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  1. I'm in love with your Scout Troopers 😍 Of course the rest of the models look also great!
  2. Can you combine them ? Phasma: At the end of the Engagement Phase Officer Thanisson: During the Activation or Engagement Phase Is "during" also at the End?! I guess not, but I am not shure 😅 thank you in advance
  3. I had a guy that made me foam rubber for small and large bases. for medium bases i used a two component silikon to fill the base, it not only adds weight, I filed the silikon like 0.1 or 0.2 mm over the edge, and thats perfect for anti slip
  4. We had another tournament. One that we have postponed once. And on the morning of the event we were only 4 on the list of participants. 1 canceled and another didnt show up. so we were only two. ?
  5. They will get the Cavalery of Ryloth
  6. Basing Models for display is ... what, to expensive?! The Basejob of a Model is part of completing the hole thing. not optional IMO
  7. When I saw the Sniper (As Leader) and his Friend called 2nd Livepoint i thought about the same: You are looking for some kind of wall or corner, a high spot, were you can hide the "2ndLP" out of LoS.
  8. Dragon_King


    ? wow, just WOW! And i will use that tutorial to try the same thing with my ATST! thx alot!
  9. I was rewatching the Rebels serie and saw the funny little brother of the ATST The All Terrain Defense Pod (also known as the AT-DP) So something between ATRT (With Lascanon) and ATST So.....: Armor 8 or 9 hitpoints. Melee with 3 or 4 Red dice, Raange with the Profile of the ATRT Lasercanone? Speed 2 White defensiv dice, Defensive Surges Points?! uff. 120P, Maybe 140P?
  10. NICE! I am a fan of the runing troopers! I also did the Headexchange like you did it on the ATRT, ?
  11. does "OP condition" stand for over powed condition? ? jk i like the ideas here! What about the good old troublemakers, Master and apprentice, High command, R-AC/DV Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46) Veteran Instincts, Director Krennic, Emperor Palpatine, Engine Upgrade, Dauntless Darth Vader (29) Adaptability, Advanced Targeting Computer, Engine Upgrade, TIE/x1 Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. more Customs for my amigo, with the hoth themed army
  13. uuuuh Krennic would be sweeeeeeet ❤️ Maybe Saw on Rebelside. Jyn, Cassian?
  14. Spotter from Veers makes him scary, as jocke01 said. and also his Commandcard that let the ATST ready his Pilot Weiss! I think soon with the HQ Uplink you will be able to play a nice opening: 1. Turn- Maximum Firepower, Spotter for veers and ATST. (ATST with HQ-Uplink, aktivates it, so you can activate the ATST when you want!) Veers makes some damage When the ATST is aktive, you'll use his Pilot Weiss and fire every weapon! 2. Turn- Imperial Discipline, give one order to ATST, that readys HQ-Uplink and Weiss! and maybe a Tropperunti with missilelauncher!
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