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  1. Why would Crane's core box stronghold be reprinted as an eminent province? You actually couldn't even use them together in that case, since they would presumably both be unique.
  2. Cunning Confidant is 61 and Insightful Gatekeeper is 62. So that should put Shika Matchmaker at 60. Also, Inventive Mirumoto is 35.
  3. Only a partial spoiler, but #45 is a card called Expert Interpreter, according to the errata list in the new RRG linked in today's article.
  4. I'm definitely excited to see additional fiction support for L5R, I'm gonna go out on a limb here though and guess these won't have any direct ties to the main timeline's story for the LCG. Which isn't a bad thing per se, because then there's a lot less to worry about as far as maintaining continuity.
  5. While I can appreciate the desire to remove peer pressure from the equation as much as possible, it's important to also keep in mind that the *whole point* of the role choice at worlds is for the top of clan players to represent their peers. While they did in fact earn their right to make that choice, it doesn't mean they are (or should be, in my opinion) consequence-free for making a choice that goes against what their clan wants.
  6. *Next Week...* FFG: Announcing New Phoenix Clan Pack! Because We Broke The First One!
  7. It was clearly affecting the priest without coming out of its cocoon, it's possible it similarly affected the dog to kill it...if it doesn't want to feed on animals, then it wouldn't have needed to come out at all. I would think if the shugenja had killed it, they wouldn't have done so right in the same room where the body would start to decompose.
  8. I've read it, so far it's my second favorite of the clan novellas. I particularly enjoyed the anecdote about an Isawa having a bakeneko for a pet. 😁
  9. None of them should exist? Hey, that's two things they have in common! 😂
  10. Do you mean if you could change his ability? His ability as written doesn't allow that, the contested ring is considered "contested" not "unclaimed" so you can't swap it.
  11. tbf Yokuni also doesn't have an element listed like the other shugenja, and the reason design gave was because there wasn't room to put all five elements.
  12. I think they'll likely stick to the current rotation schedule at least through the end of cycle 5...maybe drop another premium box or two and a revised core set sometime next year. If they do move away from pack cycles for competitive LCGs, that's when I would expect to see it happen. At that point you have 3 full "good" cycles active, a revised core to consolidate and/or rebalance what's worth keeping from the original core and first two cycles, and a couple premium boxes. I could see releasing maybe 3 premium boxes and a couple new clan packs per year. The original issue of "clans with a clan pack have more new cards" wouldn't be as significant since each new clan pack would rotate out the clan's previous clan pack anyways. That's of course assuming FFG doesn't decide to innovate on a much higher level and change the game completely...the fact they've created the "living card game" and "unique deck game" models in the first place is proof enough they're not afraid of doing that sort of thing.
  13. Even if thrones truly dies out (and it sounds like they still have plans to support it in some capacity, and might revive it once more novels are published), they still have Keyforge which has proven to be far more popular and lucrative for them than the LCGs thus far. Plus they're releasing Marvel as a coop LCG, which is sure to get lots of support with the initial push for releases they're planning for it. I honestly don't see significantly increased support for L5R in the near future, sadly. Getting into a regular, timely schedule of releases and putting out information for upcoming events/product would be a good step that arguably wouldn't require much more support, though.
  14. I think as far as Toturi is concerned, Daisetsu is his rightful lord...after all, he wrote the edict at the former emperor's dictation. Even if the turn of events were to result in Sotorii being named emperor (which is far from certain at this point), I don't see Toturi requesting an illegitimate heir to seppuku. Maybe that will be another prompt to send him on his quest to find Daisetsu, he can't seppuku without his lord's permission.
  15. What are the odds Toturi somehow manages to make it into court the next day to offer his seppuku, shows up just in time to break the tension, then Shoju denies him his seppuku and tasks him to instead find Daisetsu and bring him back. Meanwhile, Kachiko is furious that Toturi isn't dead as reported, so she gives Aramoro one last chance to fix his huge mistake and finish off Toturi before the (former?) Emerald Champion can find the missing prince/emperor.
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