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  1. This is a new addition to my headcanon. Love it!
  2. I think it is unlikely we will ever see Imperials being good guys in the Disneyverse. It would be too confusing for casuals and merchandising. Things are much easier to sell and categorize to children when they are black and white. The absolute most you can hope for is the Resistance commandeering mothballed Imperial vessels. Even then, why do you think the Starhawk exists? To canonically explain how the good guys can use the immense pile of bad guy stuff lying around without mixing up them up visually. While this kind of grey appeals to hardcore fans, it is verboten territory in terms of marketing. Same thing for Thrawn. At best he becomes a neutral figure along with the Chiss, but we cannot expect him to be rebuilt as a saviour of the galaxy when he was portrayed in canon as a ruthless authoritarian. I'd love to be wrong on Thrawn though.
  3. I wonder what prompted the canon team to approve all the new designs with the widely varying weapon counts. Thousands on a Finalizer, dozens on a Mon Cal ship. It seems like a rather strange decision (perhaps a mistake?) to make given the drastic difference in the scales.
  4. I think it has a bit to do with generic naming of weapons. Looking at the image, the heavy turbolaser turrets look absolutely massive, larger than anything seen on canon Mon Cals. Perhaps it is akin to how battleships were evolved by deployment of larger guns. Fewer larger guns proved to be more effective than earlier ships with more numerous smaller weapons when used in line battles of capital ships.
  5. MC99 by The Argonaut I stumbled across this design and infographic made by a Star Wars fan, The-Argonaut on DeviantArt. The artist also has a couple variants of smaller ships that also look awesome! I wish it was canon! Perhaps a Mel's Miniature?
  6. I like it, though I wish it were a bit more different from the CR90 in terms of basic shape and structure. At first I thought it was just a fancied up corvette akin to the Clone Wars Y-Wings.
  7. I've noticed that curved sag/banana on all my ISD models. I will be getting an SSD soon enough and would be surprised if it did not!
  8. Usually nicknames tend to be shorter and simpler. I can't think of any that really capture the aesthetic in a quicker manner. Closest winner for me is the Starhook, because it's punny and also visually accurate. If it were a Mon Cal boat I'd say Fishhook haha. It also looks like a thiccccc Neb B, so maybe Big Neb or Fat Neb. I suspect the Axe will be what shakes out. On second thought maybe drumstick too, to stick with the food theme of the rebel fleet
  9. I'm not sure how the last episode will play out, but I think they are leaning heavily on the unknown part of the Unknown Regions in order to give themselves a lot of leeway and mystery that won't ultimately be justified or pan out. They can't very well throw a huge twist with totally new top villain in, so they kind of have to keep close to Kylo and Palps. If they did it would be such a surface level treatment it would demand more movies and soon, and they don't appear to be doing much on that front. It could happen though. So we are realistically left with some twist on the Palps storyline. I am kind of disappointed in this whole Sith stormtrooper thing, it doesn't make much sense to me. We know an awful lot about the Sith and their history, and these soldiers don't seem to fit to me. They are likely going to just be generic bad guy trooper mk3, after regular stormtrooper mk1 and FO trooper mk2. To ratchet up the evilness and danger they get the moniker Sith. The one chance of redemption I see is if they are the result of a secret project to create Force sensitive troopers like the old Dark Troopers. The fleet being out there, looking for this well of dark side energy, sure I guess. But what they find cannot be an active enemy for the heroes lest they serve up another Snoke sacrifice. Just doesn't feel justified. So it is something, a planet, an ancient temple, a vortex in space, a black hole (Abeloth type thing maybe?), inherently connected to the dark side. I keep veering into tangents but ultimately I think there isn't much they can do that won't scream deus ex machina. They will really need to dig deep on the metaphysics of the Force to make much sense of the where the storyline is at. In my opinion the new canon has really **** on the realism side of things, where the FO can R&D superior technology and then mass produce it outside of known space. They can maintain a huge ground army that is apparently capable of taking over most of the galaxy in short order by abductions, slavery, and brain washing training. It is so drastically different than the much more realistic Clone Wars that I am skeptical of this ending in a satisfactory manner.
