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  1. Ηello, can i douvle Tap with VTG and if my turret misses, i do a 3rd attack with missiles or primary again?
  2. Hello, if i have my Dorsal Turret facing front on my Ywing, can i attack with primary front and turret front? We had interpreted that the turret arc was the same as the forward primary firng arc so the turret should point elsewhere for VTG to work
  3. Just for clarification, can Whisper use the gained evade token when the attack hits to use Juke on the Opponent???
  4. I believe it should immediately lose the Decloak token since its controls are ionised it should lose Cloaking as it does with Stealth device. A foul for FFG here
  5. So it would perform the Decloaking 2speed Barrel roll or 2 ahead and then it would only move with the 1 teplate ahead?
  6. Hello if i manage to ionize a Cloaked ship, does it perform the Decloak action on System Phase?
  7. So if i have Chopper (Rebel) on board as a crew if i pass through a Gas Cloud and Asteroid i Skip the perform action step. Am i allowed to do an action and take a damage with Chopper?
  8. Hello, could we make a clarification, of how many max reinforce tokens can Morna Kee Gather from Tua, Inquisitor and Coordinate action from other ship (Reaper)?
  9. I didnt notice Modification for Spend also !!!! WOW !!!
  10. What happened to the excellent 1st Edition upgrades? Captures Tie and Sabines masterpiece were the true essence of flying this ship. FFG please bring them back asap!!!
  11. It should also carry Proton Torpedoes, along with the EMP Device !!! Please FFG FIX it ASAP !!!
  12. Hello, what happened to 1st Edition's Sabine's Masterpiece (Crew and Illicit Slot) and the EMP Illicit Upgrade on her TIE? As it is right now its as if shes flying an ordinary TIE with NO modifications
  13. If i hit with concussion a non-shielded ship with no damage. and the attack hits 1 hit, and the defender takes 1 fresh facedown damage card do i get to flip this too???
  14. Can i use Juke on Omega Leader to modify the opponents die if i have him locked?
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