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  1. They don't exist as singles. So you'll have to scour the Internet to find one sold separately. I'm still very confused by FFG's decision to switch which shuttle to bundle, as you must not be the only one in your situation... They should have included both if you ask me.
  2. The Jedi Knight is my favorite pilot in the game, only Guri and Obi-wan come close.
  3. Your examples are great. They instinctively look off, but that's abstraction for you. Ruling the shots differently would get you in the "look, MOST of the shot isn't obstructed, right?" kind of debate. For the rules to work, obstructions need to be binary.
  4. No, it's all automated. You don't get to put tokens on the table, you can't forget to regenerate force tokens or other charges... Some abilities ask you if you want to apply them, and you sometimes can say "always" (for Guri for example, you can say yes to the focus, or say "always yes").
  5. Among the many reasons to buy the Core set, cards are not one of them in a world of mandatory online squad builders... Especially in a group of friendship context.
  6. Same in Norway, there's been some very limited stock apparently, but most of it never quite reached the shelves.
  7. I've got a copyright on that one! I didn't get to fly this against Boba, but I flew it against 2*Bounty Hunter + Fenn, and the Firesprays just feel like better ships compared the the YT-1300s, mostly because of the 2 greens.
  8. Can confirm. Crits are quite impressively long, and AI is properly slow. Also loading "random squads" fails most of the time.
  9. The thing with the washer options is that it makes the thing so much heavier that you have to remember to move your ships by grabbing the base or the peg will just give, and I ALWAYS forget...
  10. "Do what the cards say, not what the cards don't say" can here be adapted to "Respect the limits written on the cards, not the limits not written on the cards". In other words, unless it says "a small, medium or large ship", "a ship" is any sized ship. If you want some flavor to that, you can always think that the small ship pilot is the actual commander of the fleet, like Vader taking his X1 out to the fight, but still being the commander.
  11. DEW IT! Most point update theories I've seen even predict a point drop on the Jedi, so 5 CLT Jedi + upgrades (a sprinkling of droids, foresight, sense, cheap named Jedi...) might become a thing.
  12. 5 CLT JEDI : It is just SO GOOD, against most stuff. You just need to drop these b*******t cagey strategies. BOBA GURI : Well, really, GURI. Boba is a good filler. Fenn+Sunny, or similar also works as teammates. CLT R4-P17 OBI with friends (Like 7B Ani or Mace, sprinkle with whatever, maybe even Wolfe) Vader Soontir Barrage Bombers: Hits like a truck, easy enough to play at a long tournament. ...I guess I haven't played much else this year...
  13. I've got tickets with my gang for the 18th at 1800 GMT+1
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