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  1. So true! Maybe is because they are pretty straight forward jousters, no need for fancy manoeuvres or repositioning.
  2. That was fun to watch. Kenobi using Sidious like lightsaber methods though...
  3. If you want to fly together or at the same time, then to the eyes of FFG, you are two independent players. Kits are made to serve one.
  4. This squad and strategies sound awesome. That's some proper junk here. I love it. I might bring it to the table in the next Extended event I go to, unless my Republic squad actually works...
  5. I know, I didn't pull the trigger on that one either...
  6. Wow! Did you get All-Wings ( https://www.all-wings.com/ )set of Jedi to go along?
  7. FCS makes a lot less sense out of the X1 anyways...
  8. I was going to say that I loved the heavy A-wings, and then....WOW, that cloaking infiltrator!!!!!!!
  9. I HATE cards. I use a printout from YASB (with full text for reference) and have the cards in my backpack if someone wants to check them for some reason. It makes it so much more practical when moving around, and it takes very little space on the table.
  10. In Solo, there's at least one taking off from the spaceport on Corellia.
  11. I doubt they'll throw 1 small Huge and 1 big Huge for Resistance, GO, GC and CIS, plus 1 big huge for Scum all at once (9 total). But hopefully, all factions should have some toys asap!
  12. They said "No need to buy Epic ships again". So I'm guessing they are making conversion kit type products. Either a single one for all the ships, or one per ship. I'm thinking a single one, it might be some useless cardboard for many, but having 5 SKUs, on top of the likely re-release sounds like a bit much for distributors.
  13. Very, very simple "Blue Squadron" touch up for the New Republic ARC-170! (Original Galactic Republic ARC-170 paintjob on the right)
  14. So doing a 0 manœuvre also gets rid of them, right?
  15. In the same theme as Vader, yes. Trigger is different though (after completing a manoeuvre vs after an action), and she runs with less force, and a ship ability that is already spending force token while not having linked actions.
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