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  1. Also, why? This is a universe that has had hovercars and speeders for how long? Why does it need a ski?
  2. Gird your loins boys and girls, Podracing memes are coming back.
  3. Ah, thank you much. I hadn't seen any shots with the red under it, only lots of whites and tans.
  4. Holy crap lol. Also, does anyone else really hope they explain why white sand turns bright red when these go by?
  5. While I'm glad we get another good looking MonCal vessel, will we ever get to see a Starhawk on screen, or were those all destroyed off screen in TFA?
  6. If you stuck a wingtip at the deepest point of the Marianas Trench, Mt. Everest would still only reach up 1/3 of it. Thanks Disney
  7. I may have held back a tear or two and wondered if the toy store accepts couches or mattresses as payment.
  8. Well, it kinda regards Armada. Now that xwing and destiny both got a force Friday box, maybe in 2 years we'll finally get the one?
  9. Whateva, I got a new Star Wars book to listen to now. And also a giant Lego set to wish I could afford, so... Yea.
  10. You're probably very right on that being a big reason it's so obvious the first viewing.
  11. This is...damnit, it has been a long time since I've seen the prequels. Ok, I get it, it matches well. But, it is at least better blended into the story in a way that isn't as obviously a copy of ANH, at least on first inspection. And thats about as much as I can say about this until I watch the prequels again. Fair enough, I honestly forgot that it was a map to Luke this time. And I forced the memory that Rey got captured out of my memory because that entire line of her story infuriates me for so many reasons. So yea, I was wrong about parts, I will concede that. But the amount that is straight out of ANH is still disturbing. Also, I have a theory that Chewie isnt allowed to be rewarded for anything or be happy, and you arent allowed to direct a sar wars movie until you agree to this.
  12. You don't think it's excessively heavy handed in TFA? Just a bit too heavy handed to be "history repeats itself"? Person steals superweapon plans, Nazis follow them, plans get put in droid and sent away, person gets captured and interrorgated to find out where the plans went. Bad guy is a Jedi who got seduced by a shady guy in black robes with a ****** up face, kills everyone in the Jedi academy, puts on black and wears a mask. Is a family member of a big hero. Droid finds desert orphanage is secretly a super strong force user, becomes friends after orphan saves droid from desert scavenger with light up eyes. Storm troopers show up to find droid, chase, shooting, escape on Millenium Falcon. Team up with Han Solo and Chewbacca. Desert orphan gets really close with new father figure/mentor, learns the force exists from them. Nazis blow up space homes with superweapon, they're definitely evil. Desert orphan, droid and Han Solo make it to rebellious underdogs with superweapon plans, big meeting around hologram, "we can blow it up with X-Wings". Han Solo and heroes sneak onto superweapon, have to turn off some kind of system by walking across catwalks. Big villain shows up, talks with Mentor about serious stuff away from desert orphan, mentor gets stabbed by big villain. X Wings fly around on/in superweapon, only 1 makes it to "kill me" spot, blows it up. Everyone escapes before superweapon explodes. Chewbacca doesnt get a medal/hug.
  13. I get it, I really do. And I am giving the films their chances. To be fair, TFA was better for me after a second amd third watch, because I was at least partly over my disappointment that it was ANH with blackjack and hookers. Unfortunately, a bigger part was that I had read the Aftermath series that explained what the **** The First Order actually is, what happened to the Empire, and filled in a few other little bits that made it more enjoyable for me. That being said, it makes me a little sad that to enjoy the movie I had to read prequel books, watch it multiple times, and ignore that it was a rehash of ANH. Yes, I'm glad they at least made some new characters (complaints about Mary Sueness aside) and have a main villain who isnt just a clone of Darth Vader (complaints of emo tantrums aside). Like I said, TFA has its merits, but for me it was a bit painful for it to be more of "new" star wars than a completely new story, and the extra work I had to put in just to see it in that light. What I will give Disney props on is the side movies (Rogue One) pulling away from the tales of new Jedi learning the force that has been every movie up to this point and finally allowing us to see other parts of the universe on the big screen.
  14. New from Hasbro! Get it this Black Friday in the toy department!
  15. They stole enough to make new armor for everyone, make a new fleet, make a ship the size of 4 SSD's and turn a dwarf-planet into a star-eating laser that destroys entire systems? When just the Death Star tilted the entire galactic economy with how much it took? And they did this after/while hiding in wild space? And the new republic was still surprised by them when they showed up with said new giant toys?
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