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  1. Trevize84

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    BTW this map is Terro's map. FYI it's been released with Jabba's Realm waves. I don't see why all this hype just because of a picture that recalls the name of an old map.
  2. In case of conflict, mission rules comes before player with initiative then player without initiative. So Blitz order of deployment are the most valuable here. Then your opponent has initiative because of devious, so he goes first, then you follow Blitz rules second. I might be wrong on saying this is resolved as per conflict ruling, but there's no way you can override mission rules with one of your cards
  3. Trevize84

    Did someone on this board build this?

    You can find the guy on bgg https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1416607/imperial-assault-calculator
  4. Trevize84

    Imperial Assault Tiers, Anyone?

    Hondo with smuggler's run!
  5. Trevize84

    Imperial Assault Tiers, Anyone?

    I hope next worlds winner won't propose one more useless card like the ones we've seen so far. Although ideas were all good the outcome was already out of the meta before release date. I believe we might benefit from simple upgrades like these (wording is very rough but you'll get the idea): Neutral. Skirmish Upgrade. Cost: 1. Reduce deployment cost of this group by 1. You may attach one more Skirmish Upgrade to this group. In example: This can be attached to Terro so that he can use Strength in Numbers with Thrawn, or a DT can use Tactical Comm to activate Terro. You can still add an attachment to Terro, if you want. Neutral. Skirmish Upgrade. Cost: -1. Increase deployment cost of this group by 1. You may attach one more Skirmish Upgrade to this group. In example: This can be attached to Shyla so that you can have an Unshakable Shyla build using 2xParting Shot. Neutral. Skirmish Upgrade. Cost: 0. Attach to this upgrade up to 3 different Non-Massive and Non-Unique deployment cards with group size greater than 1. Choose up to 3 figures each one from a different attached group, these figures count as a single group. Deployment cost of this group is equal to the sum of the figure cost of all chosen figures. In example: This can be attached to Elite ISB Infiltrator and Regular Imperial Officer. This group has Deployment Cost 6 (figure costs are 4 for the eISB and 2 for rOfficer). These 2 guys activates together and you may move and attack with rOfficer (in example he gets focused) then activate eISB to use Coordinated Raid to let focused rOfficer attack again. Just saying... we need stuff to bring old figures back into the meta and open to new OP combos that can fight Spectre Cell.
  6. @a1bert, I considered that: Arcing shot: "Use before you declare an attack, ..." Then from your previous comment: "Declaring attack and declaring target are the same trigger." Then from FAQ: "During an attack, if the attacker’s line of sight to the target space changes or if the defender moves, the attacker must then re-declare a target space" So summing up these three I said: "wow because I 're-declare a target space' that's same as 're-declare an attack', so I can use such declaration to trigger an Arcing Shot and surprise my opponent after he moved with On the Lam to target a space adjacent to him". Also I thought Arcing Shot ended it's effect once the space was declared. If On the Lam forces a re-declaration, I expected the card was discarded already and its effect over the very same moment I declared a target space the first time.
  7. Ah cool so it actually works for "both" declarations pre-OtL and post-OtL! Thanks @a1bert!
  8. Sorry for resuming this. Does this quote means I can use Arcing Shot when this FAQ kicks in? "During an attack, if the attacker’s line of sight to the target space changes or if the defender moves, the attacker must then re-declare a target space. If none of the defender’s spaces are eligible, the attack misses, there is no target space, and abilities that refer to a target space have no effect." In other words can I still draw line of sight to the on-the-lammer in the lucky case I can target a space adjacent to him thanks to Arcing Shot? Thanks.
  9. Great! I didn't know I could use a local DB of images, I'll definitely do it. I suggest to use this website: http:// cards.boardwars.eu/albums/Expansion-Boxes/Tyrants-of-Lothal/Command%20Cards/Pack%20Alpha.jpg I asked the guy who owns the DB to introduce a REST API. The tool has a plugin for that but who made the plugin doesn't know what REST means. Anyway the owner added the plugin and you can query the DB to perform searches getting back JSON results. You may use that search and in case of results take the link to the JPG or maybe fabricate links yourself following the pattern. Perhaps in case of no results you can then use other ways to recover images. Thanks @Bitterman!
  10. I found an issue with some CC in the card viewer, there's a card image that doesn't show up. It's one of the first when you select "All". Also, can we get a good image for Alpha Pack and Marked Territory? Also in the list builder if you try to export a PDF on a PDF that is already open the tool throws an exception. Thanks for this great work!
  11. It's C# if you use Mono you can likely have it working on Linux as well.
  12. Trevize84

    Maul Map Rotates In

    Yes weequay in that sense are better than rangers, although using them for short range is a suicide. At least damage doesn't drop when they are closer to the target. Also they have access to On the Lam. I guess if they comes back into the meta, we'll see less motivation and more doubts
  13. Trevize84

    Maul Map Rotates In

    Exactly! Changing 2 out of 3 maps is very likely a meta-changer. I haven't looked too closely at the new map, but it looks definitely better than Uscru for melee and short ranged units. I wouldn't be surprised to see brawlers back into the meta. But I repeat, I haven't analysed the map myself.
  14. Trevize84

    Luke as a Mercenary

    I disagree. BT is useless in current meta where almost every figure has at least pierce 2 that instead is completely useless against Onar. Also BT can't put that much more damage than Onar because his surges are awful. If you consider 5-7 damage BT has a 11-13% more chances against a black die (and in case you fight an Imperial player, Zillo will sensibly lower your damage and BTW Onar can be focused and BT can't). Also Onar has much better defensive abilities that help a lot and can create nice synergies (like Nexu with Cunning although they're out of meta) and Rush that is one of the few abilities that can control opponent's position. On the other end, Missile Salvo is awesome on the paper and absolutely useless on the board 90% of the cases. Onar's CC is far better than BT's one and likely one of the best "personal" CC after SoS and BoG. It allows an unexpected attack that can potentially be a match-changer. Last but not least you can't stun/weaken Onar...
  15. Trevize84

    Maul Map Rotates In

    2 out of 3?