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  1. I'll close and leave, offering thanks to many fans who pursue the game and spread goodness at the gaming table. I have high expectations, don't fully understand marketing or how IP is used or protected. I'll shut up about it, and don't think I did a good job of stating my concerns. I just want more in a galaxy of possibilities, and thought the published content does great (but could do better with just a few tweaks). I'm not a publisher, so I speak out of turn. So, TL;DR: Everything is awesome, including you.
  2. The next time some fan spoils the new book with photos of the printed pages, just remember nobody got paid for you to see that IP. Pat yourself on the back if you preordered the book. Otherwise, I guess our board is a welcomed mess of piracy condoned by FFG.
  3. Got it. Thanks for your contributions. Sorry I sound like a spoiled brat. Maybe I'll just shut up now, and no longer buy anything from FFG, then, which was my OP. You have convinced me carrying a goal to the finish line is too hard for FFG writers to do, despite a literal galaxy of imagination. I guess the market for imaginative writers has dried up.
  4. I contend that the recent releases of hype promos give us all the needed fluff and crunch we need. Look over some of the recent species. It comes across like Wookiees are strong but prone to wild outbursts. They are sturdy hand-to-hand combatants. In this, we could easily predict (even if wrong), Wookiees have 2+ Brawn and maybe less than 2 Willpower. They might have increases or other advantages to brawling. This is FAR FAR different than literally letting someone snap pictures and pretend others won't bypass the checkout line - the same argument against PDFs. Can't have it both ways, right? I never said I'm a marketing expert. In fact, I'm trying to understand why it is. I still find your answer incomplete to address why no PDFs, and why no newer content. Wouldn't give-aways be the sneak peaks, podcasts, and other outlets' news of the game? I ask because I don't understand, nor do I want more debt in college level classes teaching me about marketing. Seeing stuff for free - all of the time with every new release - doesn't seem like OPTIMAL protection of the IP. Not protecting the IP means not protecting the writers' work and pay. Can you answer this decision? How am I wrong? Yeah, a sneak peak here and there is great for hype. For every single book? Gratuitous and endorsed piracy.
  5. People copying numerical crunch directly onto the website designed to promote sales: This is fine. Make PDFs for ecological and savings to players' table space and wallets? Nope- these will be stolen by pirates. I cannot understand this disconnect, or others defense of this practice.
  6. Thanks. I feel like I'm being heard. Yeah, I might be fuming wildly. I guess it's just misappropriated expectations. Does this sound better? I have really enjoyed FFG SW RPG. It has a robust CRB for whichever of the 3 (or almost 4?) lines. However, as a SW fanboy, I'm more likely to pick up a book that matches my interests. I won't buy some books, either, because I don't really care for pilots, let's say. While I may read what someone has ripped from the pages of a pilot book, it's to satisfy some curiosities. MAYBE, I might buy it, but probably still not. Likewise, any careers or species who are loners and savage, I'm likely to invest. I don't want two Ithorians, tho. Wasn't there some other possible species to include OTHER than a repeat? Is it too hard to do? Are there only a finite number of species given to FFG? Maybe that's an angle we don't know. I am disappointed when I have repeated copies of things in the books. To your point, we've hundreds of new equipment. Isn't a blaster just a blaster, really? How many do we need? I guess the same could be said of species, and moreso of careers, but these are for the PLAYERS. A weapon isn't a character. Does this make more sense?
  7. This is fair. Thanks for the contribution. Still, where are any number of species fans write about in said dedicated species-wanted threads?
  8. I'm not comparing FFG to anything but itself. Yes, I acknowledge D&D has fewer XYZs, and even more games have fewer or more, but still not to the caliber of FFG. You say 100 different options; I simply ask why not 106? Is 6% too hard? It must be, because that's what we got.
  9. Well, Chronicles of the Gatekeeper gave us a fresh new species exclusive to the FFG line. So, creativity is a staple, if even rare. How many species do we expect to have? Apparently, it is too much to ask for new species in every book, because of the work involved. Okay, I'll buy it- FFG is too busy to care about new careers and species. Their fire is dying because the number of books has reached an expected limit. Why not burst forth towards the finish line with grand new things? I cannot accept that people didn't know and plan for Genesys or any number of other FFG produced products. If people are on the same team, then I expect awesome synergy between systems (aside from slightly different dice). If it's a different team, I expect that writers are committed and paid for their existing work, and won't accept FFG just mailing it in over the last few products. I honestly cannot believe the general naivety over people stealing the copyrighted material from these boards, nor FFG's willingness to let their writers NOT possibly get paid for it. Why no PDFs? They'll be shared and stolen. Meh- just come to our website instead. How is this good business sense?
