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  1. Ten Numb with Config is clearly good at 50 A cannon only adds 3-5 points to his cost and makes him go from 1 double modded shot each turn into 2 shots with 1 mod between them. Probably worth it? Is adding 2 more points for FCS (1 extra reroll on your first shot) a good idea? What is a reroll worth?
  2. >building extended lists >building bad extended lists
  3. How much can you bench press? In your opinion, which marmoset is the best?
  4. So my thing is that traditionally I fly low-initiative lists with no named pilots (maybe 1 with a support ability)- Generics are my thing. This worlds I was kinda depressed going into it, as there was a serious problem with my list style- Force aces could opportunistically arc dodge my **** , joust without dying, and alpha strike/PS kill me. As a guy whose most flown named/unique pilot is ******* TN-3465, I (reluctantly) picked up Soontir as a ship to deal with the massive swathes of i5-i6 aces who have easy access to double mods and low-consequence repositioning. (Note, soontir is one of those ships too). I did not have 'ace experience' Holy **** is Soontir easy. I made cut at worlds without real difficulty with him. His potential bullseye net with repo is huge. The ability to switch between double offensive (targeting computer baby) and defensive mods WHILE STILL REPOSITIONING is insane. He shrugs off shots with F+E, or gets behind people and has R1 bullseye Focus+Lock+Crack shots to dunk on stuff. He's clearly worth more than 57 as a Targeting Comp+Crack loadout, and TC and Crack are far from anazing on generic ships. If you think Soontir is hard to fly or fragile, unironically Git Gud. Aces are not hard. They aren't 1.0 turret/Caveman unga bunga easy, but they sure as **** aren't hard.
  5. That makes Juke even MORE autoinclude on those ships then. Stop balancing ships that can get F+E easily around juke and just balance Juke under the pretense that people will only take it if they can get F+E. Example- If a Sigma was 50 and juke was 4, why would you ever take a Sigma without Juke? They'd be dogshit-tier garbage.
  6. A modern sear swarm, under original points, was a 232-235 point list- The point changes are highly significant.
  7. Alright, theoretical question Say FFG releases a striker pilot with a 3/2/4/1 statline, init 3. It has a linked red focus from its barrel roll, and Target Lock added to the action bar It has only EPT, Mod as upgrade bar. The pilot ability is "This pilot may only be taken in squads where all friendly ships have the 'Adaptive Ailerons'" ability. Duchess is increased to 45 points in the same update. How much would this pilot be in order for it to be a useful ship? Alternatively, make a squad with these things that would have to fit to warrant you flying them, and I'll derive points from there.
  8. The answer is simple. Vote me for Points Dictator and I will bring an end to the Force Ace menace. (Soontir counts as a force ace) I will bring safety and security to our new Points Empire!
  9. STOP TAKING FCS E-WINGS FCS says 'Save your locks but make them worse E-Wing ship ability says "get free locks every disengage" E-wing linked actions say "Get a lock whenever you reposition" 2 things that should make you more willing to spend a lock, and a thing for when you don't spend 'em is not a good mix.
  10. Say it's the current meta environment- The initiative 4 TIE Interceptor- How much would you pay for one? How much would you pay for one if you list had to be "All Saber Squadron, and 0-1 other ships"? How much would you pay for an init 4 TIE Interceptor where it came with Target lock on the action bar and one shield in this current environment? How much would you pay for one if you list had to be "All Saber Squadron, and 0-1 other ships"?
  11. As a rule of thumb, you want the best ships to be the simplest ones. When the meta is Scum or Hard R factions with rube goldberg machines, you know it's going to be miserable at big events for a while. Words need to be worse, as do purple and orange numbers.
  12. The bomber can stay bad and should stay bad. The world in which the BSF/MG-100 is a bad ship is a much happier world than the one where the BSF/MG-100 is a good ship. Trajectory Bombs are traditionally beating by disengaging and baiting out the bombs, which is done best by aces, esp. regenerating ones. Further, the act of disengaging slows the game down more, and we already struggle to have games finish on time. It's a decent ship, and bombs are already highly underrated (OR maybe traditionally used by those with room-temp IQs?) Buffing either is a recipie for cancer and disaster. Just stop building Fat Vennie.
  13. How do you guys practice to get better? I use a three step process while playing games to try to improve my decision making process. 1. STOP the game at significant or even just random points in time after you have made a decision 2. COLLABORATE with your opponent to decide- What did either of you do wrong? What could either of you have done to be in a better position? Who did what right? 3. LISTEN to their responses, even (especially) if they say your decision making was poor. If there was a problem with your decision making this will help you solve it. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!
  14. Imagine the TIE/SF was just a rear arc all the time, like the ARC, or the SF in 1.0. Does the ARC just have infinite rotate actions? The answer is Actions per turn is a stupid metric.
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