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  1. tafattel

    Genesys for a Hexcrawl?

    I’ve been working on a dungeon crawl system for a little while that could probably be easily adapted to a hexcrawl. It’s worked fairly well for me in the few times I’ve been able to try it out - just need to get off my butt and finish typing the last bits of it up so I can share it!
  2. Give it time, probably buttons to push and switches to flip and all that.
  3. tafattel

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Its a Kind of Magic!

    Magic is one of my favorite parts of the Genesys system so will be on the lookout for this episode.
  4. tafattel

    How to handle traps?

    From my WIP Dungeon Crawl doc: Traps Difficulty: All traps are assigned a difficulty level of 1 -5, which indicate the difficulty of the Skulduggery check (a “disarm roll”) that must be succeeded at to disarm the trap, as well as the difficulty required to escape the effects of the trap (usually an Athletics or Coordination check (an “escape roll”), but other skills can be used if necessary). Trap difficulty defaults to the difficulty level of the dungeon (1 - 5) but can and should be increased (or decreased) as the GM sees fit. Traps should be noted as [Trap Type] [Difficulty] (for example, Arrow Trap 3). If trap descriptions include special qualities that can be triggered, the trap difficulty rating is the rating for the quality (a Fire trap 2 would have the Burn 2 quality). Disarming Traps: If the disarm check fails, the trap is triggered unless the failure roll includes Advantages. These Advantages may be spent to reduce the damage suffered from the trap (reduce damage by 1 point for each uncanceled Advantage), or if the damage suffered would be reduced to zero (before figuring in soak), then the trap was not triggered. A Triumph result on a failed check can indicate that the group botched the disarm, but only narrowly avoided triggering the trap! Trap Damage: (Note – Pit traps follow the rules for falling – see page 113 of the GENESYS Core Rulebook.) When a trap is triggered, and a player fails at their escape roll, the trap will inflict a base amount of damage plus 1 point of damage per uncanceled Failure. Uncanceled Threat applies toward the trap Critical Injury rating or activating special qualities (such as Burn). Apply soak as normal and any other indicated effects. Triggers: Traps can be triggered in many ways – pressure plates, tripwires, mysterious beams of light broken by a character, opening a chest drops a slide open, et cetera. Some may have obvious triggers such a lever with an inscription next to it that says, “Pull Me”. Try and be creative when coming up with trap descriptions and mechanisms. Trap Types 1) Pit Trap: When a pit trap is triggered, all characters standing in the trap area (within Engaged range of the character that triggered the trap) will plummet into a pit, unless they succeed at an Athletics or Coordination check, and sustain falling damage as per page 113 of the GENESYS Core Rulebook. Falling distance should default to Short range but can be more at GM discretion. (Damage [Fall]; Critical 4). 2) Poison Dart Trap: On a successful roll to detect this trap, the GM should inform the player that their character has found suspicious holes in the wall of the passage or in a room they have discovered. If the trap is triggered all characters in the area of effect must succeed at an Athletics or Coordination check to avoid being hit by poison darts. A character wounded by poison darts must make a Hard (3P) Resilience check as an out-of-turn incidental or suffer 4 additional wounds and must check again in their next turn if the check generates Despair. (Damage 4; Critical 3) 3) Fire Trap: When this sort of trap is detected, characters may notice small holes in the wall (or floor or ceiling), smell a faint odor of sulfur or a faint smell of something being burnt, notice scorch marks, et cetera. Triggering the trap causes jets of flame to shoot out of the wall, floor, or ceiling and will affect all in Engaged range of the player triggering the trap. (Damage 6; Critical 3; Burn X).
  5. tafattel

    No More Android…?

    From the Magnum Opus article ”Working with the developers of the Genesysroleplaying game, the 2018 Android: Netrunner World Champion will help to inspire and craft a character within the Android setting—potentially even envisioning his or her avatar as a crime boss who helped to win the weekend's turf wars. More than this, he or she will have a chance to play that character during a special Genesys roleplaying adventure, set in the Android universe, at PAX Unplugged, the weekend of November 30th to December 2nd.” Looks like a sample Android adventure available after PAX Unplugged, with a sourcebook coming soon after I imagine.
  6. tafattel