  10. Are you sure that's what they do, the Empire that built 25k ISDs to replace a wide variety of smaller ships? Haha I get what you are saying though.
  11. What if it adds a support team slot and then decreases the cost of engine techs? Or the slot in general by 3-5 to a minimum of 1?
  12. This is a good question. You could run them either as squadrons or as ships. I think the intention is as a ship. They offer initial action economy to the Empire but are so easily destroyed you can remove this advantage in a single turn potentially. The armaments further confirm this, as they would be quite anemic as squadrons unless you happened to drop your ship into very close range of the satellite and equally poor at combat with other squadrons.
  13. Hello all, a member of my local group asked me to post these scenario ideas he had created so he could get some feedback from the community at large. We are hoping to give them a shot at our next meetup, perhaps this coming weekend. He likes thematic content so these missions are meant to be played as Rebel v. Imperial, though I would imagine a mirror match could work as well. These are rough first drafts/concepts, so don't expect number values to be perfect or in line with competitive balance, these are definitely theme based and play around with similar base concepts. Thanks for reading! Prison Break 3'x3' playing area Only the Station obstacle, placed by the Imperial player anywhere outside their deployment zone Imperial Player 200 point fleet + 40 points of squadrons + 40 points of squadrons in Hangar 3 Defense Satellites (3 hull, no shields, 1 360 degree hull zone, 1 red 2 blue anti-ship, 1 blue flak, Counter 1, no movement) 1 Hangar (token on mat, no effect after deployment, 40 point squadrons deploy touching token) Satellites and Hangar (+ squadrons) are placed/deployed after the Rebels complete their full deployment. Rebel Player 250 point fleet + 60 points of squadrons + 1 VCX freighter If VCX spends 2 turns within range 1 of station it receives a victory token on it. Once the VCX reaches the edge of the playing area with a token, the Rebels score an additional 75 points. Retrieve the Artifact 3'x3' playing area Only the Station obstacle, placed directly in center Each fleet gets 1 additional Lambda shuttle with an identifying token (has the retrieval team on board) that is deployed as if by Rapid Launch Bays from any ship in the fleet, chosen during deployment Shuttle needs 3 turns of staying within range 1 to retrieve the artifact, then can escape off the board. If it does so successfully, that side scores a victory token worth 50 points. A shuttle carrying the artifact token can be destroyed, leaving the token on the spot where the Lambda died. This token can be retrieved by the enemy Lambda and scored for points.
  14. I think it is a little silly (though I fully understand it) for them to not allow clubs or groups to buy these kits. If they charged retail outlets a discounted price and asked for a full, profit making price from everyone else, I think a great many groups would avail themselves. I know my group would love to be able to pick up an extra kit for each season in order to get more prizes out there or to supply stuff for a league format.
  15. In my town many X-Wing players enjoy watching our Armada games when we steal a table away from them during their weekly event. Many have told me they really like the idea and general feel of Armada, but that they cannot afford the cash or time commitment of another game. Many miniature games are lifestyle games, and while both Armada and X-Wing are less so than most others (assembly and painting required!), they are still huge investments for most people overall. By adding in new Huge ships that get more interest in X-Wing, I think that just further locks these players into their chosen ecosystem. That said, your thoughts may yet be valid for bigger spenders or true Star Wars nerds, and the thematic overlap between all these things does lend itself well to expanding people into Armada. Good luck!
  16. It does seem like a crowning piece that completes the game and a full collection. That said, it is also a perfect piece to end one era one, as they said they will be launching a Clone Wars era for the game. This could take the form of a 2.0 base system, or could just slot into the existing framework. The length of time this is taking is a bit painful and absurd, but at least we know they plan on doing more. (Cynically one can say that is no guarantee, and fair enough, but I don't see why they would leave money on the table so I will hope for the best) I too suffer from the frustration!
  17. Off the top of my head, squadron packs, Chimera, and Hammerheads. I am asking the group and hopefully will have the full picture to share.
