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  1. so what packs are legal for this? First 2? Any decklists?
  2. If public forum has an honor token on it before Yaruma enters play, what happens to the token when the province is flipped face down?
  3. Would've been awesome if dragon had a void role.
  4. With Scorpion I would never not have 3x of the 4 and 5 costers so far, since they are all unique I can usually invest in them and hopefully draw into another copy to keep them around even longer.
  5. lmao. That is what I have heard. You are free to believe whatever you like. What kind of agenda do you think I'm trying to push anyways? A man left / lost his job, which sucks either way since he was one of the three core designers, regardless if he was fired or if he quit. I'm not going to dig around to try and find out which it was, but its more likely than not he was let go based off what i heard. If you are looking for word getting around, this is it.
  6. I mean, yes we can all just wait and see. But when Lukas left ffg, he posted it on Facebook. Unless Erik decides to do the same, we won't get anything official. However, not getting something official doesn't mean we can't discuss on the assumption that it's true. Given all the glassdoor posts about ffg, I am a bit concerned that such a short while after the biggest lcg launch in history a designer is let go.
  7. If you are expecting an official announcement I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I doubt they'll address it. All the best the Erik tho, good luck on his future endeavours. Never like to see someone lose their job like that. Hopefully lands on his feet. I got the feeling that most of the old l5r players enjoyed the fact that the lcg FEELS like l5r which I think he was definitely a big part of.
  8. Bah, I knew there was something wrong but I couldn't figure out what!
  9. I'm sure you already checked, but did you try searching for a local facebook group?
  10. Yeah, this is the only factual information so far. The rest of the stuff about him being fired and conflict between the 3 designers is just rumours.
  11. According to this, the Star Wars LCG lost its lead designer: http://fliptheforce.com/star-wars-lcg-has-officially-lost-its-lead-designer/ Of course, the lead designer was none other than Erik Dahlman (aka Kakita Kaezin :p). What does this mean for the L5R LCG to have one of its three main designers leave the game?
  12. Can someone give me a coles notes on his lore?
  13. How do the UltraPro mattes compare with the Dragon Shield mattes? Do the UltraPro's come in a size less than 100?
  14. I think a 2v2 format could be cool with a shared honor pool, if you lose both strongholds you lose. But I don't think we will see any multi-player rules until a deluxe expansion or two is released.
  15. Hida Tomonatsu's card is amazing. Not for the stats, or the effects it will have on the table. Just for the fact that we get this amazing art spoiled, and there was quite a bit of speculation who it could be. Kinda wistful looking, mono-no-aware expression on her face. Then we get her story, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the clan champion, exemplifying the selfless nature of the crab. Sacrificing herself for the betterment of her clan and her empire, while also destroying her enemy. Then you get her mechanic, where you defend successfully, sacrifice yourself to take out an enemy. And you put it all together into one beautiful card where the theme, artwork, story line, mechanics, all tie in perfectly. Really my favorite type of card!
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