    Rules Question: I wanted to create a Conjuring spell to summon a sword that the caster can wield magically (as in, the caster directs it to move about and attack but isn’t in physical contact with it - sort of a dancing sword, if you will). Control over the sword requires concentration, and instead of using Melee-Lighf and Brawn to determine the dice pool for attacks, the mage would use Arcana and Intellect. If concentration is lost, the blade simply clatters to the ground and cannot be so used again. The difficulty should be three purple dice I estimate, as it seems to fall into a Medium Summon/Sunmon Ally type area. I know Conjure gets some leeway, but wanted to make sure this wasn’t going too far. Thanks!
  7. tafattel

    Player Locator

    North America Canada — Kamloops, BC — eowarion USA — Little Rock, AR — Kaosoe USA — Maricopa, AZ — Hutchback USA — San Francisco, CA — verdantsf USA — Dunnellon, FL — ESP77 USA — Jacksonville, FL — Hawkwerd USA — Overland Park, KS — GrumpyBatman USA — Wichita, KS — Simon Retold USA — Lexington, KY — RAPigeon USA — Waldorf, MD — Bobus X USA — Pine City, MN — Gandalf9700 USA — Andover, MN — TheSapient USA — Rochester, MN — JDKain USA — Kansas City, MO — TheSourceHD USA — St. Louis, MO — Gilbur USA — Heidelberg, MS — ObiWanBilbo USA -- Omaha, NE -- Captain Kent USA -- Brooklyn, NY -- Yeti1069 USA — Cleveland, OH — c__beck USA — Ashland, OR — lecudas USA — Darlington, SC — Kakita Shijin USA — Princeton, TX — BlamedCat (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — ArtWend (CST, UTC-0600) USA — Orem, UT — SwivelDiscourse USA — Newport News, VA — Ahrimon USA — Poulsbo, WA— Lyinggod USA — Seattle, WA — Noldorian Europe CET (GMT + 1 November - March, GMT + 2 April - October) Austria — Vienna — Klort Germany — Düsseldorf — DarthDude Germany — Mannheim — Mehsaa Germany — Munich — JohnChildermass Germany — Ratisbon (Regensburg) — FeBommel Germany — Stuttgart — Siabrac Norway — Oslo region — Morridini Italy - Rimini - Lord_Lele UK - England - West Midlands - Martinslair Oceania Australia - Sydney, NSW (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) - endersai Australia — Geelong, Vic (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April)— Richardbuxton Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April)— RagingJim Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April)— tafattel Australia - Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) - just_chris Australia - Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) -Kavemank
  8. tafattel

    Adversary Talent

    Just want to make sure I’ve understood the proper use of the talent - For each rank of Adversary, I upgrade the difficulty of a check targeting that enemy once. Difficulty dice are upgraded to Challenge dice first, then if there are unused upgrades, add Difficulty dice to the pool. For example, a mage attacks an enemy with the Adversary 2 talent at short range with an attack spell - the standard difficulty would be one Difficulty die, but with the Adversary 2 talent, the difficulty becomes one Challenge and one Difficulty die, correct?
  9. tafattel

    Death and Resurrection in Mennara

    I don’t use Terrinoth as a setting, but in my own campaign there is no time limit for resurrection. As it is a very powerful spell, it requires a hefty tithe to the church or else some great service performed by those asking for the resurection. And since adventurers don’t often lug around huge chests full of gold coins...a little adventure to find the lost Chalice of Healing or the Waters of Life is suddenly in order.
  10. tafattel

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    I’d vote for a new thread for each episode, if only for convenience’s sake. I don’t imagine it would create too much clutter.
  11. tafattel

    New Magic Action: Alter

    So I did, oops. I thought I had edited that but it appears not. Special abilities should not be turned off by Polymorph - that effect should not touch any special abilities. Thanks for pointing that out!
  12. tafattel

    New Magic Action: Alter

    I like that. Might have to play with the base spell but that would work, and “Size” can be simplified. Well I’m thinking that it’s not so much turning off special abilities but just being a simple shapeshift, sort of like putting on a costume. Thus Grand Polymorph will bestow the special abilities for 2 purple.
  13. tafattel

    Converting Creatures

    I’d wing it and let him do whatever he wants lol.
  14. tafattel

    Gah! 50 bucks!!

    Got my RoT from Games Empire for about $65 or so. Check them out they always have decent prices.
  15. tafattel

    New Magic Action: Alter

    I would say so. I had in mind the AD&D Polymorph Any Object 8th-level spell when I thought about this one. Yes. I had not really intended it as a shapeshift spell (though of course I wouldn’t say it couldn’t be used that way), but as you say I was thinking more along the lines of transmutation/polymorph.