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  1. But they always do, in my experience. Every box I've bought has had at least 3 duplicate rares. Sometimes this is great (2 Holdout Blasters) other times, less so (2 Snap Wexleys.)
  2. I'd like to echo Strom's comments; had a great trade with @Strom everything was quick and efficient.
  3. Ok, here are my thoughts: Guesses with some evidence in blue More off the wall thoughts in green EW 001 Ciena ReeEW 002 General HuxEW 003 Imperial StormtrooperEW 004 ThrawnEW 005 AT-DPEW 006 EW 007 DLT-19 Blaster RifleEW 008EW 009 Darth Maul (Legendary)EW 010 Grand InquisitorEW 011 Savage OppressEW 012 Darth Vader's Tie AdvancedEW 013 Inquisitor's Lightsaber (Legendary)EW 014 Random Force powerEW 015 Boba Fett (Legendary)EW 016 DengarEW 017 Mandalorian WarriorEW 018 Tasu LeechEW 019 Punishing One (Legendary)EW 020 EE-3 Carbine (Boba Fett's gun)EW 021EW 022EW 023EW 024 General RieekanEW 025 Hera SyndullaEW 026 K2SOEW 027 Rookie PilotEW 028 GhostEW 029 Y-wingEW 030 A280 Blaster RifleEW 031EW 032 AhsokaEW 033 Kanan JarrusEW 034 Mace WinduEW 035 Temple GuardEW 036 Master of the CouncilEW 037EW 038 Ezra BridgerEW 039 Lando CalrissianEW 040 SabineEW 041 Zeb OrrelliosEW 042EW 043EW 044 "Chopper"EW 045 T-47 AirspeederEW 046 Sonic CannonEW 047 EW 048 Natural PilotEW 049 EW 050EW 051EW 052EW 053EW 054EW 055EW 056EW 057 Chance CubeEW 058 E-11 Blaster RifleEW 059 Lead by ExampleEW 060
  4. Yeah, it's pretty decent. Tiny Grimes has it and 3 other previews in his video.
  5. Alright, I'm gonna try something a little out of the ordinary here. I'm sure this combination of characters has been done before, but I've never seen it. I need input on a Battlefield and I'm a tad worried that it's only got 3 dice but Hero decks that don't use Rey or Maz seem to be restricted to 3. Anyway, on to the list: Characters: 2x Leia Organa, Born Leader 1x Chewbacca, Loyal Friend Upgrades: 2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol 2x Fast Hands 2x Holdout Blaster 2x Jetpack 2x Overkill Supports: 1x C-3PO Events: 2x Defencive Position 1x Dug In 2x Electroshock 2x Field Medic 2x Friends in Low Places 2x Hit and Run 2x It's a Trap! 2x Loth-Cat and Mouse 2x Negotiate 2x Unpredictable
  6. Interesting, any ideas as to why Krennic and Chewie both jumped up 2 spots? The others going up one was due to Force Speed being OOS, I realize...
  7. It depends how much stuff you still want/ need to complete your set or decks. I've bought probably ```````````````close to 5 boxes worth of SoR and I've got loads of extra cards. I've pulled 6 Darth Vader, Dark Apprentice for example. Yet I still need about a dozen rares/ legendaries as well as my second copy of 3 uncommons; Armour Plating, Traitor! and Trust Your Instincts. Now, do I open more packs and hope for the best or do I just go and buy those cards I need as singles? For instance, today I bought 10 packs and got 3 uncommons, a rare and a legendary I needed and 7 rares and a legendary I already had. Now, the legendary I needed was Rocket Launcher and one of the spare rares was Vibro Knife. So, while I got far more cards I didn't need than ones I did, buying the Rocket Launcher on its own would have cost nearly as much as all the packs I bought anyway. On the other hand, all my rares and legendaries could have been ones that I had and weren't worth much. I've definitely bought 5 packs before where the priciest card in them was like Personal Shield or something...
  8. Ok, I've tweaked the deck a wee bit here. I've got everything in this list and I might take it to a casual night tonight.
