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  1. When it comes to playing games with a solo mode I tend to just play 2+ player by myself as I make better decisions than the AI. For example, Star Saga has the Nexus AI for solo play, but when I played it drawing AI cards I kicked it's butt it made decisions that made no tactical sense, but when I played it as me being both players I kicked my own butt 🤨 as in, the Nexus player won due to me playing it as I would. I tend to do this alot with games I am playing solo meant for 2+ players. I can even play X-Wing solo and still win, lmao. I only got Outer Rim today after watching loads of game play videos and already encountered a query, to which I was trying to find an answer for. Which actually blends in with this topic nicely. I am playing as Han versus AI Lando, as previously pointed out above I can see that the AI in it's current state is going to make for a dull game if all it is doing is buying cargo, it doesn't test for anything and therefore the crew cards will be redundant. So the AI card told me to Revel a Contact Token and gain it as a crew for free, it turned out to be Garindan, databank card #10, as the AI does not benefit from any of it's abilites apart from adding any to it's ship or personal stats. So what is the benefit of having this crew member? It feels like all it is doing is keeping Garindan available for a bounty by me the player? Which just so happens to be the next one in the market. Not having played a full game yet I can't fully commit to what I think I want to do, but looking at the Data Bank cards there are and all teh AI cards. But to enable the AI to be a bounty hunter I think it it draws a crew card that is any of the following; Faction : Hutt Faction : Syndicate Text Specifically says it is a bounty hunter, i.e; 4-LOM Then when it comes to drawing an AI card if I am told to purchase something I will look at the one it tells me and compare it to the bounty deck and choose either the closest destination or the cheapest one or the one that gives the highest reward, I'll have to test these as I am new to teh game. Would be nice to know if any of you think this would not work? Also I can't see anything regarding if a crew appears for AI but hasn't got any benefit, as the AI doesn't test technically Lando should pay 2000 creds for Garindan, Garindans ability is to SECRETLY look at a Contact Token, I can't see how this is benefitting Lando. So basically I am discarding it rather than taking it.
  2. Well I deleted all the builds I did and just concentrating on 4, exactly the same units just different upgrades in each one and I'll see what works and see how each unit gets on. I might get rid of E.Stims anyway because I keep forgetting to use them, lol. The one build where he hasn't got them I have an RT unit with a med, so I might try and keep that unit nearby. I played a game last night with the above build going against Palpatine, 3 ST, 1 ScT and 3 Speeder Bikes. It didn't bode well for the Rebels. The 2 Commando units got took out by the SP's with Luke taking some initial damage, the Airspeeder some some initial hits from the Scout Trropers and finally got took out by a Trooper unit. Luke finally got anihilated by Palpatine. The Rebel Troopers did ok initially taking some objectives on the other side of the board, but got whittled down by a couple of Trooper units and finally by the 2 Speeder Bike units that were left. The AT-RT took longer to take out but that is because it hung back but finally fell to the speeder bikes. Alot of it was due to poor dice rolls for the rebels.
  3. I think I may be applying the Sharpshooter 1 and Cover 1 keywords in the wrong place, ss they both affect cover currently I apply them in the Apply Dodge and Cover step, but I think these are classed as card abilites so should I be applying them in the Modify step? The reason I ask is, they don't actually modify the dice? Cancel this query, I just re-read all the reference rules for each key word.
  4. I'll have to see what happens when I play against other players then just see if I preder full squads or strike teams.
  5. No no, I get the whole adding pierce for the sniper aswell, I guess I feel it isn't doing the job I am paying it to do if it can't use High Velocity. But bear in mind though I have only had 3 games so far, so have a lot to learn and alot of experimenting to do to see what works best for me.
