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  1. Hei all! I just wanted to suggest that, whenever you want to post a question, you quote the (pilot/upgrade card) text that is relevant. It's indeed a bit annoying to expect the people helping you solve your issue to go around to the wiki and check each card on their own. Also, in a vast majority of cases, posting the text of the cards that would cause your question would force you to read them again, and I'm ready to bet that a number of questions would then be avoided Your friendly rule lawyer who doesn't know every card by heart yet.
  2. Well, I had to! ^^ But to get back to topic, I agree with people. I really hope for a "Heroes of Scariff" or similar, with X/Y wings.
  3. It would be 592m in diameter at X-wing scale (1/270) ^^
  4. Touché...#facepalm
  5. That's kind of the point of Azmorigan. It's also the scenario ffg gave in the Jabba article.
  6. This looks great! I should fly with a Kath Scarlet Firespray though ^^
  7. Hei, This is mine (from my Scummy Golden Squadron post):
  8. Hei! Could the first post be updated? Jumpmaster 5000 : Mining Guild Tie (maybe I should have put this with the TIE/LN) :
  9. Sorry, I got mixed up. It's the maneuver you executed. I don't believe boosts and other slams are maneuvers, but actions (also, what's the speed of a barrel roll? One?). Juno's ability modifies your maneuver so the number that counts is the final one (dial plus modifier). Same for inertial dampeners : you ended up doing a 0 maneuver, you don't get extra dice.
  10. The one on the maneuver dial. It's very explicit in the card's text.
  11. I agree. It says: If you are equipped with a bomb that can be dropped when you reveal your maneuver, you may drop the bomb after you execute your maneuver instead. It doesn't say anything about your ability to drop the bomb normally this turn. When you think about it, it's weird indeed, because of the word instead. But I think it should be ok.
  12. Also, do Jabba and Extra munitions tokens still work if the card is discarded in any way.
  13. Hei! That's neat ^^ You could have used FFG reference prices, they are listed on the website and are the most neutral way of estimating price.
  14. The rulebook say that the tokens are described by his card, making his card a reference card. The argument that once the card isn't in play anymore it's like it doesn't exist is made invalid by the rulebook that reminds the player that the card exists.