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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Would give the Partisans an interesting, scumy flavour. Dead Man’s switch is in line with the Partisan strategy with suicide attacks. Could the ”Renegad Refit” (?) upgrade card give access to an extra Modification and an Illicit slot like the Smuggling Compartment upgrade? On another note, when first reading Kullbee Sperado’s ability I interpreted the Servomotor S-foil as a dual card like Adaptability that is fixed when it comes into play. And that would seem counter to the purpose of S-foils. But I guess Sperado just gets an extra opportunity to flip his S-foils after an (boost or BR) action in addition to at the end of the X phase.
  2. It is a new Scum large ship – the Meson Martinet freighter from Force Awakens with Sidon Ithano (the Crimson Cosair) och Quiggold! (Is there even a picture of the entire ship?)
  3. Actually, according to the Revised and Expanded Rules the difference between Starfighter and Capital Scale is 6D. That puts the Skipray at the following stats in Starfighter scale: Hull: 8D+1 Shields: 8D While the cannons, torpedoes and missles are on Starfighter Scale the Ion Cannons is Capital and throwing a punch at 10D damage. The ship is as fast as an X-wing. Why it wasn’t seen more frequently might be answered in the Trawn Trilogy Sourcebook where it is stated: ”It never became popular with the Fleet, although some are in use; Sienar dumped the excess ships on the open market, and many have found their way into local militias, smuggler camps and other small military and paramilitary forces.”
  4. Wow, bought the Swedish version of this game back in 1990 and it started my love for table top roleplaying games that has not diminished (though it is harder to find the time). Seeing this brings back many fond memories. Picked it up again a couple of years ago and played it with my kids who where instantly thrilled. I like the fast rules for creating a character and you can develop without restiction to role type. The combat rules is also fast. On a side note I think the revised rules is superior though and it would be nice to see those rules released instead. WEG has actually informed a lot of my knowledge of the SW universe outside the movies with all the sourcebooks and source materials. I’ve spent many hours reading the backstories of alien species, ship types and of the heroes and villains in the Star Wars Sourcebook but unfortuanately much of it is no longer canon. I hope this is updated. But overall this is just great news!
  5. The Firespray-31 is also a pretty old ship, used by Jango Fett in 22 BBY and probably older than that. In Legends the six prototypes was made slightly before TFM - so at least 32 BBY, maybe 35-33 BBY.
  6. I'm going for ships that give some interesting mechanics to new factions. Rebel: - Resistance transport (giving access to a new (General) Leia Organa crew card as well as slots for 2 crew, system, coordinate and tech). Imperial: - V-wing (with Q7 astromechs) - GAT 12 Skipray Blastboat (cross-faction with Scum) with mobile firing arc, crew, different titles accessing torpedoes, missiles and canon. Scum - GAT 12 Skipray Blastboat (se above) with Mara Jade Scum pilot and Talon Karrde crew.
  7. It actually happened post Endor, if I correctly remember Zahn's now Legend Thrawn duology. And came back as clones!
  8. As a Swedish citizen the IKEA names makes perfect sence. It is a mixture of Swedish names, places (towns), or discriptive words ("Snitsig", meaning something like "Elegance", is a set of pots). The names follow suit with the company name as IKEA is an abbreviation of Ingvar Kamprad (the founder), Elmtaryd (name of a farm stead where Ingvar grew up and the original address for the company) Agunnaryd (the village where the farm is situated). I can understand the extra galactic feel of Swedish, especially with the special dots above some letters. Pernilla August (Shmi Skywalker) and Max von Sydow (Lor San Tekka) are Swedish actors in the Star Wars Saga. Galen (Galen Erso, the "mad" scientist, and Galen Marek, Darth Vader's legend appentice) is Swedish for "mad".
  9. First of all Azmorigan is Huge ship only so he can't be equiped on the Houndstooth. But if you would do the same on the C-roc Azmorigan allows you to "replace a [...] card with another [...] card". It's sigular so though Jabba takes up two crew spots he is still one card. And finally, there is a dispute that is waiting to be FAQed if the Illicit tokens can be use even if the Jabba card is removed (replaced, Boba Fett'ed, or ship just killed). I would argue that they can still be used otherwise the effect is completely nullified if Jabba is killed of first. FFG even suggested to exchange Jabba with Azmorigan in an article even if the articles are "known to make misstakes".
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