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  1. It's a great tool that works well. We can't thanks you enough for the effort. If you ever happen to work on it again, please replace current templates with high resolution templates so that we can have printable cards.
  2. Trevize84

    Jyn Odan - Trick Shot Range

    To enforce this there's one case in current Uscru skirmish map that you draw LoS through one of the corridors and if all doors are open you can then count space through a totally different path that is much shorter (and without LoS)...
  3. Trevize84

    Rogue One Characters

    I believe that Data Leak isn't ruled correctly. Use +3 Ac. with 1 C only to be consistent. The same applies to Optimize Weapons that can be better written reusing text of official abilities. You have minor typos here and there, like egal or "one" (designers always use "1"). BTW what did you use for such high quality cards? Good job. Hope my feedback helps.
  4. Trevize84

    ToL mission: Race on Ryloth, broken?

    one more campaign destroyed by pin them down...
  5. Well we can argue E-XD isn't a figure until step 5 when briefing rules take effect, so I can deploy on the token.
  6. I played on Vassal and I haven't realised limitation on number of available rNexu cards. Assuming you have 2 rNexu you can actually deploy on E-XD spot. Following rules from setup, step by step, I deploy nexus as special setup at step 3, then at step 4 I deploy all imperial figures as instructed by diagram. I thought this was the right order...
  7. Trevize84

    Regional Meta

    The one you mentioned definitely. Also IG+Hondo. You may see some Chewie+smugglers nostalgic. Vader+Thrawn+DTs or Vader+palp+Thrawn or other unshakeable Vader variants. Han+Drok, Han+Sabine. Then new map will come and things will change.
  8. I believe it will rotate few weeks prior Worlds.
  9. The advantage of learning the game starting with skirmish is that you don't spoil the entire campaign because of early mistakes applying basic rules
  10. Trevize84

    CT's Pin Them Down

    It sounds to me like your rebels aren't positioning heroes well. Mine tend to stun figures I just deployed. Because they are quite experienced, they can predict with some good accuracy potential spawn points or in any case once I used a spawn point that becomes a known information to them. Positioning heroes wisely can be very effective. I believe my heroes are better than the average and I concede to them too much time for taking the right choice.
  11. Trevize84

    CT-1701 covering fire

    Yes you can. Covering fire doesn't explicitly say that you have to deal damage.
  12. Trevize84

    Spectre Cell command cards...

    Any list is ok as long as you know how to play it properly. If we talk about being competitive Spectres themselves would be out of the meta. They're 6 and not even Empire uses 6 activation lists nowadays. You don't have focus and you can't draw CCs efficiently. Traits do not synergise together and CCs can't specialise in one trait. The whole point of Spectres is Spectre Cell. If you can't bring that card then only Sabine, Hera, Chopper and maybe Ezra can find some use and appear separately in rebel lists. Any other list is an ok list and besides Han-Ranger or Han-Drok it's difficult to have them in competitive games.
  13. That's my Bible but I wish designers will start from that and streamline all the edge cases that generates exceptions and excessive hairsplitting.
  14. Btw thanks @a1bert for clarifying on this
  15. I'm totally with you on this. This game needs a v2.0 of game rules where all the FAQs and designer responses are armonised and rationalised with the RRG, to make things easier and more straightforward without the need of a master degree in law to fully understand how the game works