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  1. Just a thought, but wouldn't cannons and siege type weapons be Operating or Mechanics? Gunnery is still an Agility based which I always took as used for the fine motor skills needed to aim. These weapons are more of an Int based art to hit.
  2. DriveThru RPG has an app to manage your downloads too. I found it the other day and it's really helpful to know which is the most current version.
  3. I'd agree with HappyDaze on this one. See page 89 of the CRB. A despair or a certain number of threats would be the best to capture that feeling. That maybe where you want to throw a story point at the difficulty. Otherwise you'd have slow down combat and make the weapon have Prepare so they have to use a round to load unless a loader was ready to go.
  4. Is the wish list on the front page the order you think you're going to work on things as you have time? Magic and Heroic abilities are high on my wish list but I understand this is a free tool and I'll be patient.
  5. @Archellus Sorry about that. I didn't mean to duplicate work. I'm trying not to duplicate effort. I don't think I looked at the current list after I finished Rat Swarm.
  6. Willpower at three with your divine at 1 or 2 will be effective to start with if you keep your spells on the simpler side. As you add range, people or effects you add difficulty. Being able to control how hard you want to make the spell is what makes the system scale fairly well.
  7. Rat Swarm - (Minion) Rats are common throughout Terrinoth, and although they have been known to spread disease and spoil stores of food, they are otherwise quite harmless. At times, however, they swarm together, as if controlled by a malevolent force. In such great numbers, rats are no longer mere nuisances, and many a hero has vanished beneath a horde of rats, never to be seen again. Skills: Brawl 1 Abilities: Merge: Choose 1 rat swarm short distance to this swarm. This swarm suffers damage equal to its remaining wounds, and the chosen swarm recovers an equal amount of wounds and increases by the remaining amount of rats. Rend: Choose one PC engaged to this swarm roll a Hard Resilience check. If they fail, they are Bleeding. Feast: This attack gains 1 wound per remaining minion in the group. Ravenous: When attacking a PC that is Bleeding, this monster adds an Advantage to its attack results. Equipment: Claws and teeth (Brawl; Damage 1; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]). From Heros of Terrinoth and Shadow of Nerekhall expansion for Descent 2e. Cave Spider (Minion) Large, aggressive, and frequently hunting in packs, there are few monsters more dangerous than the venomous cave spiders of the Shadow Peaks. In recent years they have spread far beyond their usual territory, and some of the spiders now hunt with numerous sticky webs... Skills: Range, Stealth Abilities: Poison: Enemies who are wounded by a scorpion swarm must make a Hard Resilience check as an out-of-turn incidental or suffer 4 additional wounds, and must check again on their next turn if the check generates Despair. Web: Each enemy engaged to this monster must suffer 1 Strain to dodge this attack. If a crit is activated the attack hits and the enemy is rooted until the end of the Cave Spiders' next round. Equipment: Chelicera (Brawl; Damage 1; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]), Spinnerets (Range; Damage 1; Range [Short]; Critical 3, Web) . From the core Descent 2e box. As always feed back welcomed!
  8. Thank you for the feedback. I will add them now. Please add it to the bestiary with your recommendations. Who do you prefer me to make my entries, graphic like this or text in a post that you can copy and paste?
  9. Here's my attempt of re-skinning a Giant from RoT page 226. As always I'm using HoT as reference material. This is a rival that is "easier" to deal with than Giant or Ettin though it still has some challenges. One of the actions from HoT is Toss Stone. So I made this giant a ranged rock thrower.
  10. Looks good to me! Thanks for your work on this. Between work being crazy and my HoT getting shoved under the bed I haven't had time to add my NPC's. I feel the HoT versions of NPC's will be less fleshed out than what you've come up so far. So any ideas for mine are more than welcome.
  11. Oh and FFG is running two live streams from player creation through an adventure. Looking forward to it.
  12. I usually call "Finess X". Where X is the skill or weapon that is updated. When we had strict going I had a "Finess" setting to bring that skill into other settings.
  13. No, I think he's talking about the fan server.
  14. I saw that the reprint Heirs of Blood campaign for Descent 2 is on the boat. Is there enough in this book to convert to a Genesys campaign?
  15. All right, we’ll call it a draw. Come, Patsy.
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