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    vbananas reacted to Darth Meanie in Describe the gist of each faction in one sentence.   
    Rebels - We haven't had a release in 5 waves.  It seems we were made to suffer.
    Imperials - We need a new release to be good.  Too late!!!!
    Scum - We've got a few new ships.  It's no good to be dead.
    Resistance - Poe and some mo'e.
    First Order - The 2 ships of Kylo Ren, plus TIEs!!
    Republic - We are so cool.  Oh look, another new ship.
    CIS - Roger Roger.
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    vbananas reacted to HolySorcerer in N-1 Naboo Starfighter Preview!   
    Passive Sensors are the only interesting thing here, and they look to be good, even if the card text is super clunky.  Hopefully these end up 2 points or less to make lock dependent generics more competitive. 
    If we're lucky FFG will see to giving the Aggressor the sensor slot as well, as that poor ships needs all the help it can get, especially if it ever wants to leverage its dual missile slots.
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    vbananas reacted to DarthSempai in How to fix the V19-torrent   
    Many players seem to be of the opinion that the V19-Torrent just aren't good enough. They're cheap filler similar to Z-95 or Tie-Fighter, but without the support, dials or ability necessary to make them work, and any missile on them seems to be over costed with the difficulty of getting a TL (even with synchronized console). Moreover, the PS3 with an EPT is costed approximately 2 points too much when compared to almost every other ship out there (who usually pay 2 points for a jump from I1 to I3 + an EPT). 

    How would you like this fix : the Blue Squadron Protector gets a second missile slot. 

    The gold squadron trooper with barrage rocket could potentially be too good, being a cheaper Tie-Bomber with Brocket and access to reroll with sinker, I can see with it would be unpleasant to face a swarm of those. However, why not make use of the ''overcostedness' of the Blue Squaddie to justify an extra slot, like they are doing with the Hyenas. This way, there is a legitimate reason to pay those extra points and they give the torrents generics that usually complement jedi and ARC's a bit more flexibility, either as cheap blocker or as small missile boat, without being too cheap that you can just spam 6 of those.

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    vbananas reacted to ficklegreendice in FFG Live Pics 4-30   
    Hold up...

    this thing is smaller than an arc?

    that's some clown car bull
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    vbananas reacted to PorgLeader in X-Wing: Bad Game Design - Focus   
    Gripe about Focus all you want, but the real downfall of X-Wing was the 2 Bank Left maneuver. 2 Bank Right was powerful enough as it was, but pairing it with a Left took things too far. Now every dial in the game has to have it just to be competitive. Ridiculous!
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    vbananas reacted to ZealuxMyr in Showcase: Sith Infiltrator   
    My go at a sithier Sith Infiltrator

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    vbananas reacted to theBitterFig in Sith and the Inquisition   
    Not even close, because the Infiltrator is the worst looking model FFG has put out in a long time.  Detail is non-existant, the paint job is trash, the wings are always at the wrong angle (particularly when fully open).
    That said, a right-looking Infiltrator model would indeed look pretty cool next to TIE v1s.
    O-66, lore wise, makes more sense as a pilot with Empire than Separatists.  As far as I know, they only flew the Scimitar during the Galactic Empire era.
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    vbananas got a reaction from dingo with a joint in Showcase: Protectorate Starfighter   
    I would do unspeakable things to be able to do those gem tones and highlighting. 
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    vbananas reacted to Tvayumat in Softening the Rules   
    Admittedly, in the heydey of my local scene (San Antonio at the time) we briefly had a VERY healthy community of 30+ with at least 10 regular weekly players.

    When you can play a LOT the charge/countercharge mechanic becomes a matter of reading your opponent. Is my opponent a trickster? Is he a "play it safe" statistician? What does he/she think of me? These questions, when made relevant through gameplay, are the beating heart of tactical battle games.

    Some of the absolute most amazing moments, clinch wins, and unbelievable turnarounds have happened because one player was able to read the other and counter-punch when least expected. The Fog of War made Runewars into a game of skill. One you have to actually practice actively, and not just theorycraft (though obviously form follows theory).

