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  1. I showed this to my husband, who plays a lot of Go. He said it looks like several parts of different games superimposed on the same board.
  2. That sounds very interesting. It'd be fascinating to hear how it shakes out in play. How do you feel about the more Buddhist-influenced parts of the game (Insight, Void, etc)? Shinto and Buddhism often tend to go together in modern conceptions of Japan but at their core they're very different spiritual concepts.
  3. If nobody tries it, then nobody knows what happens. For science!
  4. There have been a number of times in the L5R storyline where, faced with a choice between gripping human drama and silly high-fantasy power shenanigans, they have sadly opted for the second.
  5. I can afford to buy cards. I'm going for a playset of every card they print. However, I realise that I'm very privileged: many players are on a budget, and a game which excludes them will be a game with a much smaller player base and so a weaker community. Because of this, having clan-specific deluxe packs might be a good idea, because that means that poorer players only need to buy one instead of all seven. This might seem like it would cut FFG's sales, but I think the opposite is true: if players have to buy all the deluxe boxes to be effective, then poorer players will just not play at all. By giving them an affordable way into the hobby it will mean that at least they buy something.
  6. I think, in this case, we want very different games, and there is no reasonable ground for compromise between us. I hope you find yours, and I hope I find mine.
  7. Do you want different mechanics, or do you want no mechanics at all?
  8. Since Tonbo Karasu is the Master of Spoilers, wouldn't his rule involve looking at the top of the other player's deck(s)?
  9. I'm of the school of thought that says that an RPG should have a mechanical representation of anything that's important in its world. If honour is important (and in L5R it definitely is) then there needs to be a stat for it, and it needs to interact with other game mechanics. Difficult questions of honour, like the one that Mirith mentions, are really fun to roleplay. They lead to interesting scenes and great character choices (even if the characters die in the process.) There should definitely be mechanics to support such choices. To me, moments like this are what makes L5R unique and different from other RPGs. We leave them out at our peril.
  10. I like the way L5R does honour, because it demonstrates very powerfully that samurai culture is different to ours, and that their morality is not ours. If the behaviour of samurai (especially towards peasants and eta) doesn't horrify you, you aren't paying attention.
  11. "Best army in the world" is relative. If we're what passes for brilliant strategists, then I wonder what the other clans are like?
  12. We just need to invent the concept of the second-in-command. That way, when Akodo McGeneral gets killed by a duellist or a lucky arrow, the entire army won't lose by default despite being far larger and better trained. Gimme a copy of Leadership and some pencils. I better write this in.
  13. My instinct is to agree with Poi68. Shoju kills them as an action. If that action is averted, then his target doesn't die.
  14. I'm going to splash Dragon into a Lion deck to get access to the excellent Ancestral attachments. Being able to play them over and over, in a Lion deck which has a high character turnover, will be very valuable. It'll also help me get away with bidding low for card draw.
  15. Yep. And we'd lose, too, because we'd fight Lion-style: by working out what our opponent's greatest strength is, and then act in a way that allows them to exploit that strength. It hasn't worked up until now, but it's the way out ancestors did it, so it's the way we'll continue doing it.
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