I admit that this is simply a version I like, not THE way to play. I think this is just a way for those who want to have that old school feel to share ideas. I also have that same feeling about the whole hyperspace commo thing and it's a bugaboo that is an ongoing thing. I try to apply the idea of things being possible but not automatic. So is it possible to send/receive a message in that way? Sure but it's not automatic or assumed. That is where it becomes troublesome I think is when the precedent law is invoked. It happened this way therefore it should always happen that way. Once something becomes routine it is boring. I think the only thing I would say that I truly disagree with is sci fi elements being used too much as to me they are antithetical to the setting.
  14. Archlyte

    prisoners and interactivity

    I run games in a very sandbox style with the players driving the story whenever possible. But players can get into situations that I call a Logical Constraint. A character being put in prison is ne such situation, but it can be any situation where by the player's choice they end up reducing their possibilities for action. I would not do interrogation scenes unless the player can learn something important from them. It's much better in my opinion to just tell them "they interrogate you in x way and it's awful." I think I would also ask the players for their plan so that you can not have a bunch of game time wasted while the scenes everyone already assume are going to happen are just confirmed. I think if an escape is going to be attempted then I say get to the setup for that and get going. I think that it the mining equipment part is awesome. I love it when nagging/complaining players get their come-uppance from situations like that .
  15. Archlyte

    Old School Star Wars

    The Holonet came up as something that @Rimsen and @wilsch were discussing and the fact that it is not in fact from the original movies. I have to admit that it is very very hard to play a game in the setting using only what is known in the first movies without doing really rapid screen wipes and having moments where everyone at the table is confused because there is something that has no definition. So in pursuing OSSW I am often forced to use some of the things that have become hard star wars culture because of the EU and all that. I find that much of that stuff is not up to snuff, but some of it I think does not really invalidate the original feel. The HoloNet seems like one of these things depending on how you use it. To me it is usually more important in AoR games than in EotE, but having it basically be a newspaper and a shallow database that leads to the locations of archives and people has proven to be fine. So yes, I will stipulate that some of the elements are not strictly only from the old movies, but are things that are I guess quality of life features of the setting to help us navigate it better, and in my opinion, not over-explain/define it in the process. I had a player last year at my table who was always trying to use wookieepedia as a cheat sheet for the game. He would look up some character from the database and then try to meet him in game so that he could exploit the information in the entry to his benefit. He would use the HoloNet as his excuse for why his character would know all this information like it was StarWars.com but in the setting itself. He's not with us any more (I mean I booted him, I didn't kill him) because he could not adapt enough, but this was just one use of the HoloNet I didn't think was appropriate. In another game a player wanted to collect information and report for the HoloNet News. In order to make it so that it was not just like newspapers he reported to a local government bureau who then put his stories on the HoloNet without a byline. He called his character a "Feed" and did this as a side way of making some credits. When he sold them a feed that made the Empire uncomfortable they came after him, which made for a good adventure. We kept is vague, and tried not to hit the cliché's too hard; so that it wouldn't feel like Woodward and Bernstein, but still felt like Star Wars. He did have to record his feed and turn it in by hand or by droid to the bureau, but I didn't have the cubicle bay full of typing reporters with a sign on the back wall in big letters identifying the HoloNet. I feel like that was the worst kind of stuff George did in the prequels with things like the Greasy Spoon Diner on Coruscant. To me that didn't feel like Star Wars, it felt like George having a laugh at the expense of his setting and audience.