    This also means that with a meagre and starved play group, it can easily be frustrating. Personally, I'd NEVER balance a game around having no players.
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    vbananas reacted to Budgernaut in The Land Endures   
    I could see this going either way. From what I see, FFG only announces the end to games that have continuous release cycles. I would expect an LCG to have an end-of-game article, but not a board game. Therefore, BattleLore will never have an end-of-game article just like Rune Age never did. I'm not sure how they'll handle miniatures games, though. The Dust line did have an ending announcement, but part of that was acknowledging that the rights were going to a different company. I can't recall seeing any other of their miniatures game get closed down, so I think we're charting new territory. However, given that Terrinoth is their own property, I think will never say it's completely over. They'll just let it die quietly instead.
    Maybe? How cheap did you want it to be? There were never going to be enough players for them to price these like X-Wing 1.0, and the market has changed since then. I believe a contributing factor in going to X-Wing 2.0 was that they could reset the pay scale and charge more for each expansion, keeping up with inflation and other things. My point is that it isn't cheap to produce miniatures, and with a game you know won't be as popular as Star Wars, you need to recoup the startup costs for molds, design, etc. I do not believe that $5 off each expansion would have saved the game and I don't believe going lower than that would have been profitable. Again, a single ship in X-Wing costs $20, but each product is produced on a much larger scale.
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    vbananas reacted to EpicBubbleSA in The Land Endures   
    FFG kinda did this to themselves though. 
    Pushing Legion so hard right after Runewars was building up steam and giving it so little attention. 
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    vbananas reacted to SOTL in Showcase: RZ-2 A-Wing   
    First one finished!
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    vbananas got a reaction from Velvetelvis in Showcase: Firespray-31   
    Its not a great picture, but here is my stealth/space-themed Firespray

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    vbananas reacted to Dengar5 in Rebel Points Scare? (AKA the 3 Nautolan Thread)   
    I can 100% confirm that the forum will be very unhappy with whatever the point costs get set at.
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    vbananas reacted to Innese in FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks   
    Its a good thing we already have a full spoiler of the Republic squad-set with which to make this sort of post from...
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    vbananas reacted to RedHotDice in Got my Empire conversion kit, missing sever pilots!   
    You dont. Only the pilots in the conversion kit and future expansions are legal in 2.0.
    Think of it as a new game. The are new crew as well, and "old" crew with new abilities - some even considered to be unnatural. 
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    vbananas reacted to GuacCousteau in Imperial TOY Fighters   
    All the non-standard language is making me grind my teeth. 
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    vbananas reacted to Firebird TMK in Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?   
    I've been playing Rebels since the early days of 1.0.  Never been the best player, but I've had fun.  Even in later 1.0 with all the abusive builds around.

    FFG sold 2.0 as the solution for the problems of 1.0.  More balance, they said.  Fewer abusive combos, they said.  Less token stacking, dice modifications and other shenanigans, they said.  So I bought into it.  And I've tried to play in that spirit.  Minimum upgrades.  Emphasis on maneuvering.  Etc.

    I believe FFG has not delivered what it promised.  Abusive combos, token stacking and excessive dice modification are still prevalent.  And factions are WAY out of balance.  Result: almost every game I've played has been a negative play experience.  Even when I've ended up winning.

    I've considered looking for, or trying to come up with, the most abusive, WAAC Rebel list I could find.  One highly likely to produce NPEs.   But I don't want to play that way.  Didn't play that way in 1.0 either.

    So, Rebel players, is it worth continuing to play before the upcoming "rebalance"? 
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    vbananas reacted to Blail Blerg in Separatists CAN USE TIE/ln and T-65's   
    I've got news for you. Those words don't mean what you think they mean. You just want them to mean that. 
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    vbananas reacted to thespaceinvader in Separatists CAN USE TIE/ln and T-65's   
    Wut? No. That's not remotely what that says.
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    vbananas reacted to HolySorcerer in Tie/FO preview article   
    She looks like a pinup model.
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    vbananas reacted to SmittLoaf in Scum and Villainy Aces League Play in Tournament   
    I'm gonna lose so many games of xwing
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    vbananas got a reaction from BCvalor in Showcase: Firespray-31   
    Its not a great picture, but here is my stealth/space-themed Firespray

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    vbananas reacted to SOTL in Rebels need a swarm ship (like Howl, Jonus, Drea, Serrisu, etc.)   
    No they don't, because the game shouldn't be an amorphous flavourless mush where everything is the same.
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    vbananas reacted to SOTL in The secret of data crunching   
    Listjuggler was a pox on the game and I hope listfortress dies a death.
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