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  1. Geez, this post has practically become a meme. I think literally only one person actually answered the question lol. Then again, hadn’t I misquoted, nobody would recognize, so then again.
  2. Why, hello there. So, one of my favorite ships to play (as an imperial) is the star wing. Specifically, Vynder. The reason being, that I as a player prefer fast ships, as opposed to jousters. Given that Vynder likes his weapons disabled tokens, it means he’s gonna be slamming. A LOT. This fact works especially well for me, because the ability to slam-n-shoot means a lot of mobility. And so I thought, what if we put engine upgrade on him? •Major Vynder (26) Push The Limit (3) Harpoon Missiles (4) Cluster Missiles (4) OS-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Engine Upgrade (4) •Major Stridan (32) Fire Control System (2) Courier Droid (0) Targeting Synchronizer (3) •Kylo Ren’s Shuttle (2) •Night Beast (15) Stridan is mostly here for his coordinate, to replace the effect advanced slam would have. Note: I do realize that targeting synchronizer will not satisfy OS-1’s requirements. Cheers.
  3. There was one on Jan 22. Not sure if you mean that one or the next one to come.
  4. Alright, so I know the name is terrible, but here’s the idea behind it. •Keyan Farlander (29) B-Wing/E2 (1) •Maul (3) •Roark Garnet (19) Dorsal turret (3) •Ezra Bridger (17) Push the Limit (3) •Bohdi Rook (1) •M9-G8 (3) Prototype pilot (17) Cruise Missiles (3) Guidance Chips (0) Grand Total: 99
  5. Cumulative cost of 3, or individual? I honestly would be very afraid of a ship that could run ion cannon + flechette/tractor/jam cannon and give you both effects at once. Even if you could shoot any 2 of the last 3 at once, that’d be...that’d be terrifying.
  6. Hello friends. This morning I received a text from a friend of mine claiming that if one player is running Rebel Nym, and the other Scum Nym, then therefore, they can use each other’s abilities. I went to work seeing if this has ever come up before, but have found nothing. His reasoning being that because they’re the same pilot in the same ship, therefore they get each other’s abilities. Therefore it wouldn’t be the same with, say Fenn Rau. After challenging his position by telling him there was nothing to support it, he came back with “there’s nothing to oppose it either”. That is why I’m here now. So that there can be something somewhere to either oppose or support that position. Thanks.
  7. Perhaps a modification? Target finders Small ship only. Modification. Limited. Once per round, when attacking a ship with a shield value of 5 or higher, reduce its agility value by 1. Perhaps if ordnances do get improved, there could be a counter card for large ships. Flare payload Large ship only. Modification. Once per round, when defending against a (Missile) or (Torpedo) secondary weapon, increase your agility by 2.
  8. Hello friends. Quick question here today. Lieutennant Blount; pilot of a Z-95 headhunter, a ship I generally don't see played. My problem really, is his viability. His pilot ability seems useful for 2 main things: Clearing stealth devices, and ordnances. Since clearing stealth is already in there, let's talk about ordnances. Generally, you'd want to put a missile on him that has a secondary effect(if this attack hits). Ion Missiles and Assault Missiles come to mind. More pressing however, is his survivability. Blount, having a pilot skill of 6, only able to take 4 hits total, and only having 2 agility, can easily be focused down before he even gets a shot off. Ultimate question then: Is Blount viable without VI? Am I just missing something in there, or is he merely a decoy?
  9. Hold on, let me get this straight. The timing would put this free evade action BEFORE stress is removed from a green maneuver?
  10. Glad so many people responded to this. I believe when I flew against him with this particular build, I was flying an experimental squad. Rey + Title(hotr) + Finn + Cheebacca + Engine Upgrade + Predator "Snap" Wexley + BB-8 + PTL + Pattern analyzer? To be completely honest, with this particular build, I had just gotten HoTR and saw Snap's pilot ability and thought "quadruple actions". Reveal a green 2, 3, or 4 speed maneuver = Triggers BB-8. BB-8 triggers PTL, completing maneuver removes stress token from PTL, maneuver triggers pilot ability, and then perform action. Bottom line however is the X7 title. I'm only grateful he hasn't put it on Ryad. As far as my ships go, I have exactly 0 scum, so if I need that to counter, it's gonna stink for me...
  11. Hello friends. I am having a bit of trouble beating a particular ship. My usual opponent plays Rexler Brath, and today, he slapped this build on me: Rexler Brath + TIE/x7 + Twin Ion Engine Mk. 2 + Expertice I don't recall exactly what else he had on there, but that defender is extremely difficult to kill. I myself haven't killed it yet. The issue I have is, he doesn't care about stress at all, as pretty much all of his moves can clear it, and every turn, it's either a 3 bank, or a 4 k-turn, stacking both a evade and a focus on his ship. Then you have expertise play in, making it a beast on offense, practically ensuring he gets a hit every time, and it's nearly impossible to block it, as he can play it fairly unpredictably, and can k-turn over my ships and all that. So all in all, my question becomes; How does one beat this ship? It wiped a few squads by itself, so any help would be appreciated.
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