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  1. Compiled Resources List

    I know there have been a few posts about this over the years but i haven't found what i have been looking for. does anyone have form fillable talent/force trees that are like bastions form fillable sheets? i asked him on Bastion's website but haven't got a response as of yet.
  2. I am just looking forward to being able to create custom craft. How much detail we are going to be given is still yet to be seen. I just hope its a bit more flexible than the droid, armor, weapon crafting we have gotten so far. If they give enough detail we might even be able to fill the gaps in of interesting craft that FFG hasn't made official yet.
  3. Does blast effect your original target?

    thanks for the info, we haven't been using blast on near by fighters but when grenade blast didn't hit the target if the roll was successful i had to ask the next step question.
  4. Does blast effect your original target?

    Hello, Being we are talking about blast in reference to grenades, does it work the same with space weapons that have blast? Also does blast have the same breach quality as the original hit? If an X-wing fires at a formation of 3 tie's with a proton torpedo and makes a successful hit. Its base damage to the target is 8, and breach 6 to lower armor the two nearby tie's take just the blast damage of 6? with or without breach? If so my party and I have been doing damage way wrong for a while now... Oops Thanks
  5. No conflict points here if you ask me.
  6. Ship art

    Oh nice, i like the spin, and the hammerhead related stuff you just posted.
  7. Ship art

    I am doing a campaign where we found an old -old- 3900ish/3600ish republic underground ship factory. Limit is we can only build in the style of that old republic so everything has to have a hammerhead and generally be in the style of those ships. Which for me this fits, also its got blue and blue is best
  8. Ship art

    Oooh, I like that.
  9. "Unlimited Power introduces new weapons, armor, gear, equipment, vehicles, and starships that are either tied to the Force directly or frequently used by Mystics and their fellow adventurers." "Many less benign societies have successfully bent the Force to more violent ends; the Sith were known to --infuse-- swords with the power of the dark side, for instance. Weapons like a "lucky" blaster or Semblan Obsidian Dagger could put the Force in the hands of an average smuggler or soldier." These are quoted off the release article page. I translated this into some sort of ability or mechanic to put the force into any item which is a form of force crafting in my mind. It can at least give us a lot of examples of how to tie the force into items that then have direct game play impacts. I know its not Alchemical stuff which should have been introduced with the Dathomir book being they did it quite a lot it seems.
  10. force item crafting sounds pretty neat as well.
  11. you think they are going to stagger the books over the full year of 2018? I would hate to have to wait for Dawn of the Rebellion in December of next year
  12. Ship art

    well crap, my whole campaign is in the Free Virgillia movement sector of the Koridan sector. Now they made that whole backstory canon, with the resistance fleet ship Ninka, deep sixing my whole campaign Back on topic those are really cool resistance ships.
  13. Ship art

    Santa got an upgrade.
  14. i am glad 4 books are on the boat including fully operational, too bad we still have 2 to 3 months before we actually get it
  15. I must have clicked the wrong thread as well.