  6. Hey all, thanks for the replies, much appreciated and certainly gives me a few things to think about. Playing solo probably isn't the best way to test a build but the reason I used the above old build was in the first couple of matches they seemed to perform outstandingly. Luke - I run him down one side/third of the table. Backed up by the 2 Commando units as long range support. He was also good at taking out Speeder Bikes, in one activation he took out a 1 1/2 units. I did try Force Push but found there was never a situation that warranted it. The way I see it is you use it to either push units away if you are wounded or threatening another unit you want to keep safe or you use it to pull units to Luke to get them into combat quicker, maybe help in pulling units away from cover. Or when you saying game wining card are you using it to pull enemy unts off objectives? More views on this would be appreciated. Commando Units - As above, they did support Luke well and kept some Scouts and ST's at bay. T-47 - In one of my first games I took the Airspeeded straight to enemy and went running down the frontline using Arsenal, he literally ripped up about 3 Stormtrooper squads, he did take ome mild damage enroute and finally got took out my Palpatine. So I figure I would use the same tactic but run it ahead of Luke so it takes the focus off him, and if I include an R5 in an RT unit I could do hit n run attacks and get back and repair. I have yet to try this. Originally I had Wedge flying, but as I use it to run straight through the enemy lines I want teh speeder jockey for the extra cover. Rebel Troopers - At the time I only had 3 squads so I ran these down the other side of the table mobbing the objectives and hopefully keep some ST's at bay. AT-RT - He was just a middle table support unit and just went where he was needed, turns out he went with the troopers, I have tried both the laser cannon and the rotary blaster and found the blaster to be more effective. I have created a build with 11 activations that includes 3 AT-RT's but only has 4 RT's and 3 RCST's, but I haven't got the extra models yet, I might just proxy them to see how the build runs first. What is your reasoning behind the Commando full teams as opposed to Strike Teams? My thinking is firepower and numbers for wounds? When I ran full teams I kept them hanging back fear of them becoming early victims, but then moved them into range 3 for the firepower of the group. Well I did know that I can combine different weapons in to the same pool, it's just you lose high velocity which then makes the snipers kind of redundant aside from the extra dice in your attack pool. You say it hardly comes into play? Is that because hardly any dodge tokens are about? Why Recon for Luke? I would have thought it more impottant to keep him alive than get him up the table quickly, Scout 1 doesn't really get you that far. I have built about 20 different Luke builds and bought alot more units since my last posting so alot of testing is happening. Originally my plan was each time I purchase I was going for 1 Imperial and 1 Rebel, normally I like playing the bad guys but the rebels just seem so diverse I enjoy playing them. So far I have Luke, Leia and Han. 4 Rebel Trooper Units 1 Fleet Trooper Unit 2 Commando Units 1 pathfinder Unit 1 AT-RT 1 T-47 1 Lanspeeder. So, alot of playtesting ahead, not to metion painting. Again, thanks for all the help and views.
  7. Hi, I have just got in to Legion and loving it :), I have a few questions about the use of Rebel Snipers and how best to use them. My current build includes 2 x Rebel Commando Teams each consisting of the following; Rebel Commandos DLT-19 Sniper Overwatch TargetingScopes My initial theory was they were going to be priority targets for the Imperial player which is why I took Commandos instead of strike teams, I figured the more the enemy has to kill the longer they would be on the table. With the upgrade Overwatch I planned to have them on standby (once in postion) all through the game and use targeting scopes for that extra die re-roll. I was using ALL the key words on the cards for all weapons as per the rules. But as I was playing, a lot of my build and upgrades became redundant. Below is my interpretation of the rules which brought me to that conclusion. OVERWATCH - Overall this would have worked well, but I found I was not putting my troops on standby as there were always targets of opportunity and constant threats that I needed to get