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  1. "You may" want to because you don't want to do the damage as the better characteristic. I just added a custom skill for Finesse and Precision. I saw on the wish list "Compact Print" is on the list. Is that for "custom" NPC cards? That would be a nice option when you have time. Thank you for all the work you've put into this.
  2. Flobio

    Dice Quick Reference

    I didn't see any quick reference cards for the dice symbols or dice for players. I'm going to be running a game for new players and wanted to hand something out. I thought I'd share. I have a black and white and color version. You can print 8 cards per sheet of paper. Dice Reference Card
  3. Flobio

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    OK thanks!
  4. Flobio

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Excellent resource! Thank you for all the time and effort compiling this for the community. I have 1 suggestion to put on the update list. Could you please mark talents that are only used by NPC's. During the episode of the Order 66 where they talked with the devs regarding the Dawn of the Rebellion source book, a question about NPC talents came up. The devs mentioned that NPC talents are not "balanced" for PC's to use. While you could allow PC's to have them, it would most likely "break" your game. By marking these GM's could make that choice for themselves. Since you list the source, it should be fairly easy for GM's to dig this info out so this is a low priority to me that could be added as you have time. Thank you for your consideration and hard work on this project.
  5. Flobio

    NPC Codex (Historical)

    The Time Machine or Back to the Future?
  6. Thanks! My game went pretty well. The PC's talked Trex into letting them on board the Krayt Fang and that Teemo wants them all space side ASAP. Their deception roll succeeded with a threat. So I had Trex agree but only if the wookie fought him. The wookie agreed and we Trex won and the PC's escaped. Trex was stuffed into the airlock once they got away.
  7. I understand why mechanically the storm troopers show up in the beginner box game. Some how I missed their connection to the players. My first game it was an issue with my players. My second game, I was up front that I didn't know why in this story that storm troopers showed up and the second group was fine with them. (First group were my kids and the second group is friends from work.) Did I miss something in the character bios or the GM book? I couldn't find anything that connected them to the PC's other than the line where they pointed to them.
  8. My thought was not to give a way to game for 2 force pips in that case. My thinking was that they won't be great at this tradition to start and give the players a chance to reconcile the community they are part of. I like this modification too. Thanks for posting.
  9. Thank you all for the kind words and advice. GroggyGolem - I agree that using only dark side pips would still require using a destiny point, in "balance" I wouldn't require it. I can see how conflict could easily get out of hand if dark side was doubled. Since you gain 1 strain for using dark side as a light side user I could see 2 strain instead of 2 conflict for using "unbalanced" dark side pips. Jayc007 - I like that back story. KRKappel - Yeah I was going to use the dice roller app for this myself since I only have a beginner box set of dice.
  10. Flobio

    Custom talents

    I was thinking of doing something similar. How did it work out for your table?
  11. I'm working on a F&D campaign and wanted a setting where force users could be free to use the force with out going in the past or fearing inquisitors (at least for a while). So I made up a colony of force users out in wild space. I'm not much on the EU, so if I hit upon someone else's work please let me know. I'm hoping to start this soon. Idona Watchers - Rejected by the Jedi, Hunted by the Sith, Watching the balance of the Force Kam'tel Idona was a Jedi master who survived the Sith wars and saw the formation of the new Republic. She was obsessed with bring balance to the force and meditated daily on the prophecy of the chosen one. During these meditations she had 12 visions of detail about one possible future about the chosen one. She took her visions and recommendations about changing this future to the Jedi order. While interested in her visions they rejected her reforms for the order and forbid her from speaking of the visions to anyone else. She however could not be silenced. She convinced 5 other Jedi of her ideas and they formed council she called the Watchers. When the council found out about her actions they removed her and her "watchers" from the order. After removal from the order her and the watchers moved to a new colony in the far reaches of the outer rim. They began teaching others in the ways of the force. They focused on using to the force in what they thought was a balanced way. As their powers grew, a Sith lord came to the colony to learn their ways. The watchers however found him out and exposed him as Sith. Threatened by their power he killed Kam'tel. He allowed the others to leave as long as they left the galaxy to never return. With this they left their colony and ventured out to wild space. Now they have a new colony established where they have survived some 1000 years. The society while cut off from the rest of the known galaxy has grown and thrived. Force users abound in a time when only the Emperor can freely use his force powers. Even some of the original prophecies have come true. The watchers are now a group of peace keepers in the colony. Their main objective is to find those who have fallen out of balance with the force. They take these people to the temple where balance can be restored for them. Rules for Watchers: To use the force in "balance" watchers role 2 force dice for each force rating. They combine the results of 1 light side and 1 dark side to equal 1 pip. If both dice are all one side, then use the smallest result. Benefits: Reduce the cost of Foresee, Sense and Seek and their upgrades by 5 to a minimum of 5. Drawbacks (30XP): Using only light side force points results in 1 conflict point. Using only dark side force points results in 2 conflict points.