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  1. Amazon has a sale today on Legacies and WotF boxes. Definitely worth checking out. And both sets have solid cards, with Yoda and Snoke being meta staples currently.
  2. The removal is in the game rules. You remove a die when you resolve it. It would be like playing Paid Off on a 2 discard when your opponent had no cards in hand. You resolve the dice to no effect and remove it. You play Paid Off on a Force Throw dice when there are no other dice in the pool, you resolve as much as possible, then return the dice to the card. Since the Crime Lord effect stops when you can’t pay 5, you resolve it, stop the effect, then return the dice to the card.
  3. From the Rules Reference Guide page 31: “Can I play Ataru Strike (z101) or Finishing Strike (b60) and resolve one of Luke Skywalker’s (a56) dice showing a shield with it? • Yes. Ataru Strike and Finishing Strike resolve a die, so you can use Luke’s ongoing ability to resolve his die showing a shield as melee damage. Luke’s die is considered to be showing melee damage as you resolve it. Luke’s ability only works when his die would be resolved, not when it would be removed. Can I play Circle of Shelter (Z107) and resolve one of Luke Skywalker’s (a56) dice for melee damage? • Yes. You can resolve his character die with Circle of Shelter to change the symbol to a shield, then Luke Skywalker’s ability can change it to a melee symbol.” FFG has ruled on these types of interactions twice now. If the effect says “resolve” then the dice can be showing whichever of the available symbols. If however it says remove, then it continues to show the original symbol. Thus, while twin strike, Ataru strike, and finishing blow all work on Luke’s dice, Guard and guardian abilities don’t work on his dice. This ruling also makes clear for us that if you have both Phasma3 and Advanced Training, you can resolve dice showing blanks as 1 melee, because you can simply chain link the abilities to change the blank to an indirect, and change the indirect to a melee. Your friends may dislike the ruling, I know I’ve disliked several rulings myself, but this is an official interaction, not a player ruling, thus it cannot be disagreed with, just disliked.
  4. I want to clear something up with this: focus chaining is where you use a 1 focus to change a dice to a 2 focus, then resolve the 2 focus on other dice. That is extremely common. The difference with Padmé is that when you are resolving dice showing focus as indirect, you cannot do so in the same action as resolving focus. In order to resolve those dice you have to take a different action, namely the “resolve indirect” action. So you can use her 1 focus to flip her dice to a three, then on your next action you can resolve indirect, and resolve the three focus as three indirect as well as any indirect dice in your pool. This may have been what Fromper meant, but I wanted to clear up the distinction that if you’re resolving a dice as if it were showing a different symbol you have to take a specific action for that, you cannot resolve them as two different symbols on the same action. And this is the case for Luke3 and Phasma as well as Padmé.
  5. Disrupts are more of a time based element. Often enough they’re just a dead dice in your pool. But a well timed one can win you a game. I know that disrupt is the best defense against a Snoke deck. Keep Snoke off of resources and he is useless. Anecdotally, I remember a game where my opponent had one resource and resolved for two more, and I Snoke’d a disrupt, taking all three of his resources. After the game he told me that completely disrupted (ha!) his game plan for the rest of the round.
  6. Also, Destiny articles usually come out on Tuesdays and Fridays. So we will probably see a release announcement tomorrow.
  7. Still in. When FFG announced rotation they made it clear that the 2PG was a part of the Legacies cycle and not the Awakenings one. The color scheme matches too.
  8. After the repeat. Extra actions always take place after everything in the queue has resolved. Deja Vu, being an “after” effect, enters the queue.
  9. Given that Phasma’s card specifically references the FOST die, then you can have it in your set-aside zone.
  10. It’s clearly designed to go with Wullf with a side of Thrawn.
  11. As far as I know, the only problem with the game diminishing is the constant fear that it might be. The facts you mentioned are production problems and falling interest from those problems. First of all, production problems are going to be a general FFG problem, and therefore likely to happen with any number of their games, and not specifically a Destiny problem. For instance, I am having trouble finding a Keyforge starter set. Switching from Destiny doesn’t fix the problem. You could claim that switching to games not created by FFG would be a fix, but I generally don’t play games for the manufacturer, but for the game, so that line of reasoning would be moot. The second problem, that production issues cause a decline in interest, is generally an old problem, 18-24 months old. It was hard to find enough Awakenings, and SoR seemed scarce initially. But since then the only place there has been a real chance for people to leave because of production issues is the lull between Legacies and WotF, and that wasn’t awful, and I don’t know anyone who has quit playing for that reason. All the rest of your reasons for the game dying is speculation. It may be true, but it is just as likely that it isn’t. Perhaps FFG is continuing to make the game because it’s making them plenty of money. They are, after all, in the money making business. And if something were not doing well, I would imagine we would be seeing less and not more. But here I am speculating. And that’s all anyone is doing, speculating. But it seems to be a hobby to speculate about how Destiny is dying, when there are plenty of people out there simply enjoying a rather well designed game. All that speculation really does is become the self fulfilling prophecy of making people more timid about buying in, and suddenly it becomes less viable. If you don’t like it, don’t buy in, that’s fine. If you enjoy other games more, play those! There’s an amazing plethora of fun games, and Destiny doesn’t have to be yours. But what I ask is that if it isn’t, you don’t make it out to be worse than it is. It’s doing fine, and I am excited to see what this new set holds. That being said, and back to the original post, FFG, while good at game design, is not as good at customer service and community building. A little more clarity so that players could have expectations would be great. A little more emphasis on the FLGS would be awesome. But that’s not how they run things. We just find out a week or two before release that the set is coming out, and we have to deal. It’s unfortunate, but it’s one of the flaws we have to put up with to enjoy the game. And quite honestly, Destiny is enough fun that I’ll keep coming back, even in spite of FFG’s flaws of naysayers decrying it’s longevity.
  12. Your dice is actually removed by a game effect, rather than your opponent, so the ability doesn’t proc. There are other situations where FFG has ruled on other things that if a dice is removed by a game effect then an opponent doesn’t remove it. I can’t remember exactly where though.
  13. It continues to work, given that you don’t set it aside or remove it, or even exhaust it. But it’s a villain plot, so you can’t use it with Bo Katan.
  14. In addition to what Lusiphur said, the reason there is no “then” on Val’s card is that if there were, you wouldn’t be able to deal damage unless you’d stollen resources. As is, you will deal two damage to an opponent if they have no resources for you to steal. It makes it so her special doesn’t become totally worthless if your opponent has no resources.
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