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  1. I’m in Australia and picked up my BW two days ago.
  2. Still not available in Australia that I can see.
  3. It was quite fun actually. I’ve done it a few times now and enjoyed it. Secret cards aren’t really secret but I’ll usually just place them face down by that character’s area and only reference them on that character’s turn. That way I usually am not keeping the secret in mind and it doesn’t really make a difference in play.
  4. I actually had more fun playing as two different characters than using the AI. I mean, the AI is fine and all but I find the fact that it can’t use bounty hunters is a bit limiting.
  5. If the AI has to take this job, how does it properly resolve the instruction? Do you resolve a combat with your character, or automatically defeat your character (since the AI generally auto-completes a job and takes the reward)? For now if that card comes up for the AI I’m just going to discard it and select a new job if directed to do so.
  6. Just received mine yesterday - not that familiar with the setting myself but I’m enjoying what I’ve found so far. Some pretty good talents in there. Looking forward to diving into the Favor mechanic and examining the adventure creation bits in the back. Liking it very much so far.
  7. Has anyone noticed if the issue with odd adversaries (like the Wampas in the desert) has been addressed?
  8. tafattel


    Rules Question:With regard to vehicle rules, I’ve been wondering about the effect of difficult terrain on the forced move a vehicle must make each turn in structured encounters, according to its speed (CRB pg 221, Table III.2-14). We know that difficult terrain requires twice as man maneuvers to cross (unless a talent like All-Terrain Driver is implemented), and also adds Setback dice to skill checks made while traversing it. I’m just curious as to whether the terrain could affect the velocity (represented by the forced move) by perhaps halving the number of range bands (rounded up) that must be covered? Because from experience, covering broken terrain in a vehicle - be it in a Humvee, truck, or main battle tank - you can’t just go full out unless you know what you’re doing (having a specific talent) or you’re skillful enough to maneuver that beast (driving/piloting skill). I’m thinking that, if a PC doesn’t have a talent such as All-Terrain Driver, a Dangerous Driving action, if successful, should allow the driver/pilot to mitigate the effects of terrain for that turn only, with subsequent checks being required each following turn as long as the GM rules the vehicles are still in the badlands, swamp, what have you. Answer (from Sam Stewart): The forced movement would also be affected by difficult terrain. I hope this helps!
  9. I’ve just sleeved mine - the silver/gray FFG sleeves fit perfectly.
  10. Posted this up on FB yesterday but forgot to share it here, oops. Enjoy! Green Slime, ugh. I learned to hate it in several games of Dungeon! played with my sisters, and then to fear it once I moved up to Dungeons & Dragons. The thought of it eating though any armor and turning flesh into green slime made me shudder and was the reason I always made sure my characters had torches on hand. Recently I’ve thought of how green slime would work in GeneSys. Not as an adversary, for sure, as the earliest D&D editions treated it, but more in line with current classification as a hazard for the unwary. With that in mind I’d like to share with the community what I’ve come up with: GREEN SLIME (HAZARD) Green slimes are a form of hazardous plant life that live in underground colonies. They are often found clinging to the ceilings and roofs of dungeons and caves, waiting for the unwary to pass beneath them. The slime will then drop upon its unlucky victim and begin to consume it, eating through any armor and/or clothing and finally the flesh beneath. If the slime is not removed quickly, the victim will find their flesh turned into green slime as the slime consumes them utterly, and they will ultimately become part of the greater colony. Hazard: Green slime is able to consume all organic material (flesh, wood, etc) as well as metals, but has no effect on stone. Any item or piece of equipment not made of stone will suffer Major damage and be rendered unusable if it comes in contact with green slime. Green slime will eat through metal armor in 2 rounds, leather armor and robes in 1 round. Enchanted armor will take an additional round to be consumed. When consuming flesh, green slime will cause damage equal to one half of its victim’s would threshold (rounded down) the first round, and utterly consume the victim on the second round if untreated. A Daunting (4P) Resilience check will grant one additional round to get rid of the slime but the victim will suffer wounds equal to half of their remaining wounds (rounded down). As green slime is slightly luminescent, GM’s may opt to allow players to make a Hard (3P) Perception or Vigilance check to notice the soft green glow the slime radiates. Characters that walk under a green slime colony must succeed on an Athletics check, difficulty dependent on the size of the colony. Easy (1P) for a small colony, Average (2P) for a normal size, Hard (3P) for a large slime, and Daunting (4P) for the truly monstrous slimes that exist far beneath the ground. Characters attempting an action (except for the Resilience check above) while being attacked by green slime will add 2 Setback dice to their dice pools. Green slime can be destroyed by fire, frost, bright light (such as daylight), or curative magic. Torches are the easiest method of burning the slime away, though Attack spells with the Burn or Ice additional effects are effective, as are Heal spells with Heal Critical additional effect. Attack spells used to cleanse the slime from a victim will destroy the slime, and inflict wounds equal to half the damage the spell would cause (rounded down). Torches applied to green slime on a victim will cause damage equal to one half of remaining wounds (rounded down).
  11. I don’t really see a beginner box for Genesys, unfortunately. Since it’s touted as more of a toolkit to make games than an actual game, I don’t think we’ll see a beginner box. Would love it if they made one, or even a GM Kit like they did for Star Wars.
  12. Why not record the number of uncancelled successes rolled when conjuring the wall of fire and have that plus the caster’s Intellect be the amount of damage the wall inflicts if crossed, touched or otherwise disturbed? That way more skilled casters might be able to produce better barriers I would think.
  13. tafattel

    So Android ??

    They’ll get around to it. Lots going on with FFG lately - Keyforge, Discover, Arkham Horror coming out soon plus the X-Wing 2.0 launch. Probably won’t hear about the Android book till after the new year and maybe have it in our hands by April if they follow the Terrinoth example.
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