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  1. I mean I guess that's possible, though they've at least stated they have monthly releases planned out through next year...
  2. Does it count though when 3 of those cards are 1x copies that are just different parts of the wall? ๐Ÿ˜›
  3. I'm guessing the Crab pack is going to have some sort of holding removal or ignoring options included, or else there's something else on the way with it. When Secluded Shrine was added to the Restricted List, it came with a caveat that the restriction was only temporary and that it would be unrestricted again once certain cards to deal with it came along down the pipeline.
  4. You're assuming in-lore logic for a card game where I can send a Marauding Oni to the battlefield alongside my perfectly normal, honorable samurai army, wielding any manner of assorted items...Honored Blades being my particular favorite, in case he wants to win back the honor he cost to declare as a participating character.
  5. I wonder if the levels of ridiculous from old5r are tempering expectations for the new canon. I mean, for the new story so far, diving into the void and dragging someone's soul back from the gates of meido is pretty insane. Last time we had a big interaction with the void, we had Ujina completely disappear bodily into the void.
  6. I'm sure they're all out there somewhere, but honestly haven't seen most of those. Just added a handful of blurry Scorpion and Crane ones though.
  7. Sorry, was on my phone earlier and it's a whole bunch of links which is a pain to try and share via mobile...and then I crashed when I got home so just now getting back to the boards. ๐Ÿ˜… Put what I had into a single folder for sharing: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ANeTwL8F9i_s5oryWH63qrCrvIx5kq7Q?usp=sharing
  8. On the interwebz, they're not so much leaks as apparently a distribution and communication snafu, which (from what I understand) led to one or more overseas stores receiving the entire cycle and selling the packs before they found out they were breaking street date. However it happened, they're images of actual cards, as opposed to text only leaks of yesteryear.
  9. Water-locked Dragon card you say... like maybe a conflict character? ๐Ÿค”
  10. FWIW in the recent fiction with Kuzunobu, he effectively shuts down Lion interference with the Fox Clan (during a "political conflict" no less!) by threatening to use Kaezin for a military bully duel. The Crane are clearly no strangers to leveraging their duelists to bully others into giving them what they want.
  11. Chrysanthemum Steward could be intended to combo with something like the scorpion attachment that lets you play the top card of your opponent's conflict deck.
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