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  1. I might've made some mistakes counting these but here's the distribution of cards per Clan in the Imperial cycle; all Clans got 14 cards with the exception of Crab who got 15: Crab: 8 Dynasty, 7 Conflict Crane: 7 Dynasty, 7 Conflict Dragon: 7 Dynasty, 7 Conflict Lion: 7 Dynasty, 7 Conflict Phoenix: 8 Dynasty, 6 Conflict Scorpion: 5 Dynasty, 9 Conflict Unicorn: 8 Dynasty, 6 Conflict
  2. It would be a bit boring if Kolat didn't exist; most stories benefit from having a 'good guy' to root for.
  3. Personally I think many people approach this issue from the wrong angle. If the question is 'is it possible to stop Haughty Magistrate?' then for now my reply would be a meek 'probably'; there are some cards that can counter it nicely. I think people will adjust a bit and while the card will be a pest it won't be game breaking. The thing is I don't think that's the right question to ask. A bigger issue seems to be 'do we really want specific cards you have to keep in mind when you're building your deck just so you have some outs if you opponent plays it?'. This isn't on the level of 'Scoprion has a bunch of cards that can dishonor my high glory characters, what do I do about this', where a Clan playing to its strengths creates a bad matchup for your Clan. It's 'somebody plays [card], how do you react'. Some people will claim that adjusting to such changes is the very nature of card games: predicting the metagame correctly and deploying efficient counters. It's not that they're wrong, this is a matter of preference entirely. My preference though is to have as few of these situations(/cards) as possible. Not that we can do much about this as players and crying over spillt milk won't help much either.
  4. Miya Satoshi may be a churl but in shogi the first move is taken by the host, not the guest, the opposite of what most people might be used to in chess. Of course moving first is still an advantage; the real sign of courtesy here isn't letting the guest have the starting advantage, but placing him in a worse starting position to imply he is the better player and thus does not need such handicap.
  5. I think you're selling it a bit short. It's 'just 1', yes, but in can be used in two conflicts per turn, and it won't get discarded along with some character running out of Fate if used correctly. It's obviously not something that can turn Unicorn into powerhouse by itself but I think it'll see play. I know Ujiaki has been spoiled earlier but that guy is pretty crazy. Especially with Bushi/Courtier traits. Just fetch two more Bushi and drop For Greater Glory. Lion was already arguably the best Clan in the game and they get what looks to me like the best card of the cycle out of those we've seen spoiled so far (unless I'm forgetting something).
  6. Well, I'm not really saying one is better than the other. It's quite obviously a matter of preference. So the argument behind changing cards, besides not being stuck with a non functional deck for multiple months, is simply 'because it sounds like a fun idea'. I sincerly doubt this small tournament would be enough to spread any assumptions throughout the community. One way or another everybody who voted in the poll so far was in favor of changing cards. If I set things up correctly you should be able to view the results after completing the poll; they were never meant to be hidden.
  7. We do it for a reason - fun. I already stated I don't care much for the cutthroat competive gaming. One of the most important reasons why this was suggested is actually Clan bonding - getting to 'meet' and talk to people from your Clan and striving for the same goal as a team. That being said I think it's allowing changes that will make this that much more competetive. Especially in terms of predictions. You will have to have a very good understanding of what makes your Clan good, what can pose problems in your matchup with some other Clan, what their weaknesses are, and how you build a deck with all these things in mind. Between each round. To me this feels like the more competetive environment between the two. Let me ask another question - why not? This has been brought up by Mirith and my answer remains the same - yes, it does change some fundamental aspects of deckbuilding, but why is it bad? I love all sorts of formats like pauper, highlander and whatnot. Having variety is good.
  8. I'm not sure I understand your point. This is already plenty 'league style' as it's a round robin tournament. Personally I believe 'play x games of Swiss over this time period with this list of players' is far more difficult to organize. So yeah, sorry but this went over my head. Or did I just do that poor a job at explaining the premise?
  9. See, if this were a normal tournament I would be worried. But since it's Clan vs Clan there's no problem even if somebody will drop out after playing a single game, provided there'll be someone else out there willing to replace them. I think there'll be more interest once the product will hit the shelves; after we'll get past first round the interest might increase. But it remains to be seen I guess. By hoping people won't cheat probably. It's an online tournament with no prizes. I call it a 'tournament' but I don't want it to be some cutthroat event, just everybody having a good time representing their Clan in a new game. That's one of the possibilities. All things considered we will most likely need some people who will be involved in organizing the event only. There shouldn't be an issue with them collecting the decklists. Because it's an online tournament, probably. All solutions I can imagine right now have their pros and cons. This one fundamantally changes how the game is played but is this such a bad thing all things considered? You'll play in dozens, maybe hundreds of tournaments where you'll have to stick to the same deck throughout the course of whole event. Is doing something different for a change a bad thing? Also some games allow side decking but that's besides the point. L5R doesn't and I'm not suggesting adding a side deck home rule, because side decking means modifying your deck using a limited pool of cards. Then again if people would like that I don't mind that either. Well, I'm not in that much of a rush, for now I wanted to see if there'll be interest in the event to begin with. Interesting idea. As far as I know this should be doable in OCTGN - other people just loading decks and handing the control of those over to players. It depends on how the OCTGN module would be made, though. Entirely doable in Tabletop Simulator, too.
