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  1. Golan Trevize

    IA Switzerland

    Thanks dude!
  2. Golan Trevize

    Other good gaming companies?

    If you wait November/December WizKids is going to publish Mage Knight Ultimate Edition that includes a reprint of the game plus all expansions. That's THE game!
  3. As I suspected at first sight this class is garbage
  4. Golan Trevize

    Other good gaming companies?

    Dead of Winter and Shadows over Camelot
  5. Golan Trevize

    Other good gaming companies?

    Days of Wonders but also CGE, Z-Man, Portal Games, CMON, Repos Productions, Rio Grande Games, Matagot, Iello, Blue Orange Games and many others I can't recall right now. Perhaps not the same ability to make a colossal game like Imperial Assault, but definitely they have many masterpieces in their catalogue.
  6. Golan Trevize

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    I guess Shyla may do well, whipping melees out of their position so that they lose the chance to use abilities from friendly figures. I loved to play a list found on this forum and called "Brawler-Hunter combo" which should work well now that we got some more toys for brawlers, ofc it may need some re-tuning: ePigs, Shyla, eWeequay, Onar, Greedo, Gideon, 3PO, Devious, TA
  7. Reward cards also, although they can be easily done once we have class cards and item cards. I think only difference is the word "REWARD" instead of XP or credit cost.
  8. Golan Trevize

    Extra Armor and Lie in Ambush

    From RRG Page 11 at section Deployment and subsection Skirmish Deployment, it looks clear to me that skirmish deployment is that part of setup you place all figures on the map. It also looks clear to me the intention of designer with word "deployment" in skirmish is to refer that specific moment of setup phase. Later introduction of Hera and LiA has brought some complexity in wording which may sound a bit confusing. I believe new cards can either overwrite a rule or add new rule but they can't change (by side effect) the meaning of what has been written ages ago.
  9. Golan Trevize

    Extra Armor and Lie in Ambush

    Unfortunately Extra Armor is "after deployment" and that refers the deployment phase. It would have been nicer if it was "after deploying a group" (ofc with a once per mission limit).
  10. Golan Trevize

    LoS question

    Well if Todd confirmed so there's no interpretation to do. It will work same way both in campaign and skirmish
  11. Golan Trevize

    Question Jin Odan - Quick Draw

    Best way to avoid Quick Draw is to avoid line of sight. Usually when I activate troopers, I move the one behind that Jyn can't target and leave it such a way Jyn can't draw line of sight to the other 2. It's somewhat annoying but in the end is one of the easiest ability to counter in the core box.
  12. This is pretty rubbish indeed and to be honest this isn't the worst and most nonsensical rule I have found...
  13. BUG: Can't add both Extra Armor and Heroic Effort in a Spectre Cell list. Error is "Cannot take non-Unique deployment cards with Heroic Effort". I believe this rule (RRG pag. 11, Deployment Cards) allows it: @a1bert may clarify as I may be wrong on this.
  14. Amazing tool and really great job! Thanks! I know we can't ask more, but if we could get printable figure token, we would replace proxy miniatures for our custom characters.
  15. Whenever I play Chewie with fix I love to throw in this combo: Attack, Wild Fury, Focused Attack, Free Slam, To The Limit, Attack This way Chewie gets stunned and bleeding and opponent will likely try to score a kill because Debts Repaid is harmless. So when this happens I use Debts Repaid, I reactivate Chewie and then use Rally. Cards that works well with this devastating combo are: Self-Defense (sometimes slam needs a little boost to score the kill), Hit and Run (before getting stunned and bleeding is nice to move in a safer space, or if you need to split 3 attacks and slam across multiple targets you can use this or other movement cards), Tool for the Job (anything that boost damage is great in this combo because it can potentially tear down Vader), Toxic Dart (you want to soften a strong opponent like Vader before attacking him 3 times in a row), Tough Luck, Element of Surprise. I tried hard to have Lando in but I gave up. I believe that saving 1 point is crucial so Jyn is a better choice that synergizes with Han and 3PO: Chewie+Fix Han+Fix Jyn Hera Gideon R2 3PO Alliance Smuggler However this used to work decently in last meta. Now that we got ToL and wave 11, it's unlikely that you can tear down Vader with Chewie and anyway you have better choices in the rebel roaster for the purpose.