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  1. I won a Q1 store tournament with this list: MC75 Ordnance with Profundity, OE, ACM, ER, SAD Hammerhead Torpedo with ER CR90B with raddus GR75 x2 Tycho, Shara, 2 VCX, 4 YT2400 8 point bid I would revise this list by making the VCXs into Rogue Squadron and a YT2400, plus lando on the MC75, Keeps it alive quite a bit. Would also recommend Walex or DCO, as well as QS on a flotilla. This list is basically yours, just that the MC75 is a little less decked out, as it most likely will die, and its only 125 pts. In turn, I get a VERY hefty squadron component that can easily handle most squadron forces. I've also had the whole squadron screen go to town on a liberty and take it out in 2 turns. New List: MC75 Ordnance with Profundity, OE, ACM, ER, Lando Hammerhead Torpedo with ER CR90B with Raddus GR75 x2, one with quantum storm Tycho, Shara, Rogue Squadron, 5 YT-2400s 7 point bid
  2. So, down at the FFG Center's Q1 tournament, I took it with this: Most Wanted, Superior Positions, Capture The VIP MC75 Ordnance Cruiser with Profundity, SAD, OE, ACM, ER Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette with ER CR90 Corvette with Raddus GR75 Med x2 Tycho, Shara, 2 VCXs, 4 YT-2400s 1st Round vs Pache (sorry, don't know how to spell your name) This was his first event, and he was 12. pretty much a match, since I'm 13 He was running A not-so-stacked Ackbar MC80, with a not-so-stacked assault frigate and a standard MC30 with foresight. Squadrons were 3 A-wings, Shara, Dutch, and Han. deployment- Raddus and Hammerhead in hyperspace, I picked his solar corona. I deployed my CR90 far right, one flotilla in the middle with the whole ball of fighters, and another flotilla near the first flotilla. He deployed his MC80 far on my right, with the assault frigate and MC30 next to it, with the fighters next to the MC30. Turn 1- Everybody moved up, token gathering Turn 2-I raddused in the Profundity and the Hammerhead in front of the assault frigate. The Hammerhead and Profundity turned the assault frigate into space dust, and the hammerhead blew up due to the MC80. Fighters engaged this turn, with me killing 2 A-wings and Pache killing nothing. Turn 3- MC30 and MC80 shoot the MC75, MC75 and CR90 eat the MC80's shields. Fighter furball continues and my Shara bites the dust, with me in turn taking out Han and another A-wing. Turn 4- MC75 is on one hull, and it demolishes the MC80, but then the MC30 destroys it. The CR90 runs away, with foresight never being able to catch it. Rest of the game is with the fighters, with me blowing up the entire squadron wing and losing 1 YT-2400 Results: 7-4 in my favor 2nd Round-vs @Ollie124 He was running a Madine MC80 liberty with an MC75, slicer tools BH flotilla, and Hera, Tycho, E_wing, Rogue Squadron, and some other squadron I can't remember. deployment: I was First Player, chose his Opening Salvo. Deployment for me was the same as last game, He deployed his MC80 far on my left, MC75 in between the MC80 and the middle, Slicers in the middle, with the fighter ball next to the MC75. Turn 1- Everybody moved up, token gathering Turn 2- Raddus dialed up the Profundity, it hyperspaced right in front of the MC75, with the Hammerhead next to it. His MC75 tried to get out of there, but to no avail. The Profundity and Hammerhead demolished it, and the fighters started shooting, with me taking out Rogue squadron and the E-wing. Turn 3- I demolished all the squadrons except for Hera and Tycho, who got out of there and tried to bomb the Profundity. The MC80 turned into the fight. Squadrons got in position to bomb it. Turn 4- Profundity repairing all the damage from Hera and Tycho and shooting at them. All my squadrons bombing the MC80. Turn 5- Squadrons take out the MC80 Results: 9-2 Tabling in my favor 3rd round vs @Card Knight, top table, running a Sato MC80 Battle Cruiser with two flotillas, MC30, and Jan, Nym, Tycho, 3 YT-1300s deployment-I was again First player, and Chose his Solar Corona, Deployment the same for me as all the other games. He deployed his MC80 diagonally facing my right very far right, with the two flotillas next to the MC80, and the MC30 next to the flotilllas. Turn 1- Everybody moved up, token gathering Turn 2- Profundity came in again, right in front of the MC80. Profundity and Hammerhead blew up the MC80, but Nym and Jan as well as the MC80 put heavy damage into the Profundity. Squadrons engage, no one dies yet. Turn 3- just the fighter battle happening, no one dies Turn 4- Profundity blows up, my squadrons take out all his YT-1300s, my CR90 and flotilla ram his comms net flotilla to death. Turn 5- Tycho and Shara assassinate Nym and Jan Turn 6- Hammerhead blows up BH Toryn, Tycho gets away. Results- 7-4 My way I ended up taking 1st with 23 tournament points, winning a Gozanti-cruisers alt-art, Expanded Hangar Bay alt-art, TIE Phantom Alt-art, and a Mon Mothma alt-art 2nd place had 22 points, but last round he was 2 points short of a 10-1, if he got that, he could've competed for 1st. Overall great day, 12 people showed, and I had a blast.
  3. So, down at the FFG Center, Our Q1 tournament happened. I took this tournament with this: Most Wanted, Superior Positions, Capture The VIP MC75 Ordnance Cruiser with Profundity, SAD, OE, ACM, ER Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette with ER CR90 Corvette with Raddus GR75 Med x2 Tycho, Shara, 2 VCXs, 4 YT-2400s First round was a 7-4, Second Round was a 9-2 tabling, and 3rd round was a 7-4. Altogether I had 23 Tournament Points, with second place having 22 Tournament Points.
  4. lol, I was the one that @Alzer had admo double arc'd with. Didn't go well for admo ?
  5. maybe replace get VCXs and HWKs in the fighter ball?
  6. an MC75 and a HMC80 are pretty nasty together in an ackbar fleet. pair them with a few flotillas, a CR90, and tycho and shara, you've got a nasty list right there.
  7. usually with bail on an MC75, it's just turn 3, plus or minus one.
  8. FFG HQ in MN has a store championship on the 23rd of June.
  9. Basically any other defense token mitigation on MK is redundant. You could just altogether drop H9s, and get heavy ions on that liberty.
  10. Or get tempest squadron, as it is basically a TIE bomber but with escort and more anti-squad dice. You'll also probably want another intel squadron.
  11. Through some improvement and thinking, the list has evolved to this: Precision Strike, Superior Positions, and Fighter Ambush MC75 Ordnance, with Sato, SA, OE, WAB, and ER Pelta Command with AFFM! GR75 Med with Toryn, BH, BCC GR75 Med with Ahsoka, Comms net Jan Ors, YT-1300, Luke, Wedge, Dutch, Gold Squadron, Norra, Scurrg 399/400 Something I think I would enjoy flying a lot.
  12. wouldn't really recommend Howlrunner just to boost two ties. Two tie fighters instead of Howlrunner would be better. Stronghold isnt that great, besides youd only use stronghold for a mass squadron list, not a small force. Anyways, people dont normally take stronghold, as it requires the quasar to get close to the fight, and it would just instantly die. The Demolisher could probably drop expanded alunchers for assault proton torpedoes, its way better on the demolisher. Dominator title also isnt that good, should drop that. If you dropped everything i said above, youd have enough points for a comms net gozanti.
  13. defiance and aspiration can sub out the mon cal exodus fleets, and you'll save two points.
  14. As of right now, I am improving the list with the mc30, MC75, and 2 flots and squadrons.
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