  10. How about celebrating the game's launch - which is still a couple weeks away, but why not try to organize things early - with an online tournament? The best kind, too - a Clan vs Clan tournament. We'd play a round robin of 7 rounds - 6 games against the other clans and one bye. Each match would use best of 5 or 7 games format, depending on interest. Since this is Clan based people dropping out wouldn't be an issue and new people could hop in at any point, too. Anybody could join, but everybody not joining Scorpion would first have to be screened as a potential false flag saboteur. Let me make this clear before I'll say anything about potential issues - we should by all means wait until the official launch. The OCTGN topic already outlines why publishing the OCTGN mod before the official launch is a bad idea. Anyway, the problems I can imagine right now are: 1. Deckbuilding Are players allowed to modify their decks between the rounds? If yes, how exactly? Not letting people modify anything makes the tournament less 'taxing', as you don't have to figure out how to change your deck between each rounds. On the other hand, if you make suboptimal choices right off the bat not being able to fix your mistakes would be frustrating and might make some people drop out (for the sake of their Clan, too). If we allow replacing cards between rounds some people might be upset about facing a deck build specifically to counter theirs. If players are able to modify their decks, can their change their splashes? Also, do we use the Seeker/Keeper Roles, or do we keep a more vanilla ruleset? 2. Scheduling How long should the rounds be? What should we do about the platform? Obviously OCTGN is free and you should be able to get that, but Tabletop Simulator is not. There are some alternative platforms too. Time zone differences could be problem as well. All things considered though I think it'll work out somehow, if each participant will specify when they're available and which platforms they can use - matchmakers would have to make sure to find the right pairings. 3. Clan loyalty Oh boy, this will be fun. Should people be allowed to change their Clan? Some of us have been into L5R lore for as many as 2 decades but many are completely new. I know why the former might consider switching banners revolting, but the latter might not yet know which Clan they'd like to stick to and looking to experiment on that front a little. Should we allow them do so? If yes, under what ramifications? Here's a small poll I've prepared to gauge the interest and check what people think about the issues listed above. The poll is by no means meant to be used as an absolute means to settle these issues though, as some good alternate ideas might be suggested over the course of the discussion. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MYRY626 EDIT: Off to a good start. I've already forgotten about one important question which should've been included in the poll: If new Dynasty Packs will be published over the course of the tournament, and if we'll settle on a ruleset that will allow deck modification, should players be allowed to add cards from said Dynasty Packs? There was one response before I managed to get the edit in. If I set things up correctly you should be able to modify your answers. If I did not, and you wish to answer the question please PM me - I'll delete your response and you'll be able to cast another vote. Sorry for the trouble.
  11. I've lived long enough to see Mirumoto call a katana a two-handed sword.
  12. "You don't pick your clan; your clan picks you."
  13. Unfortunately I have to agree; I'm pretty disappointed overall. I feel it's noticeably weaker than what we've seen on Crane and Lion cards. I think part of it stems from the fact that some art is reused (it feels like Dragon got more cards which reuse old L5R art compared to Crane and Lion, but I might be wrong, I didn't try to count all of them). The other thing that rubs me the wrong way is: if you're reusing Mirumoto Kenzo (and not just him of course, merely an example) anyway why not just call him that? The generic names for half the cards are probably my biggest gripe with NL5R so far. I understand that you want to avoid the situation where several copies of the same character are in play simultaneously for flavor reasons (and all named characters are unique I'm pretty sure) but this can happen anyway in a mirror match, and you'll run into other situation that don't make sense, for example using characters which died in the official storyline. Why deny them that little bit of extra personality? To return to art for one more second: I complained about old art but I think Kitsuki Investigator is new (or is it? I don't recall having seen it before) and that's probably my least favorite card so far. Unlike you I like Mountain's Anvil Castle's art but it is pretty silly for a number of reasons. What I really dislike though is that the card which I like the most from this week's preview (art-wise) - Restoration of Balance - feels extremely weak. Now I don't want to comment on alleged balance issues until I'll play the game some more - with the entire card pool. I don't have a full grasp on what's strong and what isn't right now and I don't want to make some premature judgment. But I really don't see how Restoration of Balance could be useful. There are lots of things that make it pretty bad. 4 cards is still quite a bit. The cards aren't chosen by you, or even chosen randomly - your opponent picks whatever he doesn't need at the moment. The syngery with Kitsuki's Investigator is simply awful. And it's extremely easy to play around, too - just keep your hand to 4 cards, or at least 4 cards you'd like to keep. I have a hard time believing this could be useful. At the same time I'm sure the game has been playtested a lot so again, maybe I'm just not seeing the full picture here and there's something that makes Restoration of Balance better than it seems at first glance. Moving on, I'm a bit surprised Hitomi didn't make the core set. It's interesting that almost none of the characters mentioned in Dragon Clan's story from last week (a really great piece! I deeply regret not having said that in the topic dedicated to it) did. Last and least, it's somewhat amusing that Agasha Swordsmith (aargh, why not Agasha Kojiro, or Agasha Testurou, or Agasha Masanobu, or...) can search for any attachment - he can pick up a tattoo just fine. Ah, and a small PS regarding Mirumoto 'Ninten Master' Kenzo - yes, right now we don't have many weapons around so it's hard to make good use of him (shame he can't unbow on any attachment, would make Kitsuki's Method that much better) but the card pool will grow. Give it some time. I understand being concerned about how usable he'll be with core set cards alone but I assume we plan to stick around a bit longer, don't we?
  14. I'm surprised Benkei hasn't been suggested as a possible name yet. Personally I support the notion of reinforcing L5R's identity through creation of a bunch of terms like these, as long as it's not taken too far.
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