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  1. I'm bumping this because I too am confused about the order of x-wing tournaments. Is the odd schedule an after effect of the new rotation that FFG is moving to?
  2. Hmmm... I do like expertise, but Kath's pilot ability (even if paired with mangler) is just garbage. I just feel that with expertise and mangler, her ability would practically never trigger. Part of my reason for Boba was his ability to get to PS 10. I love expertise, but Kath is better off as a Scum pilot.
  3. After looking at the US nationals meta I decided that a high health two ship list might not be bad for Imperials, after all, my triple aces keep getting wrecked by all these dang bombs. So I decided to combine RACLO with something other than Vader or Quickdraw. I've never flown a Firespray before, but I recently picked one up and want to try this build. Thoughts? RAC -VI -Kylo Ren -Engine Upgrade Total points: 54 Boba Fett -VI -Mangler Cannon -Slave 1 Title -Agent Kallus -Longe-Range Scanners Total points: 46 Total List cost: 100 I know this leaves no room for initiative bid, but with two PS 10's and Kylo, I figure I can drop any VI Nym's down to PS 0 within a round or two of combat. After that I should be free to use EU and Boba's ability to try and choose my engagements as much as possible. I know that Imperial Firesprays arn't very popular, so any feedback is welcome, thanks!
  4. I was wondering if this build could be a better or even viable version of the typical Vessery/Omega Leader/Quickdraw build. I swapped out Quickdraw for an Expertise Lt. Kestral with Ion Turret. Here's the list: "Vesspertise" Omega Leader -Juke -Comm Relay (26 points) Colonel Vessery -Veteran Instincts -TIE/D -Ion Cannon (39 points) Lt. Kestral -Expertise -Ion Cannon -Lightweight Frame (33 points) I understand that the list is a little low on damage output, but my hope is that Vessery and Kestral can control enough of my opponents fleet to allow for O Leader and Vessery to simply chase at range one and control the game. I understand this is not always the case, but Kestral's ability can shut down Fenn and Poe and when combinded wirh Vessery the two of them can even limit large base ships. I'm only expecting 5 damage per turn, and that's maybe being generous. Therefore I think that's the main setback. Thoughts?
  5. Just found this post for the first time, and holy macaroni this stuff is amazing. You've definitely gotten me inspired and discouraged at the same time lol. If you don't mind me asking, what is your process for removing the inside (but leaving the frame) of the TIE panels? Do you use an xacto knife? Do you ever heat up the model first to make cutting easier? I really wanna try and copy part of that defender build now, thanks a lot!
  6. I've been asking myself the same question, and I don't know what to say. I was thinking maybe two generics accompanying Vessery? Maybe this would allow them to skirt the edges with turrets while Vessery brawls in the middle and just k turns all day long.
  7. Personally, I would drop recon specialist, swap r2-d2 out for r5-p9, replace Jan with Jyn (Lowhrik has a 180 degree front arc) and then maybe be super crazy and put some torps on Biggs with the four extra points. Nobody will expect it and it will give your list a little more punch. edit: maybe just drop marksmanship and keeps the recon specialist. But either way, Jyn and Kyle together should be able to provide Biggs with enough tokens to regen at the end of a round. Plus it frees him up from taking only green manouvers.
  8. For this list I would choose a defender over an interceptor every time. The punishers are gonna be slow and easy to kill with only one agility. I would try and take some variant of Ryad (or maybe a cheap Vessery) so that your squadron has more brawling power after the initial bomb-gauntlet thing happens. An interceptor is meant to be flown as a skirmisher, and one interceptor on its own would be the priority target leaving you in the late game with two generic munition-less tie punishers, Which would be terrible.
  9. I've been having fun with this list, the amount of synergy makes it a bit of an alpha strike and the shuttle tends to last until the mid late game. However if Vess somehow goes down early, then you're left without a good end-game ship. (But if he does go down first, than it will take at least two rounds for that to happen, during which you can just dish out damage.) "Upsilon Triple-Entante" Major Stridan -Adv. Sensors -Systems Officer -General Hux -Kylo Ren's Shuttle (44 points) Colonel Vessery -Vet. Instincts -TIE x/7 (34 points) Countdown -Adaptive Ailerons - LWF (22 points) 100 total points In theory, a typical turn looks like this: Stridan uses Adv. sensors and performs General Hux (giving fanatical devotion to whomever will get shot the least in the coming turn), then does a green maneuver (clearing the stress from Hux) and gives Countdown a target lock. Countdown and Vess are then free to utilize barrel rolls or just load up on extra focus for defense. Adv. Sensors and co-ordinate also works well on Vess by giving him a barrel roll which can set him up for another 4k! I am currently 6 and 2 with this list. I lost to a tel and TLT y-wing list, and a whisper-quickdraw-sabaac list (which was flown expertly by and expert). I may even consider taking it to a store champ this weekend just for the point of being original!
  10. I think that instead of more Miranda, we will simply be seeing a lot of Biggs and Lowhrick together with your ace of choice, probably Poe or even someone with tactical jammer (maybe U-wings!). Additionally, Lowhrick with Jyn is going to be absolutely ridiculous, literally anybody in front of you will be giving Biggs tokens.
  11. I've got a store championship coming up in a week but I can't decide which list to fly. I was gonna fly my old stand-by, but I was worried it might not hold up against all the jumpmasters torpedo boats. This is my current list: "Backdraft Special" Backdraft -Adaptability -FCS -Spec. Ops Train. -LWF (31 points) Col. Vessery -Expertise -Tie x/7 (37 points) The Inquisitor -PTL -Tie v/1 -Autothrusters (31 points) Total: 99 points When flown right I've had pretty decent success with the Backdraft Special. However my fear is that against all the Jumpmasters i'm gonna need the defenders (holding onto their focus tokens) for defense against all the torpedoes. I'm not sure that my fears are grounded in truth or whether I've just fallen prey to the fear-mongering and hatred of Jumpmasters that all of my friends share. I've only been flying for about three months now and i'm excited for a store championship, but i'm just afraid my old stand-by list won't be able to withstand the fire of a championship. I had planned to run this list, but my love for defenders coupled with Expertise led me to build this list yesterday: "Store Champs?" Col. Vessery -Expertise -TIE x/7 (37 points) Maarek Stele -Expertise -TIE x/7 (37 points) Omega Leader -Juke -Comm Relay (26 points) Total: 100 points I chose Maarek over Ryad because I prefer to have higher PS when possible so that I can gang-up on a ship when possible, (both lists commonly offer consecutive shots by my pilots) plus Maarek's ability can come in pretty clutch at times. Do you think there will be enough synergy for Vess to use his ability every round or should I swap him out for another pilot? Am I perhaps sinking too many points into defenders when I should try and utilize a variety of ships instead of just duplicates? Also, should I be worried about not having an initiative bid? Is 99 points even a bid? I'm a newbie to championships, so i'll take any advice I can get. Help me pick (and then pick-apart) my list! All tips are welcome! (p.s. What has the store champion meta been like in your area? Is it as scary as worlds or are people more original with their lists?) Thanks!
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