  18. I didn't say FFG would drop it. Many people have done so and continue to do so unfortunately, which is where my comment concerning dying came from. But regardless of what they tell you about delays x, y and z, proof is in the pudding. They've had no issue pushing out incredible amounts of content for their two flagship Star Wars games, X-Wing and Legion. There is simply less drive to push out Armada content, and this results in them accepting delays and relying on the goodwill of the community. Many expansions have gone without reprints and the couple new players in my group lament how difficult it has been to get product. Some things they simply cannot get, at least here in Canada. It is holding us back on the whole, and has made it hard for me to grow the community when people ask about it.
  19. I now suspect the SSD was back burnered in production in favour of the X-Wing huge ships. Considering their unending devotion to that game (fair enough to some degree) there is no way they would let an Armada product get in the way of keeping up their hyper speed release schedule. We've waited for literal years for the SSD, and even if Armada dies in the meantime it would still sell as a display piece. I suspect a lot of them will never see actual gameplay.
  20. That feels right to me, thematically at least. It'd be kind of cool, though probably too onerous, if he synergized with Black Squadron. First guess is add Counter 1 to Black Squadron, but really your Vader version makes me want to rethink Black Squadron entirely!
  21. MC75 are tough nuts to crack despite their defense token suite. Reason being how they are used, at least around here. If they get brought in via Raddus drop, you often don't have enough time or firepower to realistically finish the job. Other times their speed 3 and better maneuver than the Liberty can be used to limit their exposure. Lastly I find they are often paired with ships similarly dangerous but potentially easier to kill, so they are not too priority. Don't forget the Aspiration title, which can further exacerbate the issue of having enough time to kill it. You simply need to send it into the fray but have it be supported closely by other threats. I have definitely seen them melt under sustained firepower when they leapt ahead of the rest of the fleet. Basically they are not as outright dangerous as some other ships so if you use your whole fleet in one big aggressive attack the enemy often ends up ignoring the 75 and allowing it to get work done. Hammerhead Scouts are good with Leia, Sato, and fleets that like to play defensive. As others have said, they are great anvils to catch an enemy fleet on. They also pair well with any front facing ship, like a Neb or Liberty.
  22. Good luck in your endeavour! I led the charge with a few others to rebuild the Armada community where I live, though luckily I had a few people come back from the initial scene that died off. Since then we've added half a dozen new players and found a couple others. If given that limitation, what I would recommend are the main movers and shakers from each faction. These include ships that lists build around or tend to include like the Gladiator, MC30, CR90 and even flotillas. Squad packs are also a must if available. You need iconic as well, so be sure to get the ISD or Chimera and Home One or Profundity. Extraneous ships tend to be picked up to flesh out collections or design more fun/janky fleets, like Victory, Neb, Pelta, and Interdictor. My final recommendation would be considering a campaign box. The casual element and teamwork it fosters can do a lot to build a community. It may not be something the store needs to stock but should be something you buy or have them bring in once you get 4+ players. My group also really enjoys the Sector Fleet format, it seems to foster a good social environment.
  23. I appreciate you have faith in FFG, but you are being disingenuous to suggest they've been slaving over Armada. They've created, developed, playtested, manufactured, and shipped more content for Legion in a year and a half than they have for the entirety of Armada's existence. I rest my case.
  24. This is pretty damning. It is one thing to consider how long it has been since our last release, but then to be given the perspective of how much content other games are getting... and it is pretty **** clear they have spent nearly zero development time on Armada in the past couple years. We can make a lot of excuses about why the SSD needs to take so long, and if it were just a manufacturing challenge then I think it is pretty obvious we could have had multiple other ships produced during this time. This shows with undeniable clarity the priority FFG has given Armada - lowest possible without being outright dropped. Consider Legion. Since our last expansion, Legion has had so much effort poured into it that it already eclipses the amount of expansions Armada has had. This doesn't even count the accessory terrain and bases you can purchase. It would likely take a similar amount of time to develop a unit in Legion as it would take to develop a new ship in Armada. Sculpting is probably more complex for Legion than Armada, but production for Armada is far more involved per unit. There isn't a reason we couldn't have had plenty of ships released aside from the fact that the bosses at FFG/Asmodee have said no, we are spending our efforts elsewhere for X reasons. Perhaps they are good business reasons. Perhaps not that good. I don't know. All I can say is that the game I want them to make is on life support and they are in no major rush to revive it, and thus my game bucks are not flowing to FFG these days.
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