  10. I could envision a mixed playgroup having one main CRB, maybe some other careers out of game line, and never repeat a species or career in their collected books. A bunch of soldiers (AoR) add a smuggler, for example. At the end of the day, I try to imagine if *I* had a job working at FFG, I feel like I'd shortchange fans who want to buy everything our team writes. Ergo, I feel shortchanged as a fan when I get two different Lanniks. It suggests that the team isn't planning well. I site Genesys because it uses very similar dice in a possible Sci-Fi setting. To think this is completely free of SWRPG influence is too far a stretch even for a sci-fi fan.
  11. I like these points. I guess I'm just frustrated. Yeah, I want people to get paid, to your point. If this is your stance too, why let people have stuff FOR FREE? Yeah, let's not pretend everyone here is a Jedi with 100 Morality.
  12. If the community and FFG believe people aren't avoiding payments by using the spoilers posted, may I interest y'all in some prime real estate deals? PDFs?! Nope- people will steal 'em. Just come here and find what you need, because MAYBE you'll buy it. This just seems like a missed opportunity for more robust sales if FFG leaked more content. Notice how they've been showing more and hinting more about different crunch in previews? Isn't this good enough, and would solve the fan-copied hijinks. Some may say that using the information is morally wrong; I contend that sharing copyrighted IP is as morally questionable as it is a crime. In some regards, I liken this experience to flipping through a book at the store. Neither my moral insight nor store staff will let me peruse the book for more than a minute, but I'll get my immediate fix and determine my purchase. Frankly, I think (most) people will have already made a decision on their purchase BEFORE they pick up the book. Online, I see the same stuff. However, since it STAYS online, I can go back and review it, unlike an experience at the LGS (well, I suppose I could go back to the store on a regular basis and read one new page a day or whatnot, but that's getting silly). The CRUNCH is all here for free.
  13. I apologize if I sound like a troll. I'm just seriously disappointed. I stand at a crossroads with FFG. I bought into the line because of the genre. (Mistakenly?) I bought all three CRBs and a lot of careers and other splatbooks. In hindsight, I feel foolish. Why? Scouts, Drivers, Heavies, Pilots, Slicers and Mechanics are all repeated to date. The lines aren't done. SIX careers reprinted? This seems like a lack of imagination on FFGs' part, especially considering we've a galaxy of possibilities. Instead, even Droid Specialist and Droid Tech are close but still DIFFERENT. Likewise, Investigator and Skip Tracer. Why couldn't similar tweaks be given to repeated careers? I can appreciate how their different starting career dictates their ultimate abilities. In all seriousness- IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? It may be, given the shiny new GENESYS rpg on the horizon. Similarly- species. I CAN accept how we'd have zero repeats WITHIN the line. Okay, but doesn't this just push us into picking ONE of the CRB/systems and ignoring(?) the rest? I'm scared. Maybe the GENESYS launch rattled me into believing FFG is abandoning the heart of the game. When we have some misses with editing (they have editors, right?), repeats of species/careers, and shipments hanging in dead air, I question what's going on. I think most agree that the art is lovely and fits the fluff of the content. Fonts are sometimes a problem due to readability; I'm in this camp of hating small, blurry print in my older age. I'd magnify my pdf of the books, except there seem to be speculative problems that the books would be reprehensible pirated. So just come here and get your fix instead of a download. Yes, it's morally problematic to copy stuff? YES. Is it problematic to be the ones posting copywritted material? Ditto- where's the outrage? TL;DR: I feel like FFG is slipping as they unveil Genesys. Should I just switch systems now? Will the quality be better as we finish?
  14. Yes, Tramp Graphics, I already mentioned this fact. Care to chime in on the notion of stolen IP by users of this forum?
  15. Thanks. Yeah, just forget that I mentioned Miralukas since that design train derails the main point I'm hoping to make: I don't think FFG seems to care about their own IP. Why? * We get repeated species and careers instead of new ones. Are FFG staff so lazy to ignore an entire UNIVERSE of possibilities? Wouldn't new content spur more new books? Want to investigate a crime scene? Congratulations: one of two rules books has you covered. Likewise, droid building x2 (Fully Op & Spec Mods). I may be an idiot if I buy both books unless a completionist of have a specific adventure in mind. * Serious editing errors or oversights. These include mistakes in species, force talents, plot designs, and print/ship/in development delays. Again, Expect Ghosts by Halloween. * The Sacred Cow: ABSOLUTE COMPLETE FFG CRUNCH SPOILS FOR FREE, ON THEIR OWN WEBSITES. Yeah, ain't nobody touching this one out of fear of admitting they copy or paste others IP wantonly with impunity. Aside from owning the CRB, nobody could convince me an entire party couldn't be made using new careers and species from other spoiled books by consulting...well...just HERE in the forums. Why does nobody seem concerned about taking money out of FFG staff's pockets? Isn't this called stealing?!?!?!?!?! So, if THEY don't care about their products, WHY SHOULD/WOULD I? Good luck with GENESYS at the expense of FFG SWRPG. Yeah, they're nearing the finish line, so flock new stuff since the old stuff (i.e. mistakes) seems to cut the mustard.
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