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  1. Hi Armandhammer, I'll answer here the question you made in my topic about clear bases, because clear bases are the topic on this topic so I'll enrich the conversation made here. I'm located in Europe so I don't know if some materials are aviable where are you from. The bases I use are made by an italian team, you can contact them only by facebook, asking for the price chart, you'll see they are pretty cheap: https://www.facebook.com/magicworksgames/ I always remove models from the base after I paint and spray with a protection coat them, this way I do not risk to stain the bases, so you need to be extra careful removing the original bases, always cut your nails and ideally use a latex glove. To remove model from the base I usually use a simple sharp cutter or modelling cutter, the sharpness is the most important thing, the sharper the blade is, the esier and safer is to cut. Support the edge of the base on an anti-cut surface and support the blade at the base of the model where you want to cut, then bend the handle of the blade up and down with a gentle force, slowly the blade should begin to cut. Some minatures are a pain to remove from the base, like royal guards or AT-ST, I'll suggest in those cases to remove the base piece by piece with a pair of modelling nippers and a modelling saw. Then you need to make a nice surface to glue, if you made a clean cut with the blade you do not deed more work, otherway use a modelling file to match imperfections. The next step is the actual gluing, I use Loctite Super Attak Power Flex, always put the glue on the models, never on the bases. Put the glue in the central part of the surface you want to glue, this way you minimize the risk of foggig, who, by the way, may occur if some glue manage to spill out. All cyanoacrylic glues fog but there is no alternative as good, at least not that I know. Always glue all the parts who will stand on the base, like both feet, etc. , this will guarantee a much stronger grip. Press with a decise streght the model on the base for 10-15 secs, count them in your head, try to press near the parts you want to glue, for example above the shoes if you are gluing the foots. Do not press too hard or the glue can both spill out or the entire model may "slip" on the base ruining it whith the glue. If some fog occurs, you can remove it when is still fresh using your own nail, try to push that at the base of the model do not try to remove it from the base by spreading on the whole base. Now you ave your model glued, wait 24 hours before handling it, and keep in mind is GLUED to the base, not same mold as it was previously, so, despite the adhesion is pretty strong, always use extra caution managing it.
  2. These miniatures are masterpieces! I am seriously interested in your models, do you have a public site where you put pics of some of your other works? it would be wonderful if you had made in the past painting guides on how to achieve so realistic look, or guides to suggest to a painter who want to improve like me.
  3. Hi I want to share my Core Set heroes! If I want to post other painted models is better to update only one topic or may I open an other?
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