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  1. But does "general awareness of ones surroundings" count as a skill? Shouldn't that just be an innate trait?
  2. "Of that you can be certain" Such an excellent fiction. I really like the much deeper and subtler characterization of the clans FFG is going with. First the Dragon, then the Scorpion, and now the Crab. Clans whose characters could easily devolve into caricature. But so far, the essence of their Clans has been captured with nuance. Great job. I don't know how well the broad plot strokes will work, but the small personal stories have been excellent so far. Except for the Lion. The Lion fictions, and there depictions therein have been bad. The rest are excellent though.
  3. It's important not to think exclusively about 1-v-1 scenarios when considering balance. What you propose would be a pretty massive nerf when you are one of a party of samurai fighting a single tough enemy with lots of armor (bears, Oni, etc.).
  4. If this timeline avoids recreating the Spider clan, it'll all be worth it.
  5. This is only true if the base TN is high enough. Particularly at higher levels, this will no longer be the case. In any case, there's only one strife/opportunity face on a D6, and none on a D12. So in the worst case - when one needed every success one could get to make the base TN - it would lead to 66% increase in success per D6 (instead of 100%). The ~43% increase in success on a D12 would remain unchanged.
  6. I never implied that it did. However, bonus success is very valuable. Am I wrong about the amount of bonus success fire stance provides?
  7. I'm not sure I understand this math. Doesn't Fire stance provide 0.5 extra success per D6 and 0.25 extra success per D12? And a ~43% increase in expected success per D12 (7/12 successes per D12 normally) seems like a quite substantial bonus to me. Much more than +1 TN for one attack each round for instance.
  8. You have to be in Water stance to use Water kata
  9. This is patently false. In combat, Water provides you armor reduction and bleeds. Both are very effective. In intrigues, Water approach is basically the "charm" approach that makes people like you more and/or empathize with your cause. Both seem very important.
  10. Meh. Akodo Kaneka didn't exactly ooze compassion. In any case, I like how the Scorpion depicted in the fictions so far haven't been mustache-twirling sadists. Here's hoping that there'll be more Lion, other than Toturi, who avoid the callous, belligerent, moron stereotype.
  11. So outbursts in skirmishes are bad because the skirmish can suddenly become a one-round duel? That's a poor way to balance things in my opinion. For one thing, are GMs really going to trigger a skirmish every time their PCs have an outburst in combat? For another, Matsu-san, when fighting the Lost, Goblins, Bears, etc will not have to worry about this mechanism. It's a balance feature that only works in skirmishes against Samurai. Again, poor balance imo.
  12. Actually, upon further reading, panic and strife are unrelated. So it appears that the optimal strategy for an honorable commander/leader is to load up on strife to ensure bonus successes for the army. Strife only affects you while your bonus successes affect the entire army. Anything less would be dishonorable. The authors should consider linking commander/leader strife to army panic in some way.
  13. Every Lion fiction I have ever read was filled with characters that showed open contempt for compassion. The only Lion character I can recall ever being compassionate was Toturi. Has there ever been a fiction depicting a Lion not named Toturi treating a peasant kindly or showing mercy to an enemy?
  14. Rawls

    Void Points

    Void points are the one aspect of the beta I don't like. Just let them come from your void as in 4e. Start the day with max void rather than zero void. Then I wouldn't mind the gimmicky "you win by losing" void point regen mechanism. As is, void appears to be the weakest ring, and void points are highly unreliable.
  15. Wait, why shouldn't a courtier be good at the secret-agent planning/cover stories aspect of being a ninja? Aren't couriers basically non-secret agents? Put in modern terms, would you be shocked to learn that an experienced agent at a nation's foreign services was actually a spy?
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