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  1. Wow! That was a Lotta work. More than I expected anyone to do. Thanks! A couple things. According to lore a warp Talon cannot use ranged weapons or any weapons besides their talons . Also they are supposedly so warped they cannot speak in a recognizable way, but I would allow them. To understand speech. I just got a set of warp talons for my CSM army which is why I learned about them.
  2. OK here's the story I'm stealing. Btw this series was good and you might get some ideas watching it. Now Dominus nox became a legend, a boogie man that parents used to scare children into being good. He was also something of an object of veneration among the downtrodden because he killed a lot of officials and many wish he'd return abd do it again. So this guy had a legendary, boogie man type vision of a night lords warp Talon. A minor warp entity used it as a template. It did find the original DN armor and use it as a model to base itself on. The armor was displayed for a couple centuries as an example of the horrors facing those who were outside the emperor's light but was. Locked away in a warded vault as. Too many people were seeing it as an agent of vengeance against the rulers. I talked to a friend and the conversation gave me ideas. One being that if the players get into the vault they will find the armor disintegrating. This is odd as ceramite can last for eons.This was a warp Talon marine, tho, a creature heavily mutated by the warp. Being cut off from the warp by the wards caused it to decay, essentially. This could be a clue that one way to beat it would ve to trap it in a warded chamber abd cut it off from the warp. I was thinking according to tge legend\history dominus nox was killed by... Something. An inquisitor kill team, a bolt round to the backpack , a shot into his jump pack engines, something kinda specific tge players might have to replicate. Maybe they need to find a specific weapon, something holy or blessed, maybe a martyr killed DN with a power sword that was entombed with her. Maybe they need that. Or an exorcism of some sort. I may leave some options open.
  3. I an working on a scenario for DH2 and I'll cop to it being based on "the spanish moss murders" ep of "kolchak the night stalker". Basically, during abby's last black crsade a lone night lords warp talon ended up on a civilized world and terrorized it for years befor being killed. He became a legend, the dominus nox. His armor was displayed in a museum for many years as an example of the emperor's triumph until people realized a cult was praying to it because the dominus nox had killed many hated figures of authority that oppressed the masses. Many prayed for it to return and kill some of the current ruling class. Many parents used him as a bogey man, telling them the domnus nox would come and punish the evil if they didn't stay close tot he emperor for his protection. Well, several centuries, or longer, later, government officials are conducting experiments on criminals to control human dreams, to force people to dream of nothing but compliance, obedience, submission and servitude as is their proper place. Most subjects are crushed into submission but some rebel and are kept unconscious for months while the experimenters conduct their experiment to force them to dream correctly. One with undetected latent psy potential is driving to such agony and insanity by this that his mind breaks away into the warp while his body still lives. A minor entity, not a daemon of the 4 gods, comes thru this hidden portal and derives form from his mind, taking the image of the dominus now, hos vision of a night lords warp talon, and begins killing people this man hated. Other gang members, abusive arbites, judicial officials, etc. Word spreads that the dominus nox has returned. Preachers cream on street the plant's wicked ways had caused the emperor to withdraw his protection, etc. The players may track down the victims and find they all had connections to one man, and find he's in this dream control experiment. Waking him from his induced coma will no work, he will die as domnus nox kills him to protect itself. Enough people believe in it now it can sustain itself without him, for many dream of their abusers and oppressors being punished. So i have some questions I could use a bit of help with. 1. what stats would you give dominus now to reflect an idea of a night lord warp talon but not be a TPK? 2. How to stop dominus nox, which in many ways is almost a mindless entity but in some ways a cunning predator?
  4. Has anyone worked out stats for a primaris marine in deathwatch? I was thinking that death watch would be perfect to field test primaries marines for a century or two before mass deployment. I mean I'm sure the new boys weren't sent out without a lot of testing and while units of primaris marines were surely sent out on isolated missions as field tests they had to integrate with regular marines too. Deathwatch duty would be perfect to do this. A primaris marine is delivered to deathwatch by an inquisitor as a blackshield with orders not to ask of his past. He serves with various marines against various enemies in very unusual conditions and on demanding missions..... Can you honestly think of a better filed test for the primaris marines and their equipment? I'd bet the primaris were tested for a long time before they were released in dark imperium. Deathwatch duty would be a logical choice for this. So I could see a primaris marine in deathwatch as a mysterious blackshield who comes vetted by the inquisition. Any ideas on stats?
  5. Sounds a little like something I do. I created "contacts" for players. Contacts are people who know a little about the inquisition. They've had some connection to an inquisitorial operation or two and are believed to be of good character to some degree in some ways, and may have some useful knowledge or other useful traits. They may not be suitable for the role of an acolyte for various reasons but still able and willing to be of use. Sounds like you made this guy a contact. He might provide useful info to players or even lend them some muscle now and then. Possibly he could slip them a few weapons at times.
