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  1. In-character/game space Comedy is a powerful ingredient. To me it's like cayenne pepper and can either make the dish delicious, or render it nearly inedible. Anyone who has ever misread 1/8 teaspoon as 1/8 tablespoon knows this . My theory is that there is a threshold for comedy, and there is a tipping point where the game becomes less serious overall because of the comedic elements. I think the first Guardians of the Galaxy was an example of where the comedy was really a good element and figured prominently in the story. It also made me take the dramatic moments a bit less seriously than other movies, as the cadence of jokes lets you know that serious scenes will be offset soon enough by a joke. Deadpool is even more so, threading the line of being a story where the serious scenes are just there to contrast the comedy. Fine and good. Episode IV has a lot of humor in it, especially on the Death Star, where it could have been a very serious and dramatic and less fun. But I also think that it is easy to go over the line with comedy and silliness to the point where the gravity of the serious side of things is being damaged. The Voice Mail joke by Poe as the Resistance faces destruction was a one two punch. The seriousness of the situation was diminished, and also Hux was further lampooned into being battle-droid-incompetent. Do you find that in-character humor or slapstick situations tend to have the ability to act as a counter-force to serious drama? Do you care about the injection of a lot of humor? What about in serious scenes? If so, how do you manage the ratio of humor in the game as the GM?
  2. Archlyte

    How to get Players to Narrate/Roleplay?

    Maybe a way to start is just to get them to narrate more without pushing for dialogue yet. So ask them to describe but don't show your desire to have them talk to each other. Have NPCs talk about stuff and let the Pc's interject with descriptions of what they say. Once they get fluid at that they usually eventually realize it's more efficient to say it in character than to narrate it when it's short statements. I also think that you should adjust your expectations (if you have any) for how long it will take to get them talking in character and make that an open-ended time period. Don't saddle yourself with an impatient approach. Real change takes time and has to be their idea.
  3. Archlyte

    How to get Players to Narrate/Roleplay?

    I did something like this in D&D years ago. I redesigned experience to reward the type of play I wanted to see and to not reinforce munchkin behavior. It does work because the power gamers quickly see that there is a different way to get power, but then they try to game that too and over do it. I like your idea of the Destiny Point for the reason you mentioned.
  4. Archlyte

    How to get Players to Narrate/Roleplay?

    To my mind Critical Role has had the unintended consequence of putting up an unrealistic expectation. Those guys are actors, getting paid to produce a show that is in the form of a game, with a production team and all that goes with that. They are there for the show so they don't have all of the typical problems associated with individuals getting together for a private game with often disparate goals and personal situations. Players often are uncomfortable or unskilled at description and need compassionate help in this at their own pace. In my experience a lot of people get better about this over time if it's seen as a positive.
  5. I think those paintings on Lothal witnessed by characters without a white flash kind of invalidates that, don't you think?
  6. That is simple, and it wasn't what the thread is about though. My point was that if you remove yourself from the situation of being a fan looking at content and just look at the content, then you can make a decision (good or bad0 about that content. I personally don't like the Mortis storyline because it's a symbolic piece that they tried to say was just symbolic but then put in an objective form on Lothal. It was the jumping off point of some of the other things I felt were weak like the Force Wolves.
  7. That's really baby with the bathwater though. It's a process of filtering that most people do with this stuff. There are so many sources and contradictions throughout all of the legends content and what not. It's fine to like or not like something.
  8. I see your point but basically it seems like you are saying that everyone has an opinion but they put out stuff so yeah. My assertion is that they made a bad move with this storyline when they could have done something different in its place that was better.
  9. Archlyte

    Strain for using the Microwave

    Yeah L5R is a different animal in my opinion, and I love having party conflict in that game. If you are willing to communicate expectations in the first place then it seems less likely that anyone will get pissed off, or at least have it be questionable as to what the reaction should have been in that case. I feel like talking about this stuff ahead of time is a common sense ounce of prevention. Also in every L5R game I have ever played in we all worked together outside of the game even when we worked against each other in the game. In one campaign I rolled Kolat during character creation, and my friends were getting screwed over covertly most of the time I was with them, but it was part of the game not anything that translated to the players. The agreement wasn't express but that group was very tight and always worked as a unit.
  10. I have the Stay on Target book and I really like the rules and the idea for using mounts included in that book. I also like to have a reason for walkers and other crawler ground vehicles. In my games I have adopted the idea that landspeeders and speeder bikes have some limitations as far as terrain. Speeder Bikes are a bit more forgiving, but landspeeders have difficulty with any uneven or extremely rocky terrain. Any significant slope that you cant speed up using momentum is an obstacle for a landspeeder. This includes inclines and also off-camber situations. The landspeeders slide around and are generally uncontrollable. Short tricks using the repulsor controls are possible but these require a check usually. Tall Vegetation, Surf, or large rocks (say .6 meters or so) will likely prevent a landspeeder from traversing the terrain. Talents that help with terrain by ignoring setback can certainly help in these situations but there are limits to what the vehicle can do. By comparison Airspeeders/Swoops have none of these issues except in trying to land possibly if terrain is bad. This also makes mounts and walkers/crawlers useful for very rough terrain. Do you treat landspeeders similarly? Basically a bit like a normal car in our world?
  11. Archlyte

    Ideas for Unique Slicing Gear

    Great ideas so far thank you guys. I hope no one minds me stealing them
  12. Also on the ship shields thing there are quite a few point-based system house rules for this, so I think you are in good company there.
  13. #1. If you guys haven't been playing long this may be a longer decision process but players get better at knowing their options. Also 1 Advantage (or 1 Threat for that matter) can also have a small Narrative effect and for my group that is actually the default use of it if not in combat. #2. Setback has a 66% chance per die of introducing something negative, and compounding by tossing in 2 or more Setback has a big effect as this is a small integer game. Are your players rolling really big positive dice pools?
  14. Archlyte

    Starting a new smuggler campaing

    It's Old Republic so I would say don't feel too beholden to canon or other story sources because over time the fact might have shifted significantly. #1. My suggestion for the resources thing is that if you want some detail just arrange resources by "units" and give them a bas price per unit for the area. Fuel and Maintenance should be primarily plot dependent I would say, but if you want something more concrete then figure out some acceptable percentage of the overall income and subtract it. Everything just about can be valuable in the right circumstances. You could haul Ice to a Desert World, or any other scarce material. The old standby of Machine Parts is a good one as there is often a need for replacement parts. #2. If they start with a ship the gang idea is harder to make work unless they have a tracker on it or something and a fleet of ships to make the PCs life a pain. I would say give them a ship if you are good at being dynamic as a GM. It will also make being a smuggler more fun. You could start small and have them work up to a ship which I think would be even better. #3. You are gonna need to be clear about getting characters to fit the theme, but I wouldn't rule out military or Force Sensitive characters unless they are made in such a way that their motivations and goals will remove them from the Smuggler Life hastily. The characters need to be made with the spacer life in mind.
  15. Archlyte

    Star Wars feel: The No No list

    Ah I didn't think of it that way but yeah that's a good point