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  1. Typo : After you **reveal** But sounds cheap at 6 points I would say (Punishing one does arguably less for 12).
  2. Hope people will stop the freaking whining now... Oh wait...
  3. Most likely. People will play harpon missiles, probably some Vaksai, maybe even some will play some Starvipers!
  4. The "Wild Card", really? That's high level trolling from whoever came up with it
  5. I didn't see this thread existed, but I am posting it here now! My N'Dru Suhlak and Nashtah Pup (I did my best, ok? ):
  6. I've taken upon myself to open a Z-95 showcase: EDIT : Arg, it existed already...I'll remove my thread.
  7. Hei! Here are my N'Dru Suhlak and Nashtah Pup (I did my best, ok? ). What do you guys think?
  8. Fearlessness! I always love adding that extra hit :-P especially effective on Protectorate and Kath Scarlett (scum).
  9. And congratulations, 2nd answer already back at it I recently learned that havnig Advanced Proton torpedo and a range 2-3 other ordinance is quite effective
  10. They've just updated the "on the boat-ness" of G4H. From "On the Boat" to "On the Boat", but the "last updated" now says : 10/6/2017 . Eeeeerrrrrrr...?
  11. Probably some things breaking, but the price inflation for some combos might not be worth it.
  12. I was going to say that. It would be awesome : build your own ugly ^^
  13. Maybe they are waiting to announce Benicio Del Torro's/DJ's ship, and since he's character may or may not be Ezra, they can't really show anything yet?
  14. Same here in Norway, they told me they had not heard about anything.
  15. We'll call the ships by their names when FFG releases recognizable ships with names that make sense! TIE fighter : OK YT-2400 : acceptable naming system Khiraxz : sefølipINHÅ