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  1. got through all 129ish pages in one sitting! hunting for ship ideas for my campaign.
  2. still going to have to wait probably until next year to get the book. but at least there is freaking movement finally.
  3. Any new information or movement on the book? I am hoping to see something soon now that dathomir has appeared from the darkness.
  4. didn't much care for the movie even more so with extreme high death ratio of main characters. [nearly 100% death ratio] Some of the characters are fairly interesting and fun to watch and it would have been nice to see more of them after such heroic times instead of just killing everyone off. I think if just a few or even ONE had survived i could say its a good movie. but because i know i dont have anything to actually look forward to in the movie i never have to buy it or watch it again because everything character wise doesn't matter because they all die in the end. Why didn't the two main characters, Captain pants, and angst rebel lady, find ANYTHING to fly away on all the way through the station, why didn't anyone stop them? they looked like at a glance an imperial pilot and a civilian, nope they go through a full station and find a pretty beach somewhere to die on... yeah totally makes sense. Grunt A: Hey look! there is an imperial shuttle, on an imperial pad, in an imperial base, with no one shooting out of it and no clear rebels nearby it because they ran away... instead of throwing this grenade at the retreating rebels i am going to throw it into that shuttle that's not doing anything... Grunt B: Why did you blow up an Imperial shuttle!? was anyone shooting at you? did you see a rebel in there? Grunt A:... not sure... and nope no one was shooting at me from inside the shuttle, and no i didn't see any rebels inside it. Robo dying.. well he was shooting at imperials so yeah, and everyone else was actually fighting so them getting cornered and dying is ok sucks but makes sense.
  5. i was hoping they could at least give some basic information why there seems to be a stand still on all Star Wars RPG products. Apprently Ghosts has been "On a boat" for 6 months and Fully Operational should be at the printers by now if they even dream of having it come out this year at all being they promised quarter 3 of this year. Just some basic info for those of us that have per-ordered or put money down on these products.
  6. Was anyone able to ask FFG about the book during the convention?
  7. Anyone going to gen con? Could whoever is going ask about fully operational?
  8. Isn't November not Q3 like they promise the book will release? On the built to spec post they said it would come Q3.
  9. When do you think the book will be up for pre-order?
  10. you guys really think the book wont be on the shelves until the end of the year? 4ish more months of waiting?