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  1. Q9-0 as pilot: Calculate instead of Fokus When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same speed. Treat your maneuver as a red maneuver. (To show his fast respnse time, the classic stay on target) as Crew: Add calculate action When you perform a jam action (i think the Razorcrest should have the action, even if red) you may choose an enemy ship inside its your front arc at Range 1-2. (not that usefull on alot of scumships, G-1A Starfighter, HWK-290 Light Freighter and Razorcrest)
  2. Interesting, couple weeks ago i also tried to builde a spectres list. I still think saw on he ghost is fluffy! I wish they would edit capt. Rex to; After you perform an attack, the defender receives a deplete token. Ain't that simpler? And while we are at it, can we give the Cap a Talent slot? He is a war veteran! (Snapshot would be nice)
  3. When I see creations made of LEGO then I have only one reaction: Love it!
  4. i wasn't able to see it but thx for the challenge!
  5. I found this here, still 1.0 but shurley can be changed to 2.0 Something else...
  6. I am a littel bit late here right? We had at the last tournament a Legotable, a player brought some nice sets, that were actually older than he was
  7. in the near future, most uf as will have the vital assets, and if I understood it right, you can add the battlecards to the pool, to creat your battlecarddeck for a tournament, right? They have no small fluffy Icon in the right corner, like the cards from the escapepod or the ATST. In Case we (don't) get models for Imps and Rebels as hostages (and have to do it our self), what would you like to see? Imps: Hard, maybe scientists, like the ones we saw in rogue one? Or an maybe tarkin? Young for Republic, old for Imps? Rebels: Senator? Well the one in the box is a senator, if i remember right from clone wars... Maybe a Admiral of the fleet (Would also work for Imps)? From the Mon Calamari?
  8. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Troop_Transport Faction: Galactic Empire Base Size: Occupier Combat Assault Tank Sized Point Cost: 180 ??? Upgrade Slots: Pilot, Hardpoint, Comms Rank: Heavy Minis per Unit: 1 Unit type: Repulsor Vehicle Defense: Red Health: 8 RESILIENCE: 6 Speed: 2 Weapon 1: Forward Laser Guns Range 1-2 RRB - Fixed Front Abilities: Armor Reposition Transport 1 Weak Point 2: Rear Hover: Ground Hardpoint: Weapon 2: Dorsal Twin Laser Turret Range 1-3 RBBW - Impact 25 Points
  9. so the joke goes like: Two Captains, a Rodian, a gunnrunner and an android (?) walk into an asteroidfield....
  10. Here is my Bird, inspired by the artwork. It was a test, to add color with the airbrush over a metallic primed surface. Turned out ok, but with room for improvement.
  11. We can set up a casual afternoon in wellplayed or thalwil.
  12. I am shure this was covered somewhere but I was not able to find it At the start of the Planning Phase, roll 1 attack die. On a [eye] result, decloak or discard your cloak token. is this something that happens right away? because: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/67/8a/678a909e-bd3b-4c21-9978-4218a253d07d/b_swzrulesreference_v110_-compressed.pdf Each ship cannot drop or launch a device during the same phase that it decloaked. my question; Is that in the same phase or not? Do i need to decloak in the planning phase, and can still drop/launch a device?
  13. Why was I not paying attention here! 🥺 Could have made the perfect anti-list.
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