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  1. Hello, can i play 2 actions with Force Lightning in the same activation? 1 from Palpatine's card and the other from the Command Card w the same name?
  2. Hello, can i use Single Purpose on Kayn Somos' Firing Squad to make 4 attakcs since its out of activation attacks ????
  3. topacesteve

    0-0-0s shocking palm - attack misses

    Yes but if we would like to stun him you would have to score at least One hit as you mentioned...but this one is a Stunned Condition applied differently so no hit is required.
  4. Hello, say i attack someone and the attack deals NO damage but i have a Surge..so its a Miss (can i still use the Surge to play shocking palm? ) to get an easy Stun?
  5. Hello , if Scarn uses Flail against two adjacent targets, and gets one Surge, plus Hits. Can he use that Surge against Target 1 to Mend 3 and then again against Target 2 to Mend again (Mend 3 x2)
  6. Hello, can i play Tough Luck on Ezras Much to learn second part aboyt changing the dice to the desired side??
  7. topacesteve

    Thrawn's Heavy Fire

    They should lower the Deploy cost of At-Sts, double their Armor, or Prohibit blasters from doing ANY DAMAGE to them...ONLY special Command Cards....Missile Launcher or Disruptor Rilfes Or they should introduce the weapon carruing aspect of the Campaing. So e.g. Solo with his DL-44 could do 0 Damage to an At-St.That would be thematic
  8. topacesteve

    Thrawn's Heavy Fire

    I wonder what's all the fuss about it then...
  9. So if i am using Heavy Fire skirmish upgrade on At-Dp can i use its 3 dice to choose the same target thrice for 3 Damage, but only get 1 harmful condition for 1 figure from the opponent?
  10. Hello if i have the Mercenaries and utilise Temporary Alliance to bring Mak in my army can i play Shoot The Messenger on Mak?
  11. topacesteve

    Junk Droid and Merciless and Mak

    i meant to play the cards Against the junk droid, using Alliance Rangers
  12. topacesteve

    Junk Droid and Merciless and Mak

    Also can i play Price on their heads on the Junk Droid?
  13. Hello, just for clarification...can i play Merciless on a Junk Droid, also can i get the opponent to discard the command card if Mak kills it?
  14. yes thats what i meant....great.. then with Slippery Target , Dirty trick , Self Defense for non Smugglers (Jedi Luke) and Run for Cover, as well as Mak for easy Command Card discard and Loku for cheap Focus, i think i definetely solved my Ugnaught swarm problem my friend loves to exploit !!!!
  15. Can i use Mak to fire on a Junk Droid and then make the opponent lose a Command Card after the droid is defeated?