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  1. Or even TIE/D + Ion cannon + Stealth Device (or stuff like that): ions you shoots at you Go around and do 1. and 2. again while you aimlessly slide slowly forward, out of control.
  2. Nice jobs! Don't forget to add a link back to the showcase index ( and a picture of the unmodified ship in your post!
  3. Honnestly, FFG can't make super accurate rulers themselves, so a micrometer either way is very YOLO.
  4. Spam Z-95s with Jabba-ed up Hot shot blasters...nom nom nom!!
  5. I'm assuming you refer to the existing ones . I'm a lazy bastard, so I never paint them, I just drown my minis in wash. It gives them an "used", dirty look that I like, especially for Scum or Rebel ships (Imps should be shinier in my opinion).
  6. I was thinking, should we put a picture of the unmodified ship in the first post of each showcase, as a reference?
  7. First post updated with a group shot and a link to the imgur gallery!
  8. My Kath Scarlett Scurrg With the original ride :
  9. Hei! Thanks for taking the relay. I had started a JM5K showcase, can you add it on top here?
  10. Errr? It's one of the most canon ships out there! Extensive screen time in Episode I and II (like WAY, WAY more than A/B wings or TIE interceptors/bombers). Also in canon comics....
  11. Typo : After you **reveal** But sounds cheap at 6 points I would say (Punishing one does arguably less for 12).
  12. Hope people will stop the freaking whining now... Oh wait...
  13. Most likely. People will play harpon missiles, probably some Vaksai, maybe even some will play some Starvipers!
  14. The "Wild Card", really? That's high level trolling from whoever came up with it
  15. I didn't see this thread existed, but I am posting it here now! My N'Dru Suhlak and Nashtah Pup (I did my best, ok? ):