  6. The vignette in "Enemies Within" featured the acolytes recruiting a member of a cold trade gang into their ranks. They did say the Big I would have to approve it but they pretty cleary felt the 'recruit' was skilled enough to be useful and that she was redeemable. When I read thru "dark pursuits” I could imagine some players I knew, or even myself as a player, probing out the guard who's employer died to see if he might be useful and willing to join the players. Having an employer die on him could look bad on his record even if he were blameless. He might be willing to help the players pursue the killers to redeem his record. Or the players might offer him some short term employment. So how would you do recruiting NPCs into the band? I am pretty sure they would at worst have to be criminal scum who were not willing heretics or traitors. Perhaps lower level criminals who may not have known their leaders were chaos cultists or traitors and maybe taken back a bit when they discover the truth. I suppose an inquisitor might tolerate this as long as the players took responsibility for the recruit. How would you use them? As redshirted monsterbait to serve as ablative armor for the players? A ready source of new PCs in event of an unfortunate turn?
  7. I was wondering about rules for mines detecting people and people avoiding them.
  8. To be on topic, I still say a basic bolt weapon in and of itself is no more complex than a shotgun, be it pump or semi auto. Space meries and SoBs add a lot of stuff to teir bolters like gene print readers, auto sens links, tarteters, diagnostic circuits, holy inscriptions, etc. The basic weapon is not hard to make, some gangers can have a bolt pistol in DH. The (rhymes with rich) is going to be getting bolt ammo which seems to be very complex and hard to make. You might need to accept unreliable level ammo that might fail to detonate or even detonate in the gun on a 00. Or you could make it without the dreaded tearing quality which will reduce damage in general. Or both. That might make it easier to produce or acquire. But cheer up, bunkie, at least you're not making a plasma weapon. In that case the weapon itself is a hellish nightmare to make and getting reliable ammo for it is going to be terribly hard.
  9. Do any of the ffg 40k games have rules for minefields?
  10. If it's a sanctioned psyker then one assumes da emprah sends him new powers at his divine will as the psyker proves himself worthy.. At least that would be the official line.
  11. So your skill would only work if you had a specific xenos race skill? Might as well just take the skill as is then. Now I like making requisites like tech use and possibly F.lore maybe Admech, but the whole point is to make a single skill that just covers xenos tech solely. There's no point to it if you still need specific race xenos skills.
  12. Would you consider forbidden lore xenostech as a fair skill? It would be different than forbidden lore xenos which needs specialization by race, in that it would bit cover a race's history, biology, tactics, etc. It would just cover various types of xenostech and only their tech. So you could ID a device as eldar, ork, tau, fra'al, etc and possibly with multiple successes get some inkling of what it may be or do but the skill only covers tech of various races not an in depth analysis of a race as a whole.
  13. You know, this sort of situation makes for great roleplaying. The players are sent in on a "routine" (BWAHAHAHAAA!!!) investigation of a seemingly minor (HAW!!!HAW!!!HAW!!! STOP YOU'RE KILLING ME!) situation and find themselves so far in over their heads the light of the first day hasn't reached where they are yet. So they can either stand and die to no avail without even giving the menace a hiccup or retreat and get word back to base so action can be taken to limit the damage. Sure people will die while they retreat and summon aid. Many, many more will die if the menace is not stopped. So the players get word to the authorities, and face judgement. Their actions are analyzed, they are interrogated and judged to be in the right. Their actions are not based on cowardice but wisdom and they acted properly. So they acted properly and did their jobs and some people still call them cowards, of course. Welcome to the 41st millennium. While this damend either way kind if situation coming up now and then may annoy some players at times I think it's a side effect of the fact DH is more of an open RPG setting than like OW or DW. In those settings the players usually have very clearly defined mission and less open roleplaying options . In DW it's much more open. Players might be sent out to accomplish A only to end up going thru B,C,D,E... and end up facing a damned daemon after being asked to look into an odd murder or two. One thing about me as a GM is I would not saddle the players with a prick for an inquisitor. If their acts are right and just he will stand with them. Think Eisenhorn or Ravenor.
  14. Hey jargal, while you served up a great plate of 40k grimdark with this idea, let me add a little special 40k sauce to it. A priest working with the players knows they are right but knows that the arbites are hard to convince, so he offers up his own congregation to be killed in order to provide proof to help the players convince the arbites. Maybe he has a small temple with a small congregation of the poor, elderly, orphans, etc and he offers them up to the players. Maybe he even has a stock of "emperor's mercy" on hand he mixes into a batch of communion wine he passes around to his flock to make grotesquely mutilating their bodies easier for the players and desecrates his own temple to spare the players the sin of doing so. But in then end the faithful congregation was spared the horror of being devoured by daemons, their deaths served to defeat evil and they died in grace. That's grimdark a'la 40k!
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