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  1. When maul starts running black sun/deathwatch etc he’s using a single blades lightsaber, while Savage has a dual bladed so there’s justification for lowering his damage out put and beef up his tactical ability if they where to make him a scum commander
  2. My thinking exactly. Djem so mastery is a nice back up for if he doesn’t one hit an opponent in combat, twinned with stance, am I able to one hit yes —> offensive stance. (Reroll to make sure one for nearby clones through exemplar) no —->defensive stance (dodge token for djem so, spare if it’s a really nasty attack, or for clones if not needed)
  3. Very excited to play hope and fear on the same model simply for puns. the two new force upgrades look good, not necessarily for anakin, but they will definitely open up some obi options, making it far easier for him to act as a bubble for clones. The command cards will turn anakin into a monster over the course of the game but that’s a lot of opportunities for suppression or making your plays seem obvious. excited though... this is where the fun begins
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