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  1. Only Matt Colville deals in absolutes. lol I'm just messing
  2. I love this lol. Acutely aware of your loneliness in the galaxy.
  3. Hey Pen, Yeah it was discussed but not until halfway through the first session as the player did give us a heads up on what type of character, but not the full flavor of it. I think he didn't "find" the character fully until play started, so even though we had these qualities ahead of time, they really hit us in the face during play. I was appreciative that someone wasn't just doing the same old same old and so I was ok with it. He told the other two players at the time, and like the previous games with them they raised no objection even when asked, and proceeded to take an unrealistic level of crap from him. There was a session 0 and there was extensive discussion on either side of session 0 but before play, but to be hones these guys will often wait to do their homework until they have to, so I end up asking questions that get a vague answer, or they missed the first time I asked, so later on they see it and answer out of context. I fully agree that the bully player should have gone out of his way to assure the others he was simply role-playing, and his behavior ooc was certainly in line with this as there was no tension or smack talk from anyone. It is probable that the two victim players were maybe just shutting it off, but neither of them is assertive to any great degree in real life. But I insist on equality in the room (and kicked a player from my group for not following that) so I don't allow anyone to be a jerk at the table. Posters here will assume I am the jerk at the table, but I'm a nice guy, lol trust me. anyway yeah that would have been a great strategy for handling this situation, and you are right, there is a stigma on actually talking this stuff out. I talk to them all the time about this stuff, but what I honestly feel is that they just try to do things with the least amount of forethought or preparation. The guy playing the bully probably doesn't have any idea how he will make that arc happen, and though I have asked him a few times, they don't seem to want to commit and fix the nature of anything I think. You will get assent if you bring it up, but I swear they don't seem to give this stuff much thought most of the time. In the beginning of the game I said that while this would be an Edge of the Empire game, I would like to not have the characters be complete dirt bags. Unfortunately when FFG made this game half of the Star Wars roleplayers were butt hurt because it wasn't set up to run Imperials, the other half saw Edge of the Empire and read: Cliff of no Morality. In addition to constantly looking for the worst way to profit from the suffering of others, they have the social skills of a pack of hungry dogs.
  4. Just to give an update on this. In-game last night, one player decided he had enough of the other character after he took a point strain from a failed discipline check earlier in the session when the "bully" character said something disparaging about his species. He got into a fist fight with the bully but it was broken up by another PC. The Other character whom I had explained would be taking strain if he just chose to ignore the bully, ignored the bully but made his check and that was all that happened with him on the matter. Another PC actually berated the bully in front of his two usual victims and the bully took strain.
  5. Well let's follow that to it's natural extension. Ok so your character is a Jedi? Yes, and I also do things like kill people when it's convenient or if I feel like it. Ok so then you are a dark sider or you are heading there? No, I'm Gray. I have such great willpower that I can actually do things that are bad, but I don't fall to the dark side. Oh I might do some flavor description that makes it look like I am struggling, but I am not a dark side user. It's a good way to make every Jedi ever look like a huge idiot. Why didn't they just do this stuff too? Surely they had good reasons for it, and if there is no consequence then why not just be a bit more conveniently emotional and vengeful?
  6. There is also a gigantic thing I had overlooked, the power of story. People will put up with a lot to enjoy a good story. I hadn't included that, and really I think that is actually the answer to the reason why people will surrender choices.
  7. Thank you for the replies and I would love to have more. I see 400 xp coming up a lot as a good place for characters that are functioning at a good level of ability. Thank you so much for replies, the more the better
  8. I just had the opportunity to catch back up with this thread and I need to clarify that I had taken a dive into aggressive rhetoric and sophistry there for a few posts in my responses to a particular poster. So to be real and genuine, I would say that as I said somewhere in the beginning of this thread there are people who have a blast playing some pre-made adventure that any of them could have read beforehand...and I think that's ok. I personally can't do it, but a lot of people feel that is TTRPG. For me it is a waste of time, but I don't pretend to know what other people feel about their gaming time, and I know many people really have that ability to suspend disbelief and enjoy the crafted payoff of a pre-made plot. There is also what I consider to be two very valid forms of pre-made content even for sandbox or emergent play: the quantum ogre (as you mentioned with moving in front of the players), and the pre-arranged group start. I'm glad that groups have fun with pre-made stuff, but my preferred style was attacked and I didn't feel that was very cool.
  9. Ah see this is a situation where I just automatically dismiss a lot of the stuff I don't recognize and therefore it comes back to bite me in the discussions The rule of two was ridiculous to me so I don't give it much credence byond the mention of it that Yoda made, and to me I bend it to mean they use an apprentice system for each Lord. I think you are right that as a whole these codes do not encapsulate the actual form of the force, but they also do not seem to be complete contradiction to the Force as represented classically with the duality intact. Your Pork argument would assume that something changed on the user side which changed the Force from being dangerous in some form to benign. I also reject that the dark side was once something bad but now it can be consumed with no risk. That's essentially the Gray devotee's wish, to have the pork cake and eat it too. Without consequence the Force is just power. That is very uninteresting to me.
  10. Thanks for that, and I agree with what you are saying. I think this situation I have here is kind of unique to these players in particular, so it was a mistake for me to have presented it as a general issue. I will do a better job of watching my counter-posts from now on tunewalker. I think in the past I would immediately follow up a post I perceived as rude with a retort. Later I would try to go a few posts before I responded in kind to attacks on me or my motivations. I think from now on I'm just not going to respond to that stuff, it never seems to get the discussion furthered. Thanks again for a voice of reason
  11. I think your solution is great. I just like to have Range Bands not be a set distance and be situational, which is easier to represent I think without range shapes on the board. Yeah but if I was using definite Range bands I would totally use your system.
  12. I don't think there is anything I can say because it's not a discussion. Now you are just trying to catch me in an inconsistency for some other reason. I honestly don't post on these boards to fight with other people, but to examine these ideas and concepts. I can assure you that your conscience should be clear if you were to decide to not try and persecute me for the way I run my games. All of the players are adults who have other options for games to play and so I am neither a monopoly nor am I using any kind of force or coercion to get the players to show up each week. I'm aiming this post at you so you can clearly keep it separate from any argument I have made in the last few months, the context of what I am saying is insular to this dyad. So what exactly is the problem? Is it that the mere existence of someone like me harms your enthusiasm for the game system? Am I somehow associated with a person whom you played with and had bad experiences? I just like to have discussions about stuff and weigh the pros and cons, although to be honest most of the discussion on here is negative, so it tends to go that way. The point at which it is troublesome is when motivations, or worse personality, is attacked. That's going a bit far.
  13. Lol just waitin' to jump in. It's apples and oranges. I will control the parameters of the game mechanically and in the composition of the starting situation. After that I don't do too much to constrain them, and that is why I have to get it taken care of in the beginning or it will come back to bite me in the ***. Maybe the pre made adventure thing is why people are so open to every option of species and droid, because it kind of doesn't matter. The railroad GM is gonna tell his story regardless, so let them play the cast of Wizard of Oz. At the end of the day they will end up fighting the boss right on schedule and after passing points a and b like it was written in the prep.
  14. yeah, it wasn't genuine either. I do think that running a linear pre-made game can make the world small, but it's totally fixable and not that big a deal.