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  1. themightyhedgehog

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    I've flown to Regionals. Flown to Nationals. Driven 3 hours for a store champ.
  2. themightyhedgehog

    Springfield, Ohio Regional

    Skipray Blastboats are my absolute favorite...
  3. themightyhedgehog

    Springfield, Ohio Regional

    Oh My Dear Lord, what is happening in the world... 5 SATO??? No Rieeken? It's like he got nerfed or something!!!!!!!
  4. themightyhedgehog

    Northern CA Armada group?

    I think it’s either Tuesday or Wednesday in the evening... not sure what time. You could call the store...
  5. themightyhedgehog

    Glossary of Armada slang & abbreviations

    I like to call the MC75 a Surfboard.
  6. themightyhedgehog

    To regionals BYE. Or not.

    I usually say no... but the last two regionals I have been to I lost the first game bad... still ended up 4th and 6th so final results not bad...
  7. themightyhedgehog

    Northern CA Armada group?

    Both of you should come to the Mountain View regional in the 26th! @Thornin @Senior Cardinal Ignato
  8. themightyhedgehog

    1/26/19 Armada Regional at Game Kastle Mountain View

    Hoping to see @thecactusman17 @Norsehound @Mig1921 @hulldown, maybe even @MandalorianMoose. Sound off if you plan on coming!
  9. themightyhedgehog

    1/26/19 Armada Regional at Game Kastle Mountain View

    Check in at 10-11. Game starts at 11.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/278440753014568/?ti=icl Registration is live for the regional at Game Kastle Mtn View!
  11. themightyhedgehog

    Northern CA Armada group?

    Also look for sf Bay Area armada group on Facebook @Thornin
  12. themightyhedgehog

    Northern CA Armada group?

    There is a group that meets regularly on Wednesday’s? at fundemonium in rohnert park.
  13. themightyhedgehog

    Corellian Conflict Admirals

    I’d do Raddus with a profundity, ex racks hammerhead, admonition. Second, Dodonna is always good. Ackbar is fun, you get to build up to a good fleet. So I’d make a 500 pt fleet with all the upgrades and then drop points from there.
  14. themightyhedgehog

    Fourth Annual Star Wars: Armada Vassal World Cup (2019)

    @BiggsIRL I won’t be able to compete this year. So sorry!
  15. How many registrations do you have now? I registered, Now I just have to find an excuse to get up there...