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  1. Isn't it, like, the worst time to buy/build X-wing stuff? Small cards are going away, and big "slid it underneath" cards are coming in...
  2. NilsTillander

    Regarding the Conversion Kits - - - - - FFG, please read.

    That's one of the best points here. People cried to get "fixes expansions", that were sold 40$ and up (looking at you TIE adv fix pack with a Raider included for 100$), and only fixed one ship (2 for Imp Vets), and now, packs that fixes whole (or large swath) of collections costs 50$ and it's a scandal! I'm more annoyed at the Core 2.0 that "forces" me to get 2 MORE TIEs and one more x-wing. I would rather get a No-ship core on top of the Conversion kits...
  3. NilsTillander

    2Ed T-65 expansion already on ebay! Oo

    There's some other at 50-ish USD. That makes sense then! But nobody leaked the content???
  4. NilsTillander

    Upgrade kits - Post your collection!

    I'll post the other factions when someone else has made a nice listing to copy/paste :p I am mostly Scum, so this is the collection of a secondary imperial player. Empire : Tie fighter : 11 (Someone was selling 7 of them on the cheap...) Gozanti Tie fighter : 0 Tie interceptor : 1 Tie Interceptor Ace : 4 (2 of each) Tie advanced : 1 Raider Tie advanced : 0 Tie bomber : 1 Tie bomber veteran : 2 Tie defender : 1 Tie defender veteran : 2 Tie phantom : 1 Tie Striker : 0 Tie Inquisitor : 0 Gunboat (our lord and savior) : 2 Tie agressor : 0 (don't judge me) Tie Punisher : 1 Lambda : 2 Decimator vt-49 : 0
  5. NilsTillander

    2Ed T-65 expansion already on ebay! Oo

    I was checking for people rage selling their stuff, and I came across this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Exclusive-2nd-Edition-Star-Wars-x-wing-miniatures-game-2-0-T-65-X-Wing-FFG/112972098839?hash=item1a4da96d17:g:jzMAAOSwtuBa6TkB It is a listing for a 2nd Ed T-65! How did they leak already?
  6. NilsTillander

    Purchasing plan to "Ease" into second edition.

    On the 2nd edition page, in the FAQ at the bottom. It's not in the articles indeed.
  7. NilsTillander

    Purchasing plan to "Ease" into second edition.

    They announced the number of things in the conversion kits. And they make little sense. There's 2 TIE defenders, as well 2 Decimator. Only 4 TIE fighters. And so on. Basically, it's a double kit for everyone, for every faction (maybe triple if epic play, I have something like 9 z95 and 11 TIEs). Not sure it makes sense to buy the core set though. Dice and templates seems to be the same, and I hope the pilots and upgrades in the core will be in the conversion sets!
  8. NilsTillander

    Purchasing plan to "Ease" into second edition.

    The line is for bumps.
  9. NilsTillander

    YASB updated!

    Servos don't clone when cloning a pilot, apparently. Which is annoying because 5xrookies!
  10. NilsTillander

    Can we please shut up about card bloat?

    For sure. Also, it will solve the "Autothrusters expansion pack" issue. Require players to have the ships and the cardboard, ok, but make the card open access, that will not completely break the business model... And if it does, it means that the business model is overly exploitative!
  11. NilsTillander

    Rulings for worlds

    The words you are looking for are "nested" (like a bird nest) and "effect" (the effect (noun) affects (verb) something )
  12. NilsTillander

    Biggest hit possible from 1 ship?

    Easiest to solo (no requirement for other ships to be around) pull off every turn is probably Fearless Fenn (3+range 1+Fenn+Fearless = 6 dice).
  13. NilsTillander

    Biggest hit possible from 1 ship?

    The setup though... and it requires the whole list to be built for it to work. But yes, in theory Also, it stops working after any ship is killed, and focus firing the HWK should not be an issue
  14. NilsTillander

    Biggest hit possible from 1 ship?

    Well, that's 4+4, not 9-10 : you can't Gliltterstim and Opportunist (stress prevents opportunist, so 5+4 if you don't 'stim)and the defender defends twice. Of course, against a Ghost (or any 0 agi ships), it is the same (easier to hit since Guidance Chips trigger twice). Biggest since dice throw is probably something like : https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!112:49,241,215:-1:25:&sn=N'Dru's one punch&obs= (4 Speed maneuver, N'Dru and opportunist for 1+4+1+1=7 dice, Scavenger crane for doing it again!). Or with Fenn : https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!212:188,34:43:25:&sn=Fenn's one punch&obs= (at range one : Adv Proton + Fenn + Fearlessness for 5+1+1=7 dice -- including 1 hit from Fearlessness, 1 crit from chips and 3 focus from AdvProt guaranteed! --, make sure you have a focus).
  15. NilsTillander

    The Natives Are Getting Restless

    Putting #FuelOnTheFire, Boba?