rid of. Standby only seems useful if you have no targets to shoot at. DLT-19 Sniper - HIGH VELOCITY & PIERCE 1 - This is where the plan fell down, originally I was using the All keywords contribute to the attack rules as per the rules reference and I was killing everything in sight using Sharpshooter, Precise 1, High Velocity and Pierce 1. Then I read the HIGH VELOCITY rules again and it says "While attacking, if each weapon in your attack pool has HIGH VELOCITY, the defender cannot spend dodge tokens. So to me, the sniper weapon is the only one that can contribute HIGH VELOCITY to the attack and therefore to benefit I would have to do seperate attack pools. I found there was normally only ever 1 target of opportunity so I had to decide whether to use the team or just the sniper for the attack. A sniper rolling 2 dice, sharpshooter reducing cover by 1, high velocity for the anti dodge, then pierce 1 to cancel a defence die, targeting scopes are redundant as I only roll 2 dice, so lets say I roll 2 criits, enemy rolls 2 defends, I cancel one and get a guarenteed kill unless it is a Commander OR 4 Rebel Commandos rolling 4 dice, sharpshooter reducing cover by 1, HV and Pierce 1 are not included, targeting scopes for the added die just incase of misses. Let's say 4 crits, enemy rolls 4 defends no guarenteed kill. Because I was only ever getting one taret in my scopes I didn't want to have to decide on which one to fire, so I decided to go with Strike Teams instead, for the price of 2 Commando units (plus upgrades) I can get 3 strike teams and I equipped them with endurance to control suppression. QUESTION : Suppression will give me cover 1, is this classed as light cover? And will this stack with Low Profile giving me cover 2? I have been playing on the premise that it does. I have yet to test this build. Also, with my 2 Commando unit builds I only get 8 activations, where as with a few minor adjustments with a 3 x Strike Team build I get 10 activations. The below lists are just for reference so you know what I was and intend to work with. OLD BUILD (8 activations) Luke - Force Reflexes (for the doge), Jedi Mind Trick (to try and suppress / panic) and Emergency Stims (keep forgetting to use it, lol) 3 x RT w/Z-6 2 x RC - DLT-19 Sniper, Overwatch, Targeting Scopes AT-RT w/ Rotary Cannon 1 x Airspeeder w/Outer Rim Speeder Jockey, Ax-108 Ground Buzzer ( I was running this straight through the enmy lines so needed as much cover as pos) NEW BUILD (10 activations) Luke - Force Reflexes (for the doge), Jedi Mind Trick (to try and suppress / panic) and Emergency Stims 3 x RT w/Z-6 1 x RT 3 x RC Strike Teams - Endurance (to control suppression) AT-RT w/ Rotary Cannon 1 x Airspeeder w/Outer Rim Speeder Jockey, (lose the ground buzzer) I was thinking of losing the extra Trooper unit and include a medic unit to run along side the Strike teams in case of casualties, and then add an extra trooper to the other 2 trooper units.
  8. I've had some really good solo games, I think it is actually surprising how random a game can turn out, when I started playing I initially thought I would naturally end up using only half a table because I couldn't be bothered to walk round to the other side, but the amount of times you end up utilizing ALL the playing area is unreal. I've tried different tactics with different ships and upgrades trying to improve builds with my current force, and it ends up so random. Well after the butt kicking I got the other week I decided to get the IG-2000 expansion simply for the upgrade cards, I will set up squad build with it in but my focus is on my Firespray, but some of the upgrades are bad ***. I've been playing a Firespray / Lambda build lately, I wasn't impressed with the Lambda, but a chap I played said I was playing it too aggressively for a support craft. So I switched a few upgrades and it tried out different tactics and it is sort of ok, not a build I would go into a tourny though. As for Attack Wing, yes the movement templates are the same, in fact if you never knew who manufacted each game you would think they were made by the same company, the games are still based on points though, it's only the initial training mission where you don't have points. Each ship plus upgrades would be around 40 pts, so in a 100 point battle you might get 2 - 3 ships depending on what upgrades yo choose. My focus is on X-Wing at the minute though, but I had to buy it though, £8 is a real bargain even if I don't play it that often.
