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  1. Just because we're made privy to a character's thoughts doesn't mean the writer reveals all the characters thoughts. Satsume's death is clearly intended to remain a mystery for now, as indicated by the fact that all we really know at this point is that he died. It's not like our main cast doesn't have plenty of other issues and thoughts to keep them busy.
  2. The more I think about it, the more I feel like Robin Arryn is a better comparison. Joffery had sheer malice going for him. Sotorii, like Robin, is just an incompetent, overbearing, selfish spoiled brat.
  3. Don't know if you noticed the bad news, but the end of this story's article says the L5R fiction is taking a break, and they don't say for how long. So all we have left for an unspecified period of time is the insert fiction in pack 6, which I suspect will be a follow up to this one with Sumiko's meeting with the Kitsuki.
  4. Yeah, it would have been nice to have the Phoenix "favor discard" ability on a character, even a unique character, rather than a 1 per deck holding. Guess it's one of those swingy cards you're talking about, or at least the devs thought it might be.
  5. Maybe there are seeds planted for a Crab - Unicorn alliance, depending on how the Naga encounter plays out. That would open the door for Dragon assistance, since they're allies with Unicorn. Plus we know Dragon are mobilizing for something, we just don't know what yet.
  6. No, he's almost certainly older than that since they do state he completed his gempukku. It was a joke in that despite being an "adult" and a samurai he acts with about the maturity of a 5 year old.* *I know 5 year olds who act more mature.
  7. At the surprising young age of 5, Sotorii is the youngest samurai to have completed their gempukku... apparently.
  8. For that matter, why stand in the rain when you have shugenja to dispel the clouds for you, amirite?
  9. That could be cool. The app could make it easier to randomize who you compare bids with, which I think could be the best way of handling it in multiplayer.
  10. Don't think it was something written, I seem to recall that comment coming from Katrina Ostrander at Gen Con when she announced the results of the Kiku Matsuri story decision by the hatamotos.
  11. I've gotten to play Haughty Magistrate 2x so far. First time, my opponent was able to immediately field Doji Hotaru against me. Second time was during a mirror match. Still waiting for an opportunity to experience its OP brokenness.
  12. I'd believe it. No offense to any "good" fans here, but it seems like every where I look lately there's "dedicated fans" dumping all over the new movies, books, games, pretty much everything. I don't know if this is something that picked up starting from Force Awakens reactions, or if I was just insulated from that part of the fanbase before. Either way, it doesn't surprise me that the x-wing extension of that demographic has it's share of them.
  13. Hmm. Given that the Kami are very real and there's definite proof of their existence, calling the Kolat atheists is a bit awkward... like modern day flat earthers. It would be more accurate to designate them antitheists.
  14. Not likely, the learn to play story confirms Kaezin is Asami's yojimbo. He is also a Lion hostage along with her.
  15. I haven't decided yet whether I like Miya Satoshi or not. Seems like his ability would be great in an imperial heavy deck, but aside from the magistrates we don't have many new imperial cards, and pulling a Seppun Guardsman or Otomo Courtier would feel bad. As others have mentioned, Lion and Unicorn might still be good with him due to their recursion effects, but I'm just not seeing a viable imperial deck for him out of Phoenix.