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  1. I followed my requirements for the most part and came up with five initial rough draft designs which I then code named for fun. 1. Gungan: My first design I thought I'd get creative with the wing pylons by angling them back, then enlarging the central pod and gave it solar array's similar to the Advanced Tie. At first I thought it would be cool; but once I got it down on paper it looks like I'm trying to incorporate Star Trek Federation ship design into Star Wars. 2. Darth: My second design I went with the idea of a more robust Tie fighter.I gave it an elongated pod similar to the Tie Striker with wider wing pylon and the solar array's I kept very similar to the original Tie; but stretched one end to give it a more pointed look. It was at this point I was definitely thinking that the fighter should be hyperspace capable; but this design looks like I'm playing it safe and I also realized I didn't give it any more heavy armaments. 3. Yavin: My third design addresses some of the flaws I had with the second design. I gave it some heavy weapons pods in the wings to give it more variety of weapons. The solar array's do give it a look similar to the Tie/D; but I don't think that's a big deal. I was still thinking of a hyperspace capable Tie with this design and since I wanted my Tie to be apart of the Empire to fight against the Rebel Alliance I then felt that this design was too good and the Empire wouldn't want it. So I need to figure out something simple like the original Tie; but superior in its own way. 4. Aayla: My forth design I went back to the traditional central tie pod design, took away its hyperspace capability and tweaked the wings which unfortunately just made it look a modified Tie Interceptor. I even had put some laser cannons inside the wings. The solar arrays do look cool however as I inadvertently gave them a coffin shape. 5. Rancor: My fifth design I went back to the idea of a tie fighter that can take a hit or more and needed some heavy armaments. I gave it a sort of egg shaped central pod, reinforced pylons and some solar array's with a split in them that have some heavy laser cannons. I kinda broke one of my requirements by changing the view port; but if you were to look as this Tie from the front it would still look like the same view port. When I look at my five designs I feel like the Rancor is just what I'm looking for. It may not be capable of hyperspace on its own; but I think I have an idea on how I am going to handle that as I work more on the design and fine tune it with a back story and information to go with it. I will not be keeping the name Rancor that's just a fun code name for the project. Not sure what name I will give it but I am thinking I might just stick with a model number.
  2. It does look like it could be a heavily modified A-wing with those fins on the thrusters and the wing mounted cannons. Or maybe they just looked at the A-wing design moved the cockpit forward, extended the wings a little, then gave it the nose cannons, and an astromech station. But that also doesn't seem right since the A-wing despite initially being an older design looks like it can still leave this thing in the dust. I figure FFG does plan on adding the Blue Ace eventually since apparently a model of it was used in the Rise of Skywalker's Battle of Exegol and because they added the Fireball racer. I suppose everyone is pretty much correct in that FFG shouldn't make up new ships like a dedicated Mon Cal fighter when there are still ships that haven't been made for the game yet. Maybe FFG can at least add a Mon Cal light freighter of some kind at some point.
  3. Oh wow so did it still have the solar panels and was each wing as heavily armed as a B-wing?
  4. So I always like coming up with my own stuff for like my own alien races or spaceships as I am sure many of you do; but most of the time when it comes to Star Wars I do tend to leave it as is. However upon watching a youtube video by EC Henry about his custom Tie Fighter, the Tie Vector (If you haven't seen EC Henry and 3D models on youtube then I suggest you go check out his stuff now, its fantastic.) some friends of mine have now challenged me to come up with my own Tie fighter variant. When considering how many Tie fighter variants have been designed whether it be canon or fandom, it almost feels like there is almost no room left to come up with a new design. I am really going to have to think this one through and for the most part I'm afraid I'm gonna just end designing a completely different ship. So I did come up with a list of requirements for myself to keep my design in line. 1. Central Pod Structure 2. Classic Tie Viewport 3. Wing Attachment Pylons 4. Solar Panel Arrays 5. Twin Ion Engine system These requirements are mainly for myself they not absolute rules for people to follow. You do you if you wanna design your own Tie variant. 😁 Right now I'm kinda thinking some sort of experimental heavy first strike kind of fighter; but I will play around with some design ideas and post em in the comments later for you all to check out. Have any of you ever come up with your own custom Tie variant? Do you think I may have bitten off more than I can chew? Do you think I have set too many design rules for myself or not enought? Feel free comment and don't hold back, let me know what you all think.
