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  1. Given Legacies was designed after they found out Heroes were underpowered via the Awakenings meta, hopefully a design goal of the set is to try and remedy that. Fingers crossed, though the faction gap got worse in SoR so they may not have realised that Heroes need a big boost not just a bump. Obi looks good, hopefully he'll get a good new partner (a 8/11 blue Bala-type, or a really solid 11).
  2. Well, it is a Vehicle deck. For better or worse, decks that rely on Vehicle Supports (or that heavily use them, like Poe) are going to remain expensive as long as each set in rotation has one or more powerful Legendary vehicles. So if you're trying to budget, you'll have to look at other archetypes.
  3. Infinity Games Store Championship [29/07 in Adelaide, Australia] 10 Players; 4 rounds of Swiss then Top 4 cut --- 1st: Amy Luke with eBala / FN-2199 / Nightsister 2nd: eUnkar / Vader(Awk) 3rd & 4th: eLuke / Rey and Palpatine
  4. Or just use Infamous and claim straight afterwards. Your forfeit future turns, not actions, after all.
  5. It's resolved simultaneously, but distributed as you wish - so 1 damage if Qui-Gon already has a shield. If it could deal 3 (or 2 if QG's shieldless), you'd see way more Qui-Gon decks running Force Protection, that's for sure.
  6. Greenlight Comics Store Championship [18/06 in Adelaide, Australia] 21 Players; 4 rounds of Swiss then Top 4 cut --- 1st: Kat Harvey with ePhasma / Guavian Enforcer / FO Stormtrooper 2nd: ePoe / eRey 3rd & 4th: eVader(SoR) / eKylo and ePoe / eMaz ---