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  1. topacesteve

    Clawdites forms from supply

    i believe this is the recommended number for skirmish and its the maximum that can be used in their campaign
  2. So if i use four regular clawdites ,on the fourth i will use NO Form card? ( i believe there are only 3 in the supply)
  3. Hello, if i play Opportunistic and Hit and Run when my scum figure attacks the opponent , which one would resolve first?
  4. topacesteve

    Factions and timelines

    Hello, do the second edition rules, allow the First Order faction to go e.g. against the Rebel Faction? Because they are of different chronological periods.
  5. Hello, the card Overcharged weapons refers to Any Ready Vehicle, perform the attack and then exhaust the Deploy card... its obvious it was meant for the At-Sts , but what happen with the Jets which is a 2 man group? Do they both get to attack before i exhaust the card?
  6. Hello, what are the Objects my Heavy Weapon can shoot against with Heavy Ordnance????
  7. Hello, after i deploy BM on BT-1 does it remain on table to the end of the mission?
  8. So whats the final Verdict? If Dash sits on an Asteroid , does he get to ATTACK ? or NO??
  9. topacesteve

    To clarify Solo Gunner and Dash Rendar

    Han could do the Bonus attack and then Dash could make his main attack as a secondary cluster or using turret for another arc right? SwampyCr i didnt get what u said
  10. topacesteve

    To clarify Solo Gunner and Dash Rendar

    Also, if YT2400 or any medium/large base ship is overlapping (standing on) an obstacle and he traces Range tp a target but the range ruler is overlapping a portion of the obstacle that extends in front of my ships base....is this attack still obstructed?
  11. Hello, i m bringing up again an older matter that i wasn't fully satisfied from the answers... 1. Does Han Gunner make a Free Attack and then Dash can make his normal Turret attack? 2. When Outrider Dash shoots through an obstacle with Trick shot does he get +1 Dice and the Defender gets NO added Obstacle Dice???
  12. Hello, i was thinking of Negation , Signal Jammer VS Rebel Grafitti...is there a way to also use Fool me Once? Rebel Grafitti has to be stopped at its roots
  13. topacesteve

    Maul's defeat and Dying Lunge

    Thank you!!! i hope he will be an answer to my Spectre Cell nightmares !!!
  14. So when exactly can i play Dying Lunge on a Fully Damaged Maul??? At the start of his new activation or at the end before he is defeated
  15. Hello, can i play 2 actions with Force Lightning in the same activation? 1 from Palpatine's card and the other from the Command Card w the same name?