  9. It won worlds? Didn't know that, I thought it would have been a bit janky with just 1 Phasma die... Anyway, I've built another deck based on suggestions made. Keep in mind that I've given him a bunch of cards such as 2x Deflect, 2x Guard, Journals of Ben Kenobi, a second Lightsaber and I'm going to lend him my second Finn die for our game. It won't be this against a bare bones starter. Battlefield: Secret Facility Characters: 1x General Grievous 1x Nightsister 1x First Order Stormtrooper Upgrades: 2x F-11D Rifle 1x First Order TIE Fighter 1x Force Throw 1x Lightsaber 1x Lightsaber Pike 2x Wingman Support: 2x Attrition 2x Power of the Dark Side Events: 2x Aim 2x All In 2x Battle Formation 2x Doubt 2x Feel Your Anger 1x Flank 2x Now You Will Die 2x Probe 2x Squad Tactics 1x The Best Defence
  10. My` trade thread (first post on page 12) has been updated!
  11. Hmmm, that might be an idea. I wasn't going to replace the DT with FO and elite Phasma, especially since I only have one Phasma die. I was going to do a straight swap so I'm at 27 points to their 28. He'd have an extra die as well, so I think it might be more even despite Phasma being pretty good. I think my only weapons upgrades will be F-11 and maybe an Ascension Gun or 2. I had DH-17 and Jet Pack in but they might be too good for such a limited game.
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to be coaching a new guy into the game a bit and helping him build up his deck some. He got the Rey starter deck and he's played it against a Kylo starter a few times. He is very active in M:TG and he says he's got the basics of the rules down pat. I'm going to give him a bunch of cards to fill out his deck, but I don't have a ton of extras like Luke's Lightsaber or Force Speed or anything of that nature. I'll give him a bunch of good Blue commons and uncommons as well as a few rares like Journals of Ben Kenobi, Lightsaber, Makashi Training and some others. Now, when it comes to my deck I'm going to play my Phasma/ Guavian/ Deathtrooper deck because it feels a bit disjointed and I haven't used it. I want to give him a decent run, but I'm also conscious of the fact that he's new and he's running Finn. I'm trying to get the deck to a point where it's decent but won't steamroll him. Any tips for that? Should I swap out the Deathtrooper for a FO Trooper to even things up a bit?
  13. They mess about sometimes. It's frustrating, but there's nothing you can do really.
  14. Perfect. It all arrived in good order? I figured sleeves inside toploaders inside a padded envelope would be good for the cards. The dice were ok?
  15. Beautiful. Yours are packed up waiting to go to the post office.
  16. I need to find a good casual group in my area. I probably have the cards to put something together that could take on a tier 1 deck, but from past experience with M:TG that isn't a fun scene. The problem I'm having is that my friends I've gotten into the game are either not interested enough or too cheap to invest heavily into it.
  17. Infantry Grenades is pretty awful. If we wanted to build a deck that's ineffective but cheap why not just 2x Kylo Starter? $30 and certainly "good enough" to learn the game.
  18. Weapons Factory Alpha is card #160 so I think it's likely that's how many cards the set is.
  19. It's simple, the numbering system goes Villain, Hero, Neutral. Within each faction it goes by colour; Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow. Within the colours it's ordered characters, supports, upgrades which are usually ordered alphabetically.
  20. I've had 3 boxes now. There have always been 2-3 Legendaries within the last 6 or 8 packs for me. Likewise, I always seem to score at least one if I grab the final few boosters out of a box on display. I heard somewhere that in a case of 6 booster boxes, each box will contain the same 6 Legendaries. This has been proven false with personal experience of mine, although the 2 boxes I got from the same case did share 3 of the 6.
  21. Mail hasn't come yet today. I'll check around noon.
  22. Dammit, I need glasses. Nothing special then.
  23. Has no one mentioned the B2 Battle Droid die from the second image?
  24. Nothing yet, how about you? I have your PM, but for some reason I never got an email notification and the little blue thing didn't pop up on the page for me.
  25. Do people give Vader a flame thrower?!? Sorry, awesome visual...
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