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  1. i was hoping they could at least give some basic information why there seems to be a stand still on all Star Wars RPG products. Apprently Ghosts has been "On a boat" for 6 months and Fully Operational should be at the printers by now if they even dream of having it come out this year at all being they promised quarter 3 of this year. Just some basic info for those of us that have per-ordered or put money down on these products.
  2. Was anyone able to ask FFG about the book during the convention?
  3. Anyone going to gen con? Could whoever is going ask about fully operational?
  4. Isn't November not Q3 like they promise the book will release? On the built to spec post they said it would come Q3.
  5. When do you think the book will be up for pre-order?
  6. you guys really think the book wont be on the shelves until the end of the year? 4ish more months of waiting?