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  1. If this becomes the best, or even a top-tier (within CIS) list, the faction is a failure, thematically. On release, I said of CIS "CIS is incapable of following the seemingly perpetual meta of 3-4 ship High-initiative named pilot lists. They'll either be the first faction with a truly unique theme, or they'll be dogshit"
  2. No words should be free. If recoil was missing the EPT and paid for his ability in terms of lack of customization, fine. But not free. Disrespect guidance chips and **** was never good design. His ability, at minimum, is disrespect guidance chips. He also ****s with Seevor and Brilliant Evasion I guess. 56 FOTP I might actually not see and declare "into the trash it goes".
  3. I made a First Order Test Pilot with this art for personal use. You have no idea how crushed i felt when in the stream they said 'Every silencer except kylo is now cheaper' and then I went to the PDF and FOTP were still 58. ****, ***Recoil*** costs 58 too now. Why is his ability literally free?!? I blame FFG learning the wrong thing from Mitch H's top 2 finish. BUFF FOTP
  4. It seems in anger, your Canadian Internet killed it.
  5. Didn't we record a test episode of this (Calling it ThonkWing)?
  6. I am a playtesters Depletion tokens give -2 red dice except in bullseye They are cleared in the arm-wrestling phase, which happens after system, if you can beat your opponent in arm wrestling twice in a row, or in the end phase if the turn count is evenly divisible by 3.
  7. Ric is forcing me to get an additional conversion kit of each faction so that I can both set dials for next turn and keep my dials on the table. This is all Ric's fault that I had to spend $30 and have 10 dials in a 5 ship list.
  8. I'm 6'6", well over 301 pounds, and built like a slightly larger truck, and I agree.
  9. Are we doing rules shenanigans? What exactly is a "Game Effect"? There are multiple cards that reference "game effect(s)" but the term is never defined explicitly. Is 'being on a rock' a "game effect"? Is spending a target lock a "game effect"? Is having a primary weapon value of 3 a "game effect"?
  10. https://giphy.com/gifs/election2016-donald-trump-election-2016-3oz8xLd9DJq2l2VFtu
  11. Krassis can't use Outmaneuver on a rear arc shot.
  13. If you make a man a fire, you'll keep him warm for the night. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
  14. If you are able to get approaches where your positioning is fine by only utilizing green moves, your opponent is a caveman. It also does still stress your upsilon regardless, and changes 4 mods to 6 mods on less important ships/with worse distribution. It may be fairly costed at 6 on a sheatheoapeiade, but on an Ups i'm only considering it at 2.
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