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  1. Imperial Actions

    Pretty sure it counts as one action as after that you will be instructed to reposition for the second action.
  2. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Would ranked talents be the best way to implement something similar to Force Powers in Genesys? As in taking the first rank allows access to a minor power (like the mind truck), all the way up to the fifth rank where it might be lightning or healing (depending on one’s ethos)?
  3. IA is Alive!

    Who would be the blister packs for this wave? Jyn, Cassian, K2S0, Krennic come to mind. Or Saw Gerrera. Still loads of possible content before an Endor expansion.
  4. Small Rebel Capital Ship?

    Bought a copy in Adelaide today 👍🏻
  5. Haunted City Chase

    The Dice Pool podcast did this fairly well. Worth checking out if you’re interested - look for their Haunted City sample playthrough, it’s quite good.
  6. Final mission ended in epic way! (Spoiler)

    In the final hallway for me it was very like Rogue One. Never have I enjoyed losing as much I did there.
  7. A question about defense ratings

    Great that’s exactly what I needed. For some reason I thought I must have missed some rule somewhere...too much AD&D in my youth I think.
  8. A question about defense ratings

    I’m currently devising some encounters to take my wife through with an eye to bringing in the whole family into a campaign if possible. Now, I needed some adversaries that are not in the book but I figured the book could offer good examples to work from so I could create them. In looking at Skeletons and Beastmen, I see that Skeletons have defense ratings of 1/1, while Beastmen do not. I’m wondering why Skeletons have that 1/1 - is it because they are inherently bony creatures that edged and ranged weapons are not so good against? I don’t see armor in their stat block which I imagine would add to the defense rating. I guess I’m just asking if the rating is a subjective thing that the creature creator assigns based on his/her ideas? Or is there some rule I’ve missed? Sorry for the silly question, just stuck on it for some reason. Thanks!
  9. The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    I am really enjoying this podcast. I believe I’ve learned more about the system by listening to the podcast than by reading the book! Well done all!
  10. Best adventure modules

    Go with the original Temple of Elemental Evil. A timeless classic.
  11. Logging Entries

    I log the entries as I read them since I am often distracted by little voices. It helps to know where I was Last when the distractions occur!
  12. Learning Spells

    I’ve implemented a simliar magic system in my own project. Spells with a difficulty higher than a character’s magic skill cannot be learned. The character, however, can attempt to read the spell to determine what it is (I like the idea of wizards and such discovering their magic as opposed to simply getting a new spell) and perhaps save it for later. In such cases, the difference between the difficulty of the spell and the skill rank is how many difficulty dice the challenge dice are upgraded to.
  13. App needs an UNDO button

    Agreed. I’d have thought this would be a no-brainer to add in, but hopefully this thread will make them take notice. Very frustrating to see the game state ruined by pressing the wrong button and defeating the wrong enemy in the heat of battle.
  14. Hoping the next campaign will be free to download, like Nerekhall was for Descent. Very excited to see the side missions and other content that the expansion packs will bring!
  15. Really enjoyed this one, especially hearing about the design process. Well done.