  9. I actually find it quite easy to play solo, I just just do all the manouvres for all the imperials, blank my mind for a few seconds (which isn't very hard for me), then just go for a manouvre as if I didn't know what the imperials were planning. I used to play a lot of chess against myself as well. Anyway, I had my first game against a real person Tuesday evening, I got my butt served to me on a platter, lol. I forgot to set up a decent 100 pt force and had to run with what I have been practicing with, 3 Tie Fighters, 2 Tie f/o's and 1 Tie Int, he had 2 IG2000, good game though. So when I got home I went on this fleet build site to see I could get for next time, I thought I wouldn't be able to get anything serious for a while what with all the TT games I am after. I went in to a gaming shop only to buy some card holder folders and ened up buying the Slave 1, VT-49, an A-Wing, Bolt Action Starter pack and nearly forgot what I actually went in for. I need to stay away from shops. I also picked up Star Trek Attack Wing for £8 from Waterstones :).
  10. Wow, bloomin' eck, loads of info, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this topic, especially all the posts on this page, it has brought a lot of clarity, I won't quote and post a reply to everything so I'll just keep it short. I forgot to mention about the mines being from the TFA core mission set, but you have answered that for me, so not obstacles The upgrade (only) cards that are for sale are these just cards the other players don't want or they legitimate cards you can buy from a distributor? As for my collection I received my Vanilla Core set today, I have been on a fleet builder for the last week so have lots of 100 pts fleets to prep for. I'll be playing my first solo game with upgrades this weekend now that I have a lot of the stuff in my head. I've even started designing a scenario that I need to try out, too much to do in so little time. Thanks again all, muchly appreciated.
  11. Again, thanks for all the replies everyone, it's helped a lot. Where are you guys getting the info about mines though, the only thing I can in the game is in the mission guide, and it just mentions about detonating them and shooting them. Now I can understand it would be classed as an object but is there a hidden source of info somewhere or was it just a hose rule that came in to play and everyone accepted it? Anyway, on a less questionable note, I got my first couple of expansions yesterday, an X-Wing and a Tie Fighter. I ordered the vanilla Core rules the other day and should be with me tomorrow. It was bloody hard work trying to find a copy that was not going to cost a lifetime of income :/, I also have a Tie Interceptor on order plus a Tie Advanced, so will have quite a good starter collection, so thumbs up.
  12. As it doesn't say anything in the reference book about mines as obstacles I assumed they were NOT so I just moved my ships through them. Thanks for the clarification on the critical, I just read up more on the actions as well, so all good. I've been playing every night thus far, can't win as the rebels yet, but on the mine mission I do brilliantly. I am hopefully or potentially going to buy a lot more ships at the end of the month so I should be able to field a substantial and varied force. Still haven't played with upgrades yet.
  13. Ok, a couple more Q's. Are mines obstacles? If so what effect will they have if your ships passes through them or lands on them? I am playing the tut mission 1 and my X-wing template passed through a mine. In the reference rules it only mentions 2 obstacles, asteroids and debris clouds of which I know that the effect is. Clarification about Console Fire Critical card. A tie fighter had lost all shields, suffered 2 damage and received the critical Console Fire, this card states At the start of each combat round roll 1 attack dice. On a damage icon receive 1 damage. Then at the bottom it says ACTION : Flip this card face down. The first part is easy, but the action part, is that a choice? So I can keep the card and risk getting damage each turn, or I can choose to flip the card over as an action and take the 1 damage? If I choose it as an action does it replace my standard action or can I still perform a standard ship action as well? Or, have I got this totally wrong?
  14. Thanks again for the later replies, I'll keep all that n mind, just have to play a few games with other players now and get all this in real time.
  15. Hi there, I just started playing X-Wing and in the process of making some squad lists after my initial purchases. I was looking at the stats for the X-Wing and Z-95 Headhunter, they have exactly the same stats with the lowest rank pilots, the only difference is the Z-95 is a whole lot cheaper in points. So would the only advantage for fielding the Z-95 be that you can field more ships? Obviously I am not taking into account any upgrades, this is base ship for ship.
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