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  1. Ok this will make my life easier. I just need to check a couple of things but I should be good with integration. For backward compatibility I'll limit the integration to latest version only. It would be great if @thereisnotry could publicly warn users when compatibility gets broken so that I can go and adjust. I based my integration on the IDs. If they change IA Builder is screwed.
  2. Hello @thereisnotry, I found a way to read/write Vassal deck files. I have a question for you. I see module v12.3.1 has IACP Season 3 cards. It seems to me we can't play official content with such version. If we want to play vanilla game I believe we need to download an old version of the module. Do you know what's the version?
  3. IA Builder v1.0.3 is live!!! You can download the APK from the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vq7h0-rLu1Z7jcZTVRADhkZNUtTyGB9p/view Don't uninstall the old version. Install this new version on top of the old one. Also enable Android backup of app data, so that you won't lose your armies in case you have to uninstall or change phone! What's new: IACP Season 3 cards App is now able to notify and download new versions as soon as they are available Skirmish upgrades are now filtered out if not valid for the current army Form Cards are show in the card viewer screen clicking on a Clawdite Shapeshifter card Companion Card is shown in card viewer screen clicking on Jarrod, Ugnaught, Indetured Jester Minor fixes Please report to me any issue or bug you experience with this new version, I didn't have the time to test it as I wanted.
  4. Boxes supported by app campaign still have some market, in following months. Ones that don't have an app campaign can potentially go out of print soon. You can take this into account to plan your purchases.
  5. My favorite is Wild Fury + To the Limit with Chewie. Most of the times opponents don't fear debts repaid from a bleeding and stunned Chewie. In that case, Rally can really mess up things...
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, my app IA Builder finally got to a decent stage. Please report any issue or bug directly to me. You can install the APK from the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vq7h0-rLu1Z7jcZTVRADhkZNUtTyGB9p Also have a look at the announcement post for detailed walkthrough of the available features: https://iacpitalia.home.blog/2019/12/19/ia-builder/ Hope this can help!
  7. @cnemmick Unfortunately our time zones are too different. It ends 5AM my time :P
  8. You can create 2 types, ones with expiration and others that stay always available.
  9. Player 2 activating twice in a row and Player 1 wasting 1 activation sounds like someone helping the opponent to win the match...
  10. Let's assume size of miniatures was same. How do you deal with cards?
  11. Anything from Jabba's Realm and later, with the earlier exception of Greedo.
  12. A movie gives you enough content to know your hero background so that you can emphatically joy and suffer with him/her. You start an IA campaign, heroes are such just because RRG calls them that way. They have no background, unless you link them to the saga. They also don't create anything special with other team-mates or allies (excluding the fact you all win or lose together a mission). I imagine a campaign where you know where your heroes are coming from and where each of them would like to go. During mission you might find yourself alone in one part of a map with an ally or another team-mate and try to achieve something together, if you do those two guys can get something like a card or a bonus to abilities when they are adjacent or close. I imagine you can find yourself in situations where you can save or let an ally die and change the story. Imagine Diala letting Luke die to save Leia and because of that finding herself instead of Luke in front of Darth Vader for the finale. This is what I'd really expect from a great and well designed campaing. This is a strong plot, something built on top of a background that pretend you have full freedom of choice each one with proper consequences. That's what I mean. To do that you need a background different then "there're civilians taken as hostages and we are noble heroes that want to save them", this is too weak. That's why we need to link characters to the saga.
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