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  1. Pretty sure there's a 200+ page thread around here full of people who would dispute that, but I'll take it.
  2. Oh there are plenty of sportsball fans out there who get it, but the blank stares on Andrew's and Joel's faces required some kind of commentary from me lol. In regards to Vynder, I think PTL and Advanced Slam go together too well to drop, especially given that you can Slam, Adv slam a reload, then push for a TL to fire the ordinance you just reloaded through your weapons disabled. If only Imps had a way to give Vynder a TL at a higher PS. And a 2 straight clears your stress, with 2 hards and banks available you can end up basically anywhere. The setup feels like a joy to fly and really makes me want to makes use of the gunboat I won in Nashville.
  3. Pretty sure Andrew only shot pockets a few times, harpoons were much more consistent. My only concern with the double delta route is you lack a closer. Vynder is in no way, shape or form a closer on his own. It's why we steered Andrew towards Quiz, and also Palp to help with his mods being turned off. I believe Chip (hatchet man's creator) was running him alongside Kylo and Wampa which is a good closer and a little **** in Wampa that you ignore at your own peril.
  4. Andrew Nuckols (of CPC) went 6-0 in swiss before losing in the top 4 at the Louisiana regionals this weekend. He was running Quiz, Palp shuttle, and a 40 point Major Vynder.
  5. Pfft, we've had people just dump them in the trash here so they wouldn't have to reorganize their card binders...
  6. There's this little mentioned card called Saturation Salvo that holds the title for worst upgrade in the game, and no 0 point upgrade is gonna dethrone it anytime soon...
  7. It was a 40 minute match that was over in the first 20 minutes. And AC was positively stomping prior to that point, having only lost 1 or 2 ships over the 8 previous matches.
  8. He needs to be nerfed, we have to deal with him week in, week out. He's a hyper analytical player, those of you who have been listening to the Birmingham Barons X Wing Podcast (shameless plug) probably already know this though. Those of you who haven't been listening, he's one of the three hosts (including myself, an X Wing nobody, and Andrew Nuckols of Curled Paw Creatives aka Big Acrylic fame). I'm pretty sure this week's show is going to be all System Open, all the time. And for those of you looking to deal with QD and 3 boats, or Kylo and 2 boats, he played a combination of those lists a whopping 7 or 8 times. We went in depth on how to beat those lists in last week's show, and a lot of the analysis was courtesy of Joel. The list he flew is well suited to deal with those matchups.
  9. Joel Killingsworth won it, going 15-0 (including a 6-0 run in the Hyperspace Qualifier on Friday) while flying Yorr with Palp, QD and Quiz. https://imgur.com/a/waXxj
  10. Jake. Wedge with PTL, R2, and Integrated. Norra.
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/bhambaronsxwpodcast We are live for our Christmas Special Live Stream! Come join us while we horse around, talk tactics, and try out some new lists!
  12. I had so much fun doing that. We legit accomplished nothing that night but making jokes.
  13. Yep, so long as your opponent doesn't object to them (deliberately confusing tokens or too hard to read/understand may be a factor) but I've never seen or heard of anyone saying that in a match.
  14. If we were more prepared we would have gotten Joel to provide us a selection of Regional dice for that photo, but lack of preparation seems to be at least one member of the podcast's stock in trade.
  15. The "no third party bombs or obstacles" bit is pretty dumb. Variations in templates can and would have a muuuch greater effect on the gameplay as a whole, and frankly the way FFG manufactures their cardboard there's already a lot of wiggle in the templates they provide. But just because FFG can't get acrylics cut to proper size *cough SC range rulers cough Regionals clusters* doesn't mean third party providers can't provide accurate acrylic representations of bombs and/or obstacles
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