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  1. Just updating my trade list here. Wants Ancient light saber x2 Obi-wans light saber x1 Haves Yoda x1 Mauls lightsaber Finn x2 (New) Hound's tooth x1 QuadJumper x1 Slave 1 (Sor) x2 Cad Bane x1 Commanding presence x1 Blackmail x1 Ghost x1 black one x1 Rebellion Leader x2 Force wave x2 Riot baton x1 Pm me.
  2. I love phasmas cost I've been running him with edarth vader sith lord and leadship is amazing in that deck. My only issue with set is i think phasma is under costed.... 10 health 3 damage sides for 9 seems silly and now vader can use imperial inspection plus best defence to protect himself. Idk already seems slightly broken.
  3. Reporting a good trade with @evilgit. Cards arrived quickly and in good shape!
  4. Reporting successful trade with @TheKhan74, cards came quick and in good shape!
  5. Hi, recently i've been in the same situation. There is a group on facebook and this forums that trades, but as far as quick trades or quickly completing a set selling personal on ebay is probably your best bet.
  6. eBaze/Leia seems promising, just need to get wingman out and then the fun begins, also things like it's a trap allow you to cheat out some damage.
  7. Awesome, let me know how you do, huge fan of Aurra and her nasty fingers. Shes great with fast hands.
  8. I find that mind trick has been replaced by cheaper, more consistant mitigarion. Mainly because the logic is resolve what you have when you have it to avoid mitigation. Even with fast hand errata I don't see much use for mind trick. Unless you mitigate a black damage side forcing opponent to roll in another character.
  9. Seen this problem a few times, they just need to have a system for replacing defect dice.
  10. Mishap Games, 17 Players July, 8 Swiss, cut to top 4. 1st - eVader/Raider 7-0 (Piloted by me, pre errata with fast hands force speed shenanigans.) 2nd - ePoe/eMaz 4-3 3rd - Palpatine 4-3 4th - eVader/Raider 4-3 We hand many 3-1 seeded players after swiss so top 4 was based on strength of schedule for other 3, had 2 Qui-Gon/reys that were 3-1, another poe/maz and a vaider gaurd. Round 1 - Poe/ 2 hired gun - close match went to my last 3 cards in deck. Round 2 - Vader/ Royal Gaurd - Not so close of a game, i god rolled first round and vader died after round 2.(I see this deck being very good post errata) Round 3 - Poe/maz - opened force speed and fast hands and made quick work of maz, then took out poe shortly after. Round 4 - Final of swiss, went vs other 3-0 player running Palpatine. Good player ending up winning a very close game. Top 4 Round 1 (Top 4) - Palpatine, Went against Palpatine again, won in another close game Round 2 (Top 4) - ePoe/eMaz, did well first round vs poe/maz. Was good game from differnt piolet. I ended up controling poe dice, and won because of that fact. Round 3 (Top 4) - eVader/ Raider. An interesting melle approach to the vader raider deck. Ended up being very close game with a raider vs raider in final round.
  11. In Virginia @ Star city games they have ez 20+ boxes of awakenings and Sor if your within driving distance.
  12. Jar jar is the best! Like the idea.
  13. Great trade with @ImmortalJedi items arrived quick and trade was smooth.
  14. @Jut good trade, just received my items and they all look great. Also, still need thermal and 2 u-wings my list is on page 10.
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