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  1. Kaito Kikaze

    Carrying Cases

    Well I was planning to, but then our clan misplaced its void master storing him that way, so I'm inclined to stick with a less... elaborate... solution.
  2. The end of the last article indicated this week should be choosing the ability.
  3. Kaito Kikaze

    Restricted List Updated

    FWIW FFG hasn't said anything about evergreen products in L5R thus far. With them already trying new things with the release model for this game, and the swift release of clan packs, I would not be all that surprised if when the time comes to announce rotation, the core set rotates out.
  4. Kaito Kikaze

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    I'm glad they did nothing of the sort because I'd have ZERO interest reading anything else about that sort of Tsuko. That makes her out to be a rabid dog with less self-control or dignity than even the sketchy ronin that the Ikoma unknown parties hired to kidnap Kuwanan in the first place.
  5. Kaito Kikaze

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    Nothing in the core book on it since that's mostly just the basics and mechanics for the game...might get something though in Emerald Empire which is all about culture and the like throughout the empire, AND I hear it's scheduled to release in just a few days!
  6. Can just imagine Tyler sitting back rubbing his hands with a manic grin. "All according to my plans..." he thinks, as the light glints off his glasses.
  7. Kaito Kikaze

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    Maybe. Or it'll replace Ornate Fan and they'll be more likely to run Captive Audience to maximize on military advantage.
  8. I mean I wouldn't doubt it, the alleged stats were: - Mil / - Pol / 6 Glory, with an ability similar to Kanjo District. Like a Kanjo and Super Imperial Palace rolled into one, lol. But probably a one per deck card because #Balance.
  9. Hmm, I wonder where the stats info for the emperor came from...unless someone was just speculating wildly.
  10. Granted FoF still isn't on the RL so it may be affecting the results, but if the bracket I saw was accurate, PAX Unplugged Top 16 includes 6 Scorpion and 6 Crane, along with 2 Dragon, 1 Crab, and 1 Unicorn. So I dunno if matchup is necessarily dependent, but Scorpion sure seems to still be pretty dominant, with Crane (for now) keeping stride.
  11. Oh really? any chance you can share a pic of it?
  12. I voted Out-of-Clan Allies but have no expectation for it being a conflict character. More likely it'll be some effect that enhances or is enhanced by including non-Unicorn cards/characters. IMO it's an interesting design space that so far is, I think, unique to unicorn (Gaijin Customs and Iuchi Shahai for example).
  13. Seeing as they intentionally referenced its source pack with a bunch of question marks, I'm assuming it's not unintentional. Welcome to Pony Spoiler Season.
  14. Ah, the magic words. That's the downside to this whole mega-gaming conglomeration thing, have to go through Asmodee instead of just FFG.
  15. FYI one of the FFG OP peeps confirmed on Facebook that the kotei prize wall will not be the only way to get Toshi Ranbo.