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  1. Flobio

    A Melting Plot!!!

    Finished season 1! Awesome work. I really enjoyed the choices the players made with their characters. Keeping the editing to the narrative and limiting the table talk was a good idea. While I enjoy the table talk, sometimes I zone out during the table talk (I'm usually working while listening) and then miss important narrative points. It's a hard balance to strike and for your format I think you did pretty good. If you ever do a Patreon, table talk extras or uncut version could be tier reward.
  2. Flobio

    A Melting Plot!!!

    3 episodes in and I'm hooked. Being able to hear everyone at the same level is such a nice thing to have in a podcast. RP, good play (use of the dice results) and keeping with the concept has been what has drawn me in. I have a new binge podcast. Thanks!
  3. Flobio

    I bought it!

    It's Splig, King of ALL Goblins. I played him with a Negan voice (AMC's Walking Dead) and put a verbal comma after All. Lucile was a Magma worm which he my PC's because He can't have adventurers coming after him. Poor Lucile never had a chance.
  4. Flobio

    I bought it!

    I don't know, 2 L's at the beginning of a name is kind of scary.
  5. Super! Happy to support when I can. Thanks for the updates and keeping this such a great resource.
  6. Is the settings tab supposed to work? I can't in put into it on the new custom tab. Everything else seems to be working. I love the changes. Thank you for all your hard work on this project.
  7. Any plans for magic implements and magical items?
  8. Flobio

    Pokémon, a simple version?

    Reading the thread I had a crazy idea. Not sure how or if it will work. Why not let PC's be Pokemon. The party could be 1-3 and their "buddy" Pokemon. In a semi-related combat idea would have the trainer would roll a leadership or "trainer" roll at the beginning of combat. A success creates a bond where the Pokemon will earn a boost for following their trainer or two setback for doing their own thing. From there opposed rolls for each round of combat. A failed bond roll just means no extra rewards for following their trainer. I would think 1 set back would be needed if the Pokemon is doing their own thing.
  9. "You may" want to because you don't want to do the damage as the better characteristic. I just added a custom skill for Finesse and Precision. I saw on the wish list "Compact Print" is on the list. Is that for "custom" NPC cards? That would be a nice option when you have time. Thank you for all the work you've put into this.
  10. Flobio

    Dice Quick Reference

    I didn't see any quick reference cards for the dice symbols or dice for players. I'm going to be running a game for new players and wanted to hand something out. I thought I'd share. I have a black and white and color version. You can print 8 cards per sheet of paper. Dice Reference Card
  11. Flobio

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    OK thanks!
  12. Flobio

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    Excellent resource! Thank you for all the time and effort compiling this for the community. I have 1 suggestion to put on the update list. Could you please mark talents that are only used by NPC's. During the episode of the Order 66 where they talked with the devs regarding the Dawn of the Rebellion source book, a question about NPC talents came up. The devs mentioned that NPC talents are not "balanced" for PC's to use. While you could allow PC's to have them, it would most likely "break" your game. By marking these GM's could make that choice for themselves. Since you list the source, it should be fairly easy for GM's to dig this info out so this is a low priority to me that could be added as you have time. Thank you for your consideration and hard work on this project.
  13. Flobio

    NPC Codex (Historical)

    The Time Machine or Back to the Future?
  14. Thanks! My game went pretty well. The PC's talked Trex into letting them on board the Krayt Fang and that Teemo wants them all space side ASAP. Their deception roll succeeded with a threat. So I had Trex agree but only if the wookie fought him. The wookie agreed and we Trex won and the PC's escaped. Trex was stuffed into the airlock once they got away.
  15. I understand why mechanically the storm troopers show up in the beginner box game. Some how I missed their connection to the players. My first game it was an issue with my players. My second game, I was up front that I didn't know why in this story that storm troopers showed up and the second group was fine with them. (First group were my kids and the second group is friends from work.) Did I miss something in the character bios or the GM book? I couldn't find anything that connected them to the PC's other than the line where they pointed to them.