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  1. Hello can Dezra use his heroic feat since there is no Overlord?
  2. Hello, can i use the Stalk Prey in Pummel's 1st attack to move 2 spaces and attack a different target with the 2nd attack?
  3. Just a clarificartion, say my Dewback 1 goes Wild Fury and gets Stunned. When my Dewback 2 attacks can Dewback 1 (Stunned) play Concentrated Fire?
  4. So what happens with Jundland Terror, say i used Stampede during my activation thus ending my movement, and at the End of Round i move 2 spaces with Jundland Terror ending my movement on top of one or more figures..Stampede would work again right?
  5. Hello, when the Batha uses all its available Μps from e.g. 2 MOVE actions, this ends its Movement...what happens if we add Fleet Footed after the Double Move, or Worth Every Credit? can we get a SECOND or THIRD Consequent Stampede?
  6. Hello, if i have the last activation in a round and i move my trooper next to a hostile figure, and then play Provoke, does that figure activates first in the next round?
  7. Thank you, at another post here in the forum , someone mentioned that if a figure had 2 power tokens, no command card or ability that gives a third token could be played, and so it was probably wrong
  8. Hello, say i play Tempt on Solo and we have 2 cases : 1. Solo already has an Evade Token and then i give him a Damage Token, if he gets a new Power Token from Veteran instincts can he replace the 2 existing tokens or he just cant play the command card? 2. If Solo already has 2 power tokens (e.g Evade ans Surge) , can i play Tempt on him? Do i choose which token to replace or the opponent?
  9. topacesteve

    Maul's Dying Lunge and extra movement

    Maul dying from Solos Return Fire
  10. topacesteve

    Maul's Dying Lunge and extra movement

    Meaning to add to the 2 MPs he gains from dying lunge, the MPs from the command cards so i move him further
  11. Hello, when i play Dying Lunge on Maul can i play instantly one or all of the following? -Worth every Credit -Force Rush -Fleet Footed
  12. topacesteve

    Reach and adjacent blocked spaces

    So when calculating Reach from a corner, i draw lines to the space i want to target as if i used a ranged weapon right? A friend of mine keeps Sabine hidden at the second space from the corner of the black wall (hugging the wall) taking pot shots and so i prepare for her a nice Maul - Pummel - Reach from the corner surprise !!!! (with Deadly Precision from Channel the Force and Element of surprise)
  13. Hello, if i have Reach i can attack the space next to the stormtrooper (2 blocks away) and i can also attack the stormtrooper's space??? New Picture (1).bmp
  14. topacesteve

    On the Lam during Interrupt attacks

    My question is if an Interrupt (e.g. Attack from Solos Return Fire) must be fully resolved and No other Interrupt can be played during this window
  15. So when i declare an interrupting attack e.g. from Set a Trap, Emperor, Parting Blow, does that mean that this interrupt must be FULLY completed ΑΝD NOother Interrupt (e.g. ON THE LAM) can be played until this attack is fully resolved?