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  1. Its almost as if 2.0 is pretty much an entirely different game, but with the same models and similar mechanics as 1.0!
  2. I think breaking/cutting the pegs and gluing them back on or magnetizing the B wings is the best way to do it. As a note for B wings, the bigger magnets and bearing work great for them. If you also use a larger magnets and balls, such as the NSB6 (ball) and R622CS-N (countersunk ring magnet) from K&J Magnetics, that will hold the B wing in any position you could possibly desire.
  3. ARC-170 is the same (at least for Rebels, Clone Wars version is unknown)
  4. It really doesn't look like it.
  5. Autothrusters. Best 2 points in the game.
  6. So with the advent of 2.0 and the new dial the Quadjumper is getting (praise be 1-speed banks), I want to pimp out my favorite ship to see grace any board. My thought is to get a crane arm from a model tow truck and attach it, then paint it up like a tow truck. I do not, however, have the faintest clue where to start when looking for a good tow truck model to butcher for this. Any suggestions and thoughts for this?
  7. vbananas

    Raging Cassian?

    But then there is the eternal question-- Why not both? Give Cassian Kanan so he can 2-tun to clear stress, and cassian's ability + inspiring recruit on Saw clears Saw's stress. Then add another crew and ship to taste!
  8. vbananas

    Raging Cassian?

    I think it gets a little better, and its a lot of fun. You can shave a point off and add some good support to the rest of your list by swapping Cassian out for Saw.
  9. Have A and B play out a game for first and second place.
  10. This is a point I will happily concede. The abject lack of non-Hounds Tooth two-crew scum ships makes me irreparably sad. If you could actually use Jabba in most games, then I think the cad could see some interesting use. Not to mention that I'd love to have other ways to get Maul+Outlaw Tech for endless shenanigans.
  11. My favorite Greedo user is actually a Scurrg with TLT. It has more shields to punch through than a HWK, meaning you have more time to spread your sweet, sweet Greedo'd TLT faceup damage all over the board.
  12. Please no. I would rather have a million **** starfighters than one more shuttle.
  13. Not to self-promote too hard, but is this the sort of cloaked firespray you are thinking of?
  14. I think I'd rather go for cluster missiles on her than the big 4-die cruise missiles. Those with expertise and dengar are some painful shots, even without chips involved.
  15. Thats a pretty good list of things you could work with. Punishing One to get +1 red die, Mist Hunter for a barrel roll (at 1 point only!), and Havoc are the best choices. Honestly, I'd go with the Mist Hunter just to make Boba more maneuverable.
  16. vbananas

    I want a ticket!

    Theres a forum for this! [praise be] https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/555-x-wing™-ticket-swap/
  17. Day 1C for me, but I may not be able to go
  18. There's always gotta be one error. The date on the text file is for last year.
  19. I'll add my work from a few months ago now that I've seen the showcase. The Trio: Duchess's pristine and clean craft Pure Sabacc's gilded monster Countdown's "wildfire" colored panels
  20. I would do unspeakable things to be able to do those gem tones and highlighting.
  21. Here is a slightly different option-- using Flechettes instead of Harpoons. I know Harpoons are all the rage, but with so much of the metagame being focused on harpoons and especially how to counter them, not relying on them at all could work. The flechettes allow you to have some degree of stress control, as well as a large area coverage of being able to slam and shoot. Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 29 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/x7 -2 Ship Total: 29 Nu Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 18 Flechette Cannon 2 XG-1 Assault Configuration 1 Ship Total: 21 Nu Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 18 Flechette Cannon 2 XG-1 Assault Configuration 1 Ship Total: 21
  22. Its not a great picture, but here is my stealth/space-themed Firespray
  23. I'm actually a huge fan of grabbing a generic Phantom and throwing on LWF, FCS, and RecSpec. You essentially get a powerhouse of a ship with double-modded dice and a pretty solid defense via two focus tokens.
  24. Holy thread necro, batman!
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