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  1. I've dumped hundreds of hours into TTS playing Star Wars Destiny. Basically how it works is you make your initital purchase via steam and once this game comes out they should release a free download to allow the game and the entire current card pool. Unfortunately it wont be up till the game is released so we will just have to wait!
  2. Sorry for being the clueless one, but I'm curious. Will one core be enough to pick up and try between me and a friend or will 2 be required to build two full decks?
  3. After reading the main FFG write up I couldnt be more excited to get my hands on this one! I love the multiple characters, the ability to work cooperatively and of course the locations themed around areas we've visited many times in the video games. What are you most excited about? Does this look like a must buy for you as well?
  4. Awesome. Some great feedback here guys thanks. So to dive a little further, since the canon has been wiped, does this mean all new media to go with it (books etc)?
  5. Having been a fan of alot of FFG products over the years, I cant help but be intrigued by this game. Having said that, do you think this game is interesting and playable to a total newcomer? Is there perhaps some lore reading that would be beneficial? Thanks!
  6. Interested in joining you guys! have books and all that
  7. Anyone play any of the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RP games? Would love to join a group!
  8. I'm guessing this to be correct. As soon as I saw that Lando die on the EaW booster box I figured he would be a neutral!
  9. Being new to the game and completely obsessed with keeping my collection presentable and clean for trades, I'm curious how the rest of you choose to organize your binders? Ive been going with colour organized, by rarity and of course faction aligned. What about you? What do you think looks best?
  10. 22 packs for me. Can't find a local retailer that's willing to part with a box so I had to make due. Vader 2 launch bay 2 poe not bad for a limited booster pickup!
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