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  1. Agreed. I’d have thought this would be a no-brainer to add in, but hopefully this thread will make them take notice. Very frustrating to see the game state ruined by pressing the wrong button and defeating the wrong enemy in the heat of battle.
  2. Hoping the next campaign will be free to download, like Nerekhall was for Descent. Very excited to see the side missions and other content that the expansion packs will bring!
  3. Really enjoyed this one, especially hearing about the design process. Well done.
  4. If it's like Descent's app, I'd imagine there will be a new campaign to start with, rather than rehashing the missions from the core set. Hopefully there will be some sort of support for Skirmish mode as well.
  5. I scanned the sheets to PDFs on my iPad, very convenient to have the maps available quickly without having to dig out the sheets (which are all folded and put away).
  6. The Grand Inquisitor's mission is so much fun to play. When he appears, he's very much a game changer. Or as my brother-in-law put it: "a Cuisinart"
  7. How soon can we expect to see the green dice for Rebellion?
  8. Oh boy, Episode VIII. I'm more excited for the final Rebels season than that movie, to be honest.
  9. Brilliant show. Loved Twilight of the Apprentice, Twin Suns, and the Siege of Lothal. The filler episodes can be maddening when watching it weekly, less so when binging. I will miss it when it's over and done.
  10. Hm. I just checked on my pre-order last night and I noticed that the website I ordered from, while still having my pre-order, no longer had pages for any of the items I had ordered - Rise of the Empire, and the new Imperial Assault wave. I've sent them an inquiry to see if all is still on the up and up, but have yet to hear back. Your story does not inspire confidence. UPDATE: Received a reply back, all is good; seller just went through some reorganization and is selling the games from a new site. Only now the release date is the end of October! Ouch!!
  11. Hopefully there will be more concrete information and not just "we're working on it". I decided to get into Imperial Assault based on the fact that an app similar to Road to Legend was being developed. Now having owned and played some skirmishes and campaign mode, I really do enjoy the game along with my family so we wouldn't be too put out if the app vanished in a puff of smoke. But considering how much Road to Legend added to our Descent experiences once we tried it out, an app of that nature would be most welcome. The more so if it applied to Skirmish as well as Campaign.
  12. Thanks all for the input, much appreciated. We'll definitely be doing the crawl-walk-run method as suggested, so we can work our way up. Will probably give us some time to add some more ships too (promised the missus I wouldn't get too crazy like with Imperial Assault). Will definitely post up some battle reports once we get going.
  13. After seeing and being very intrigued by many YouTube videos about Armada, I finally decided to dive in and give it a go. Got a core set, an ISD, Home One, and the first wave fighter squadrons for each side. My son is very excited for me to learn the system so I can show him and we can have a proper game. He really wants to have the big ships slug it out with the squadrons, so I figured I'd ask for some tips. My son is almost 10, if that helps. We're just looking to have some fun and not get too complicated if you catch my drift. Anyway, any ideas are welcome - thanks!
  14. Go with the Rangers over Echo Base, I'd say.
  15. If you only picked one ally, I'd say Hera and Chopper are pretty good For what you get, especially if you're a Rebels mark like me. Villian-wise, I'd say Grand Inquisitor. Another Rebels character but he packs a punch and can turn the tide if used properly.