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  1. Yeah, we're down to 2 active buys at our FLGS ... Kill Team and Sigmar dominate the local scene with other games sprinkled in. Nobody even purchased X-Wing 2.0 (and it used to be huge).
  2. I buy my Legion stuff from my FLGS, but I've had nothing but positive dealings with Miniature Market. Fwiw, their free shipping has sometimes been painfully slow (especially for orders I'm excited about), however, of late I've noticed preorders arriving in a very timely fashion and quicker turnarounds on my other orders.
  3. ICv2 has the non-collectible miniatures top 5 sellers for Spring 2018 "based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers." 1 Warhammer 40K Games Workshop 2 D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Minis WizKids 3 Warmachine Privateer Press 4 Star Wars Legion ANA/Fantasy Flight Games 5 Age of Sigmar Games Workshop
  4. Yep ... here's a link to the announcement
  5. I also posted this on the X-Wing Gen Con thread (or one of them anyway) ... But the first news I've seen in the lead up to Gen Con may be dishappointing to some who would like some kind of early confirmation that FFG is going to shell out an Armadian Dish full of Super Star Dishtoyers, Clone Wars dishstruction, and Squadron derfing -- doh -- dishing ... nerfing. Oh well, here it is: We've got one pre-event announcement in the lead up to FFG's In-Flight report: Here's a link.
  6. We've got one pre-event announcement in the lead up to FFG's In-Flight report: Here's a link.
  7. I just use a small pinch of blue poster tack so that I can change out my weapon loadout ... haven't had a problem thus far outside of the small price of removing the gun and tack and putting them away. At first, I got a small bit of chuckling and laughter at what I was doing, which surprised me cuz I'm not the first person to do this, but now they seem cool w/ it and some have even done the same
  8. Mandalorians ... Black Suns ... Droid Gotra (battle droids upset with the Empire for decommissioning them) ... Possibly Chiss ...
  9. I'd like to see some urban battles and terrain ... including Ring of Kafrene (i.e. Kafrene City) Plan to make a lot of my own terrain. That's my favorite part of this hobby.
  10. Currently, I still plan to play and paint IA, at least for the campaign mode but these models look pretty awesome and will be more satisfying to paint, imo.
  11. I am not a great painter but find the results more tolerable than unpainted (Walking Dead, IA, Batman Miniature Game, Runewars, Mansions, and even Axis and Allies all have been painted at one point or another). Personally, I wouldn't complain about pre-painted minis, however, I like the increased size of these Legion minis. The enjoyment of painting the larger miniatures of Runewars/BMG is incredibly increased compared to painting IA or Mansions. I'm excited for Legion.
  12. FFG is capable of supporting both games and having them both be financially viable. It really depends on how well Runewars players support the game; the games are quite different ... they'll scratch different wargaming itches depending on what types of gamer psoriasis you have.
  13. FFG does what FFG does. I neither believe it is my consumer's right to have a more durable box nor do I think I deserve a qualified box that meets my subjective cardboard preferences. However, I'd prefer a stronger/tougher/durable box that saves me the trouble of customizing it to meet my (possibly petty) preferences. As of right now I store miniatures in tuck boxes but keep all components in the core boxes; one is a Waiqar quick play box (with tokens, rulers, cards, discs) with another for the Daqan...my initial intention was to do the same for the Aymhelin forces ... nevertheless, no big deal, as I will cut the box up and use the artwork to make a new durable box. Done it before for other games and I will do it again.
  14. As I have gotten ever closer to finishing up the painting side of this game the game has been hitting the table a lot more over the past few weekends. At times I have been underwhelmed by hero performance but have also seen them be really effective depending on the scenario ... maneuverability and initiative really help them snag key positions and/or objectives. But like others have mentioned, their combat efficiency, against large units especially, doesn't seem to be all that great (definitely not like Monster/Heroes in Middle Earth SBG but I'm okay with this) ... although some well-timed and accurate strikes can be helpful in taking out tough upgrades, especially if you can flank an already engaged unit.
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