  5. Now I know that the Blue Ace from Disney's 3D animated series "Star Wars Resistance" according to canon, is a complete custom built racer and I know the designer just converted a Porche 917 into a starfighter. However I gotta tell ya every time I look at this thing it looks like it could be Mon Cal fighter. Seriously if you saw a squadron of these in formation with some Mon Calamari cruiser's they would fit right in. Yeah sure its got some hard angles and is not all curves; but it is pretty close. Heck if you give it a bit of an asymmetrical look with a few small random placed pods it can easily be considered a Mon Cal fighter. I'm sure some one is just gonna point out that the B-Wing fills that role; but really if someone new to Star Wars saw a group of fighters like the Blue Ace and some B-wings next to an MC80 Liberty and were asked which ones were the Mon Cal fighters, I'm betting they would pick the Blue Ace squadron. Plus the B-wing is a heavy assault fighter that's not meant for dog fighting. If I was FFG I would try to set this up by converting a model of the Blue Ace to be a dedicated Mon Cal fighter with perhaps a shield advantage of somekind. I know there are fans out there who would want an all Mon Cal squadron with maybe some B-wings as back up. What do you all think? Am I wrong in thinking this? Or perhaps someone should just design a whole new Mon Cal starfighter? Let me hear your thoughts.
  6. Tie Silencer and the Resistance A-wing are the obvious small ship choices. Unless there are more ships yet to be revealed. The new Resistance A-wing looks like it has been flattened and stretched to make it even more streamlined so hopefully its got the speed to match. After those two I have to say the Resistance Bomber. From what I understand the it is supposed to be like the old WWII bombers where they got various gun turrets and plenty of bombs to drop. I'm guessing it has an up armored version of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit, has a large bomb bay and will be placed in the large ship category.
  7. Sansa didn't want the remaining Umber's and Karstark's dead she just felt they were no longer entitled to their castles and privileges. Sansa also knew the bulk of the North will be retreating for Winterfell which was why she was having supplies sent ahead of time. I don't think Sansa will fight for the Last Hearth or Karhold not because she was unhappy with their families; but because time would be against her. Plus those castles are not gonna last long when the Night King and his new pet blasts them apart. The Knights of the Vale and the Dothraki may be highly mobile; but that's going to depend on how heavy the snows get. This also depends on how much experience the Dothraki have with the cold. Not saying thye don't just saying we don't know how much they have. We also do not know how much dragon glass has been mined. Hopefully they have been making lots and lots of arrows and spears. Keeping the army of the dead at a distance is the best strategy and that's where it would be great if the Dothraki horse archers can stay mobile. As for those not being able to stay mobile, holding up in the castle would be the best strategy; but only if Daenerys and her last two dragons are there to fight the Night King. As for they Night Kings Strategy well he seems like a very slow methodical type where he can be sure to bring his full overwhelming might against an enemy so he will definitely take his time. If he heads south immediately he'll hit Last Hearth for sure cause it right in his path. From there he will have to choose weather to go east and hit Karhold of Southwest to Winterfell. If he goes east the living could place troops in the Bolton's old castle known as the Dreadfort which is between Winterfell and Karhold; Jon will mostly like consolidate all his forces at Winterfell and wait for the Nightking and his undead host.
  8. More like heavy assault in general considering how dangerous they can be in close combat. However I think points wise such a unit would be expensive. Maybe just one individual wookie or gigoran could count as a unit.
  9. I think that such a decision all depends on Jaime's experiences he will gain and if he is alive to make such a decision. I predict that Cersei will destroy the Red Keep with wild fire and maybe Jaime will kill her after.
  10. If Arya just kept going to Kings Landing she could have infiltrated the Red Keep killed Cersei and the war between humans would have been over by now.
  11. It is not the height of a wookie that's the problem; but the action pose of the wookie. Rebel blister expansion packs would be great, both human and non human. A Scarif battle blister could have some great options.
  12. Rebel Alliance, mostly so I can recreate the characters me and my friends played in a number of RPG's from our past. Of course FFG is gonna have to heavily expand the miniature options for the Rebels with non human troopers. I see they all ready got a Duros option. Now they need Wookie, Rodian, Zebrack, Twi'lek, Bothan, Nautolan, Amaran, Gungan, Togruta and Umbaran.
  13. I think Cersei is gonna have a miscarriage, go mad, start burning people alive which will include a couple of favorite characters and eventually ignite the rest of the wildfire stashed under Kings Landing and the Red Keep. I believe that is why we saw the Red Keep destroyed in Daenerys vision in the House of the Undying. I don't think Cersei will be die there; but will be killed later on by either Jaime or Tyrion.
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