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  1. TheBigLev

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    Maybe not thaaaat normal.. if you consider the time between releases... there are some missing time stamps in there for wave 3-5 releases as well. So really, the top quarter of that chart looks mighty empty.
  2. I think that this actually presents a more elegant system once you become proficient with how to maximize the value of commands and timing. It is a fairly big shift in core mechanics however. Eventually I could see it being 'solved' as to when is the best time to do X command or to use X timing, but nevertheless it adds a lot of layering to the initiative and activation we have now. Besides, this is often something very 'solved' in our current state. You do have to wrap your mind around it and I could see it becoming a main mechanical challenge for being good at Armada. Perhaps that's fine?
  3. TheBigLev

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    Normally I run the tournaments in my part of the world, and thus do not need to travel at all. There are OP kits and Store Champs within 3-5 hours I don't attend, but I did travel 4.5 hours to go to Regionals this year for the first time.
  4. TheBigLev

    Contain: A second class defense token

    That's not strictly true as there are a few special Crit effect bombers: Nym and Norra come to mind, specifically Norra who allows all her bomber friends to drain your shields. It does have more impact against squadrons in general though, I agree.
  5. TheBigLev

    What IP would you like adapted to an Armada style game?

    Surprised nobody said this one... EVE Online. Epic universe, epic ships.
  6. TheBigLev

    The Clones - Crabbok gives us an Anthem

    I've never seen nor heard of it before today. It is the magazine of a distribution company. It clearly has limited reach. It is another poor decision by FFGs highly skilled marketing team. They must be stable geniuses.
  7. TheBigLev

    The Clones - Crabbok gives us an Anthem

    So the reveal that would maybe placate fans is being placed in an industry publication? WTF FFG???
  8. Well don't feel too put out. The Maritimes are hard hit by poor support and non existent stock as well. We are slowly growing our community out here despite all that however!
  9. I've been saying for a while the lack of reprints and new content is going to sink the game over time. I think it's a calculated ploy by management and they are expecting the Armada players to spend their money on Legion and X-Wing 2.0 while they wait for new (or old) content. If I were them I'd expand production. Hard to make money if you don't have product on shelves.
  10. Exciting news afoot in Halifax... the first Corellian Conflict campaign is now underway! We have 6 players for a full house, with Lord Vader accompanied by Admirals Screed and Konstantine defending the Corellian sector against Grand Admiral Leia Organa, joined by Admiral Garm Bel Iblis and Commander Sato. The initial base establishment saw the Empire end up with Corellia, Saberhing Asteroid Belt, Aurea, and Forvand, The Rebels have a presence on Corfai, Duro, Selonia, Centrepoint, Nubia and Drall. The first round of battles saw Leia assault Saberhing, defended by Admiral Konstantine, Vader conduct a show of force against Corfai and Commander Sato, and Garm Bel Iblis leading an attack against Corellia itself, defended by Admiral Screed. Leia won, conquering Saberhing from Imperial forces, while the Empire cowed Corfai and defended Corellia. Join us two weeks from now as we discover how the war for the Corellian sector unfolds!
  11. Hey everybody just a note that our Sunday event this weekend has been moved to Saturday to accommodate a big X-Wing event. Saturday, 1pm, Board Room Barrington. See you there!
  12. That is excellent to hear, thanks for reaching out! I will definitely join the NB group as well. As for the Regionals, that sounds like very exciting news. I am crossing my fingers, anywhere in NB is much closer than Quebec haha!
  13. Last minute heads up for our event this Sunday, Sept 2, 1pm at the Board Room Cafe. Looking forward to seeing some folks!
  14. That is awesome! We are excited to have another Admiral to battle against! As Rye said we meet regularly every other weekend on Sunday afternoons at the Board Room. We also have a weekly night open for meetups that we often get to, but we usually co-ordinate those a couple days before as schedules are always changing. Please join the Facebook group, Maritime Command, to stay up to date and get some games in. I have been slacking the past month or so and not posting as regularly but we have had a lot of people away for vacations. As September and October rolls in things I think things will get a bit more consistent. Our next scheduled meetup is Sept. 2nd, but I think I will try to make it out to the weekly night on the 30th if anyone happens to be free then. Otherwise you can always suggest a day in the group and if somebody is free they will take you up on the offer.
  15. Saturday the 18th we held our first Store Championship at the Board Room Game Cafe in Halifax, NS! It was a blast, though unfortunately half of our player base was out of town or unable to make it. Rye113 continued his tour de force undefeated tournament streak by going undefeated and taking home 1st place. He flew a strong Raddus Profundity bomb, dropping a Torpedo Hammerhead, with an MC30, a Scout Hammerhead, a GR75, awith some A-Wings, Tycho, and Wedge. Philn64 took 2nd with a Raddus list, bringing an MC75, MC30, CR90B, and a GR75 with a spoiler squad group of Jan, Biggs, and a couple Xs. I had 3rd place with a Rieekan MC80, MC30, 2 GR75s, and a group of ace squadrons. Greg rounded out the top 4 with a Screed dual ISD list with some interceptors. Thanks to everybody who came out and had some good fights!