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  1. Golan Trevize

    not available?

    Exactly, that's not rocket science. They should have done that ages ago. I see plenty of failures other than this on the marketing side. In example: - incomplete skirmish in core box gives such a poor experience that results in a bad advertisement and penalised skirmish itself. Latest meta is a much better game. List building and game strategies are much more challenging after the last 2 big expansions. Core box buyers can't even imagine this or afford the price of the full experience. Also you need to buy obsolete stuff like Hoth just for Negation CC. What a shame! - campaign and skirmish are different games for different targetsof customers, you can't plan for effective marketing strategies as long as you ship them in the same box. Also most of the buyers aren't using half of the content of the box because either they want campaign or skirmish. Very few of them enjoy the content fully. This ends up in a waste (extra cost) that discourages new buyers and creates an additional resistance to their ingress into the "full" experience. - descent is campaign based, be brave enough and develop SWIA focusing on skirmish for the sake of diversification! SWIA skirmish is a much better designed game than campaign. It suffers the fact that marketing sells this product with a "campaign first" strategy. This brings SWIA into direct competition with descent and prevents people from buying both games. - app is campaign. If you look on Vassal servers you'll see people playing mostly skirmish instead. Also communities in some countries suffer the lack of local events. In many cases people have to travel a lot to participate events. A skirmish app would make a lot more sense as it could remotely connect skirmish players. If we wanted campaign we could just buy descent. - give campaign a plot. I mean something deep with a lot of RPG elements. Also use "capital" heroes, like this: HEROES. I mean, heroes from the movie. That's what people love. The movie heroes are relegated to secondary importance (allies/villains, rather than actual heroes) and this gives less prestige to the storylines of the campaign. - your customers are mostly fans of the movie saga and they are divided into factions. There're people playing only imperial role because their brain says so. Give them imperial heroes. Let rebel player act as an overlord. Same for scum. Let people be what they want to be. As I said this isn't rocket science, we're going to get the 6th expansion for this game and we already know that it will be pretty standard. Be brave and bring some real changes into the game, it's dieing if you haven't realised.
  2. Golan Trevize

    not available?

    These kind of posts remind me every time that marketing of this game is nuts. They failed in letting people know the game is in production and available - Marketing 101. If anyone in FFG is reading, I offer free web development consulting for adding a text saying "Check availability in your FLGS or online stores".
  3. Golan Trevize

    List of Revealed Tyrants of Lothal Components

    Left dep zone is a little problematic unless you have mobile figures.
  4. Golan Trevize

    New map

    I think the plan was to reveal terrain tiles from ToL expansion
  5. Golan Trevize

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Upgrade Predictions

    Ah true! I misplayed the card... I never use it! So it's better to bring eWarriors and deactivate Chewie to reactivate warriors and get Debts Repaid activable. Possibly moving Chewie in threatening position late round 1 (if the drop is relatively safe) makes things viable. Wild fury and to the limit are a must for a slam+3 attacks combo with Chewie. If this card is true then: Chewie+Fix, rWarriors, Zeb, Hera, Gideon, R2, 3PO is a list. Too bad I can't put Tress instead of Hera just for 1 point.
  6. Golan Trevize

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Upgrade Predictions

    I liked the idea because this recalled me the good old times of the marine drops into enemy base with Starcraft 2. So I made a card like this and gave it a go for the sake of fun. The text I took into consideration for this was: Lie in Ambush - Attachment, 1 cost, Non-UNIQUE only: Choose one of your groups and attach this to it. This group doesn't deploy during deployment. If a figure was damaged or defeated, at the end of the round deploy this group to either deployment zone. Test 1: Palpatine damage for token at round 1, luckily initiative went to me so that I could drop an eWeb into enemy base (I then realised I could drop an ATDP!). Double attack on supports, if only I got one of Granadier or Disorient against those Focused+Hidden pirates... Explosive Weaponry, Lock On or Collateral Damage are also other nice toys that I wish I had. Test 2: Corrupting Force at round 1 in last activation (I chose all targets in/close to drop zone to make them softer), initiative to me protected by Negation. eSentry drop into enemy base. Then 4 attacks, change of plans to deactivate Vader and reactivate them (I know it's crazy but it was an experiment). They both survived, although one was in a very bad shape. 4 more attacks... feels so good! Test 3: Spy rebels with Chewie. Intelligence leak at round 1, removed Negation and got 1 damage for 1 strain (wasting Grisly Contest was also an alternative for triggering the upgrade). Initiative to me and rWarrior drop in opponent's base. One ranger gone and all cleave on the other. They both resisted to a softened rangers activation (only 2 of the 3 and no reroll for one of them), I then brought Chewie into dangerous position so that Debts Repaid could kick in in case the opponent wanted score the kill. I think I had to bring Change of Plans, it may make sense to deactivate Ahsoka and activate the dropped wookies again! This card is so fun, perhaps an official version should be a little bit more strict on what you can drop and a bit more consistent about the deployment, it's such a pain to use it when initiative is at risk. Anyway nice part of it is that it brings back to life unexpected stuff like Web Engineers although the AT-DP is a much better alternative! Next test is with Scum, using Black Market and Chaotic Force to trigger the drop. I'll go for Rancor, eTrando, Bantha or eGamorrean...
  7. Golan Trevize

    Companion in same space as a figure.

    Actually the why to this is explicitly stated at page 19, "Mobile". And consider that this is valid no matter what blocking terrain space the target is on in your example.
  8. Golan Trevize

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    Shame on FFG! Fire the people that can't even do a simple job like copying a card. This is a marketing operation to keep the game local communities alive and growing. They managed this like if they had to provide idiotic gadgets for keeping the kids quiet. They don't understand that what you give is what you get. When I see things like this, I feel like ready to quit this game.
  9. Golan Trevize

    Companion in same space as a figure.

    That's a really good point, I've never thought about it this way. It makes sense.
  10. Golan Trevize

    Companion in same space as a figure.

    Is this a rule a1bert? Or something that derived from specific rules? Let's assume I attack a regular figure, forget about companion. Case 1: I can see 2 frontal corner so I have line of sight. Case2: I can see 2 rear corners (lines pass through the target figure), I have line of sight. I believe case 2 is possible because RRG says "A figure does not block line of sight to itself. The target figure also does not block line of sight.". Now going back to the companion case, target here is companion and lines pass through a figure (the overlapping enemy figure) when you want to hit one of the rear corners (the one covered by the figure itself).
  11. Golan Trevize

    Vinto and opportunistic

    Right! Thanks.
  12. Golan Trevize

    Vinto and opportunistic

    Hi all, I want to double check with you if my understanding of the interaction among Rapid Fire, Opportunistic and Boltslinger is correct. Let's assume I use Rapid Fire and do the first attack on target A dealing some damage. At this point I could play Opportunistic, move with Vinto and Boltslinger a figure within the new range. I can then use second attack on target B and eventually Boltslinger on target C. Thanks for replies.
  13. Golan Trevize

    Newbie don’t know what to buy

    Negation and that's it FFG should include this somewhere else.
  14. Golan Trevize

    Companion in same space as a figure.

    Yes please, I'm really curious to know this. I'm not sure we can apply an object rule to something defined as a "figure".
  15. Golan Trevize

    Companion in same space as a figure.

    Your interpretation is much simpler and straightforward. As I said I found no evidence in manuals, so I hope R5 Astromech won't be the only evidence of this unwritten rule. Is there any way to ask for a FAQ?