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  1. Player Strength Blog Post

    Not to detract from the conversation, but intentional or otherwise this gave me a chuckle.
  2. Rumors and anonymous leaks. FWIW I believe the same source indicating the Phoenix were getting a special pack was the one indicating a Manris box is coming this year. Granted, we got a clan pack instead of the deluxe box for Phoenix that was claimed.
  3. Speaking of, where do you put your stronghold and role on this? Seems like they'd end up in your home area with this layout.
  4. April 5th release date

    Looks like I'm hitting up my FLGS to pre-order this and the novella. And beg them to schedule events for times I can actually participate.
  5. “If you do this, a bloodline will end.”

    ... and Scorpions. But I suppose they're expected to be rotten regardless.
  6. Novellas - Sword and the Spirits

    My inner Phoenix might be showing, but is anyone else super excited about the insert detailing Can't wait for all the delicious details.
  7. I get a novella and sweet looking alt art cards for my favorite clan? That's a no-brainer insta-buy if I ever saw one!
  8. crane story is up

    TBH I think the recent necro of threads and discussion points is a general sign that we've simply gone too long without new things to talk about. Partially because the community was inundated with weekly posts and new content for so long, and partially because there's really not much new worth discussing. Hopefully with March fast approaching we'll start getting new content to talk about.
  9. Fanmade cards while we speculate

    Avenge the Fallen (neutral event) Cost: 2 Fate Action: During a conflict, choose a participating character - that character gains +X/+X until the end of the conflict, where X is the Glory of the top character card in your dynasty discard pile.
  10. Fanmade cards while we speculate

    I agree it's broken, but just imagine the salt when it suffers the effect of a skill or conflict switching ability.
  11. New Tournament Kits

    While the kits aren't intended for resale by the store, if there's a small group then players could potentially be getting 2-4 copies of some of the promos. The "everybody gets one" promos might not sell for much (then again, who knows?) but the store could charge sufficient entry fees to cover the kit cost, and players should be able to make back most or all of their entry fees by selling extra copies of promos they receive, if they wanted. Just a thought.
  12. Meh, that's so cliche these days. I expect nothing less than a proper shrine maiden cosplayer for the official post-game interviews. (But seriously, how awesome would it be to get someone cosplaying as a shrine maiden to do post-game interviews?)
  13. New Tournament Kits

    So it's probably a safe assumption this will be the same numbers with $$ for U.S. pricing. Let's say a store goes with the monthly model and has an entry fee of $5 per event (pretty standard in my area). With 6 players participating in each event supported by the season kit, you'd be about breaking even at collecting $120 in entry fees. Same with the BftS Kit, bringing in $20. I would hope most stores looking to run these events can manage at least that many players. Now if the store opted for weekly events, if they don't have a lot of players they could probably get away with charging $5/week or biweekly, and they'd likely have enough prize support to ensure everyone is walking away with something each week (ignoring official prize outlines to some extent). Even at $5 biweekly, with only 6 players they could make back double what they paid for the kit. That's not too bad at all, IMO. EDIT: I see Aradon beat me to the punch and with better info.
  14. Yep, at a glance that seems to match the list posted on Facebook by Cascade (typos and all). I think he posted decks for all 11 players who participated in the final elimination rounds.
  15. ^ This. The rep from Cascade had previously indicated that part of his role at PAX South is to collect data on what works, what doesn't, and how to improve the community experience (posting updates for us is something extra he took on for us). He has indicated he is going to be looking into media/ release requirements for them to publicly post participant names and info, pictures, video, etc. He was under the impression participants needed to sign media release forms to do so, which is part of why none of that happened this time around (and a lack of spare hands to manage it). I believe he also mentioned looking into additional platforms, possibly including a separate website just for posting event updates and information.