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  1. If you note, Jiro says Hideo was killed on his wedding day. Kasume was dressed for mourning when Jiro got her drunk and proposed to her. Jiro is clearly very much in love with Kasume. And now Hideo, who was killed in battle on a dangerous mission, is haunting Jiro? My guess is that Hideo and Kasume were going to be married, and a jealous Jiro intentionally betrayed his best friend either hoping or intending for Hideo to die, so that Kasume would be free to marry him.
  2. It's on DriveThruFiction.com instead. https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/298315/Legend-of-the-Five-Rings-The-Eternal-Knot?src=hottest_filtered
  3. I have to believe that if Kaito Mai got a card, then surely Itsuyo-sama will be getting one as well. She's not just present in that scenario and fiction, she's a relatively prominent figure. I definitely agree that the Mantis twins are due for cards (maybe a single card for the two of them?) and Rujo the Ronin, who has been quoted now in flavor text on a card, surely deserves something. One that I really want to see a card of has not really had an appearance at all so far: Kitsu Takeko. She was identified in the Lion Clan Pack insert as the current daimyo of the Kitsu family. She's also quoted on one of the more recent cards. We know next to nothing about her except that she's fairly young and an accomplished "pyromancer" (we don't even know which definition of pyromancer is meant here). Naturally I hope she gets some coverage in the fiction as well. 😉
  4. Looking beyond game mechanics and card power levels, old Kazue can only affect one person, and even then only when attached to another character (she can't do it alone). New Kazue functions on her own, and affects her controller's entire board. I'd say that suggests she has grown more powerful, again in subtle ways rather than "so and so added 3 more traits and has badass armor compared to their lame outfit before".
  5. It may be a bit more subtle, but Shahai's flavor text also hints at some progression in her relationship with the prince. Maybe not independently, but in light of the fiction we've had so far. Note that both quotes are addressing the prince, presumably Daisetsu. First she talks about her broken heart and how it was locked away and left behind. Now she's reaching out to offer her assistance to the prince, possibly in light of their budding romance.
  6. With the caveat of, the further out you go, the less decided things are. The change in planned rotation is a good example of that. Speaking of which, more likely than not they are probably playtesting for cycle 7 about now, so we'll see what other changes may come down the pipeline in the next year with that testing and planning under way. As far as card designers putting flavor text on the cards, that's entirely possible, but it still means someone taking the additional time to select text for the cards, extra time for formatting that additional element for the cards...it would almost certainly add up pretty fast. From everything I've heard, I honestly doubt Tyler has the time to do that, and if he did somehow have spare time...I'd probably rather see it spent in more focus on fine tuning and balancing the cards. And that's coming from someone whose primary interest in the game is the lore.
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