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  1. Hey, sometimes it is an acolytes duty to survive and report back on what's going on. It's better to report a daemon has been unleashed and the grey knights are needed than to pointlessly die fighting it and leave the inquisition in the dark until it's too late.
  2. Well, they could have hidden in it and battened down the hatches....
  3. ROTFL!!!
  4. Yeah jargal I was just about to point out tat a commonly available weapon equipped with better ammo can be comparable to a Bolt gun and a lot easier to equip. Your handcannon plus manstoppers was one example. Yes the bolt pistol has a greater ROF and tearing but it still quite deadly. Also consider a common autogun with some alternative types of ammo and how effective it can be while firing 10 round bursts. A long las or sniper rifle can score extra d10's of damage making it far more effective than a Holt gun to a skilled shooter anth a good roll. I think people get obsessed with bolters due to "marine envy" but you can survive and succeed with leas bolters and more wits.
  5. If someone just wants a basic bolt weapon, period, I'd say the gun in and of itself is a simple design not much harder than a shotgun or auto pistol. I mean I just read my copy of inquisitors handbook and it had some bootleg bolt pistols in it on pg. 109 that were very elaborately made and expensive, but if you leave off the fancy stuff they add on for prestige and status a basic bolt weapon may not be hard to make. In fact I might even say a basic bolt weapon is no more mechanically complex than a pump action shotgun albeit made with higher quality metal and to higher standards and tighter tolerances. The two issues I as a gm would hit you with are finding a machine shop capable of making the gun. And again unless looked at carefully you might Get away with claiming you're making a high quality shotgun as I could see a pump action shotgun style weapon firing bolt type shells. But even harder, IMHO, would be making the bolt rounds themselves. Personally I think making a single bolt round would be much harder than making a gun to fire it. I mean, solid fuel rocket propulsion, shaped charge armor piercing tip, explosive charge meant to penetrate into the target and detonate due to a "mass reactive detonator"....Yeah, likely the individual bolt round would be much harder to make than a gun to fire it. So with me as a gm, you might find it relatively easy to make a weapon capable of firing bolt ammo even if you have to rack it every shot, but find it hellishly hard to get ammo for it. Now I might be nice and allow some clever underground gunsmiths to make a 10 gauge shotgun round that did damage fairly comparable to a civilian bolter with shorter range. Relatively expensive of course. And once these poor man's bolter rounds came to notice, possibly by blowing nasty holes in some judges carapace armor, you'd likely have the arbites and possibly the mechanicus after you.
  6. Personally after a bad experience with a "little Hitler" player whose goal was to turn the game into his private power trip and dominate the other players I am very hesitant about having a player "in charge". Also if a player tries turning into another " player as master of the group" i'd take his character out. This player was a very immature and selfish bully who I suspect had an extra y chromosome . Of course the game group I joined was pretty bad. They let him do it.
  7. That's an excellent point Jargal. I have to remember it. Good call.
  8. Ok, to be clearer: what I'm asking about it not about requisitioning a SoB, space marine or even a grey knight. This is about the players contacting the Chief adeptus arbites and saying something like "In 18 hours at the beginning of the feast of the emperor's ascension, 10,000 chaos cultists will commit a mass suicide rite in the depths of the under hive, where they are already gathering. This ritual will allow creatures from the warp to enter their bodies, possess them and create a daemon army that will, in a blasphemous mockery of the feast of the emperor's ascension, devour this hive and every living soul in it. You need to Marshall a force to go in their and kill most of them before this can happen right emperor damned now." One trope in gaming is the kill point meme. The big baddie has a kill point you have to put a shot into to save the day. The (autocensor won't let me say the word) in smaug's armor, the death star's thermal exhaust port, the one charismatic cult leader with the bullseye on his forehead. That kill point meme has a long white beard. I wanted to change it. By the time the acolytes get involved the big baddie has grown beyond having a kill point. The plot is in motion and ten thousand cultists are already committed to it. Even killing the hierophants of the cult won't stop it now. All that will is killing several thousand culters before the appointed time, period. The players cannot do it. Only a massive amount of force will. The players win by getting that force to mobilize and act. The characters get to watch the fireworks, and possibly go thru the ashes and collect any nasty relics that shouldn't be left laying around. I kinda wanna break the kill point meme here. Try something different.
  9. That sounds about right. Thanks.
  10. Any idea on how a tech priest character can make sacred unguents in the field? I assume forbidden lore adeptus mechanicus is necessary. Maybe he needs it to know the tech blessings needed to sanctify the oil. If a tech priest has tech use +10, forbidden lore: chymistery and forbidden lore: adeptus mechanicus could he make secured unguents?
  11. Jargal made a good case for acolytes not being meant to fight serious menaces like daemons themselves. OK some players might like beating a daemon for those big XP awards but yeah, others might think it's more important to warn local authorities about a major menace. So how do you go about calling in the cavalry if you find something that takes a lot of power to deal with? Adeptus arbites are an obvious first choice. Especially if dealing with normal heretical filth or even xenos. With flamers they might deal with minor daemonic issues. Same with local PDF. But if you call them in to deal with even minor daemonic issues they may all end up being killed for security reasons. With daemons, a force of adeptus soritas might be a good choice. I'm not talking about using influences to bring in someone, BTW, I mean alerting local authorities to do their jobs. Any ideas on that?
  12. thanks jargal. BTW I always thought it bit that the slaugth were not covered in deathwatch. You know, the game about people who specialized in dealing with xenos threats?
  13. Well i've always thought the inquisition was high on omnipotent. I mean, a freaking inquisitor can declare exterminatus on a planet. I also thought they had access to high level resources, as evidenced by inquisitors wearing power armor, toting plasma pistols, etc.
  14. Can someone add a listing for the slaugth? (Like how do you pronounce it?) I'd like to have more enemies that aren't damned daemons...
  15. Yeah, blessed weapons/ammo only affect daemonic enemies. Xenos or ordinary heretics, it's useless. Of course the people writing the dh2 adventures seem to think every encounter has to end with a daemonic enemy. The adventure in the rulesbook, the one in the gm kit, the one in the adventure I just ordered. I kinda wrote smelt rat hunt just to leave out daemons....