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  1. wow !!! thats huge !! i got Falcon and Uwing ionised from Ion Bombs by 2 Firesprays yday and got really p....ed !!!!
  2. When my large base ship gets 3 Ion Tokens from an ion Bomb detonating, can it use SDV to discharge 1 Ion (so it only receives 2) and avoid being ionised?
  3. Can Seyn Maranas ability and Deadeye shot Stack?
  4. Hello, since Bossk has a 180 deg. firing arc, does it mean he cannot play cards with forward firing arc requirements ? like Snapshot for instance? or Fearless ??? Also which Elite Pilot Upgrade would you consider the best for him? (i would say Trick Shot)
  5. Hello, is this barrel roll is the one printed on each ships card? (with the same difficulty) or is it simply a "free barrel roll" and then we move on to perform action step?
  6. Ηello, can we make a clarification if any of the obstacles (derbris, asteroids, gas cloud) can STOP , the Pattern Analyser from giving the action?
  7. Hello !!! i had a ship damaged with Hull Breach and after a new attack and neutralize results step i got a new HIT, HIT, CRIT. So i got a CRIT , CRIT , CRIT instead. But upon opening the middle Crit, i revealed a FUEL LEAK which activates ...AFTER I SUFFER 1 CRITICAL DAMAGE. So the question is....when this effect takes place....in the next Critival Damage card i reveal or on a Subsequent Attack when i defend again? My Ywing had only one hull left but by taking the Middle Crit as a Fuel Leak we played the text for the 3rd Crit (i hadnt applied yet)
  8. they re killers even with the cost upgrade to 35 (the pestanaki aces)
  9. No 90 rotations its ONLY if an Opponent Moved you
  10. Hello, is it possible to create a wing , with a 4 init wingleader and 5 or 6 inti wingmen and how do you handle the special abilities of each?
  11. How many points would you recommend for 3x3 , 2Player Skirmish?
  12. Hello, is there a way to skip the Epic Battle Scenarios and play maybe a 200pts or 300pts Skirmish as in the extended Format? Was there any game held with some new rules for bigger ships for 2 Players Only? And on a 3x3 map?
  13. Obiwan relied on R4 to do the maneuvers for him and Leia never really flew anything bar the falcon along with Lando at the end of ESB I think they should both beu pto 3 Initiative, they're lousy pilots. Also...how come Nien Nunb doesn't Fly the Falcon and you chose Leia instead? Also Sabine Wren has flown :Tie Fighters , Tie Defenders, Shadowcaster, A-wings , Phantom and she is ONLY Init 3 ????? wow !!!!
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