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  1. It's her hat I believe! Thank you It's Tim's terrain and I think most of it is from TT combat. Really sorry for the delay in replying, I didn't get a notification as I normally do.
  2. I was sat here enjoying the lovely painted minis, but I absolutely love the board! Really cool, nice work.
  3. For those of you in the UK. There have been some Rallypoint qualifiers added to the list of events. More EU to come apparently. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/swlegion/rallypoint-qualifier-events/
  4. I am a bit of a fan of the picture ones (shout out to OnceBitten back in the day). But I do like this style too, trying my best to keep it grounded ini a location so you can place yourself....if that makes sense. Thank you kindly
  5. First mistake found. I rolled wrong dice with my IRG, my team, my rules, my fault....oops!
  6. Hi! So I'm trying to get some batreps on the channel now I have a reasonable place. This one is the second one against a local Legion hero - Tim. I'd appreciate any feedback on the recording etc? Thanks.
  7. I have seen them for sale in the U.K - Element Games. I guess they might just be widely available.
  8. Yeah sorry, I do know that but we had tidied everything away and it would have been a faff. Thanks though
  9. That was my plan! I double moved to try and get in the rear but last minute decided to take on the Snowtroopers on the objective. I never said I was a smart man. Would have been an interesting attempt for sure Also, Thanks!
  10. Hey! So me and the GF recorded our second battle report, and I thought I'd post it here and ask for some feedback on the style. Maybe people would prefer longer or such. Hopefully you enjoy this one though. Most of the models are unpainted because I am a heathen but I will be working to rectify this ASAP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5opbJI_U1M - If you want to click it and go to Youtube! Thanks guys
  11. 8 for me, but depending on terrain I would do more or less. I suspect we might get 8 in standard tourny games but who knows!
  12. Great work as ever Tieren. Hope it builds the TTS community. Thanks for all your efforts
  13. Are the weapons not click fit like the air speeder? I haven't seen a good video of it so I don't know. Some people put a small amount of super glue over the magnet to stop the paint rubbing off but I haven't tried that.
  14. I used Tinkercad, really simple, free online software. I'm not a pro 3d designer or anything! Thanks.
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