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  1. I was going to say that. It would be awesome : build your own ugly ^^
  2. Maybe they are waiting to announce Benicio Del Torro's/DJ's ship, and since he's character may or may not be Ezra, they can't really show anything yet?
  3. Same here in Norway, they told me they had not heard about anything.
  4. We'll call the ships by their names when FFG releases recognizable ships with names that make sense! TIE fighter : OK YT-2400 : acceptable naming system Khiraxz : sefølipINHÅ
  5. I would say yes. All of them is all of them, doesn't matter how many you have
  6. Dude, the body is still warm, and this topic will just be repetitions of the wave XII topics, minus the gunboat and phantom II...
  7. They seem to say so.
  8. Four Gunboat thread in the 30s after announcement Kinda meh on the scum ship, they could have made some interesting ship, they made a "out of my butt" one...
  9. Nah, I just paint over it. For full repaint I use a base from Citadel to cover up though.
  10. Well, large base ships already cost double point...
  11. Errrr, it's like the size of the jm5k!
  12. A store near me was selling a tournament kit outright... Edit : still do
  13. I learned the game from a group of friends that had been playing for a while a format like : 2vs2 100/6 games (so 200 points per side), with some home rules on bumping (the figurine is what counts, not the base), and very 3D asteroids (that ships crash into). After about 2 games playing with their ships, I got myself some scums and a starter, read the rules thoroughly and figured out where they were wrong and what they forgot. Then the internet explained to me some details and stuff so now I feel ready to play outside of this group or in tournament settings ^^
  14. @Mas2000 : that's a beautiful and complete rules question with klar the cards and rules quoted. If this was tinder, I would super like your post! Also, I concur with the others, Biggs looses a shield.
  15. Feels like a Hoax of sort. Even if some of this is kinda reasonable.