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  1. Underused upgrade: Weapons Engineer

    Colonel Jendon (Lambda) can give a TL to a friendly ship at range one. ST-321 lets you TL anywhere on the board. So you can use Jendon to TL for your GUNBOATS in the early game, and/or for Colonel Vessery ("COLONEL, MY COLONEL, squared", is the name I prefer for a Jendon/Vessery list ).
  2. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    AI are really good at synthesis. There's bots on Reddit shortening articles by 70% very well!
  3. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    I see you guys talking about Alpha Go (Zero), and I think you should also think about OpenAI Dota2 bot. It actually doesn't have an advantage like the original AI of all these games, but played fairly. And crushed everyone. DOTA2 is a game where you move troops on a non gridded area, have to deal with health status, have a range of abilities to trigger, and don't even have a turn based system. It is way more complicated than x-wing, where the AI could be given time to think. You also have to remember that, like for self driving car, the objective is not to have an AI being "perfect" all the time, just one that would smash everyone. X-wing isn't that complicated of a game : I can play it, and my PhD isn't really in game theory ;-)
  4. Lambda fix idea

    I actually ran something like that before. I just go super slow in the first turns and give the GUNBOATS their TL, then I try to follow the action... Also kinda works with Vessery I guess.
  5. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    Well, Chess was really good in the 90s already, and even a very modest laptop is 50-100 more powerful than Deep Blue. X-wing is more complex than Chess, but not that much. In any case, the kind of AI we work with these days (that do not compute all possibilities turns in advance, but can figure out stuff more like humans do, kinda, it's complicated), is way more efficient!
  6. Artificial Intelligence In X-Wing

    While I think your analysis is pretty good, I want to point out that the activation phase is actually barely more complicated than Chess. The mind bending number of possibilities of Echo, and the combinations leading to bumps with squads would be very easily taken care of by AI (Echo has what, less than 100 possible options, that's virtually nothing!).
  7. New Falcon? *possible spoiler* ?

    I like that theory. The Falcon is in fact not a YT-1300 but a 1400 or whatever ;-)
  8. Dice Odds question: HLC Sunny with Target Lock

    The best kind of incorrect! I was si sure of myself, I remembered being disappointed reading the FAQ...
  9. Dice Odds question: HLC Sunny with Target Lock

    Well, this is all very nice, but Sunny does not trigger after the use of a TL, only after the original natural roll (roll and rerool are not the same, see latest FAQ on sunny). [Edit] No clue why I thought that. I remembered it so clearly though
  10. New Falcon? *possible spoiler* ?

    It does say "The Star Wars show" all over...
  11. Next TIE and Why?

    PROTOCOL!!!!!! Unless you want to talk about a new california?
  12. No ship that small has a cloaking device... but wait!

    Here we go again, trying to be logical and make sense of Star Wars engineering...Even Georges Lucas said that he couldn't care less about this kind of things. Until the explanation for the function of the TIE fighter wings is universal and unique, all engineering discussions about Star Wars are just as worthless as Sheldon Cooper's dilemma about Thor's hammer.
  13. Hard limits on upgrades?

    My friends who "don't have time to read blog posts and forums about X-Wing, or prepare their squad before game night" are constantly complaining about "X-Wing : the card game" that I am playing (with 4-8 cards per ship, I understand the nickname). I feel like Scums were really built to be upgrade heavy, or maybe it's just because they appeared late enough in the game that "naked" built were already a thing of the past...
  14. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Have any of you seen any performance from Ehrenreich as Solo? He may be extremely brilliant, you guys are just being grumpy kids here...wait and see!
  15. TIE/D

    The 2 GUNBOATs with LRS solve the Black One and countermeasure problem to an extent, you just have to lock the same ship with both Gunboats!