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    Wave 6 finally shipping

    Yeah, especially when you hit the free shipping mark. It's like buying bulk at Costco ... and subsequently, I end up as a Level 9 CSI customer asking myself one of two things when the package arrives (sometimes both), "This is awesome! When and where can I get my next game in?" ... "Oh no, how do I make sure the FLGS manager doesn't find out what I've done?"
  2. I'm pretty confident that the IA app will be announced tomorrow along with the title of the first available campaign: Escapades in the Streets of Theed There will also be a new blister revealed: Jar Jar Binks And a couple command card reveals: Street Performer and Beloved by Children
  3. Hellfire33

    Why does FFG only care about OT?

    While there are some designs I didn't like, I agree with you on your main point. There is a lot to enjoy at a conceptual level with the PT era ... which opens the door for great storytellers to tap into.
  4. As a long time fan since childhood with way too many good and bad comics ... this would both excite me and terrify me. I've almost bought into both of Knight Model's miniature game (BMG is a great game), but their product is too difficult to grab in my area and I'm not willing to pay international shipping when I have too many other games that I fully support. Interestingly, I haven't heard about anybody picking up the license for Marvel RPGs since Margaret Weis & Cam Banks lost the license a few years back. Perhaps FFG picked up the non-collectible miniature gaming license, RPG license, and board games (however, I have no idea where or how Marvel's board game licenses work).
  5. Agreed. Great analogy!
  6. I've purchased two of every expansion ... the exception being Wave 1 (I only purchased 1 of each) cuz I already had multiple cores. I may go with just one of each this time, buuuut ......... I always buy 2.
  7. Hellfire33

    Wave 6 finally shipping

    Definitely. I lurked around my FLGS eyeing the core (I didn't want just one) and wave 1 for a number of months before CoolStuff had a 50% off sale on all their Armada stuff and I jumped. That initial buy-in helped me get started with the game and also helped me support my FLGS down the line.
  8. Hellfire33

    Any news for a Descent style app?

    I'm definitely hoping for the best on this. After playing Descent and Mansions of Madness with their respective apps, my group refuses to play Imperial Assault any other way, which is too bad since I've got everything painted up and begging to be played.
  9. Haha, Agreed. But yeah, difficult to trace exactly who came up with the idea originally outside of what gets reported ... SlashFilm reported, a couple months back or so, something along the lines of fan theories appearing as early as season 2 of Rebels (It could go as far back as Clone Wars for all I know), but I have no idea and probably won't go chasing reddits to figure it out . No matter the originator of the idea, Filoni did indeed throw some fuel on the fire: But then again, he seems to throw fuel on a lot of SW theories.
  10. There has also been a running fan theory, given further credence after the most recent Star Wars Celebration, that the white-bearded fellow below has been RetConned to be Rex.