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  1. Unlimited Tokens!
  2. Aerodynamic reasons mostly, and for most of the time fighters have been around, it was also a question of accuracy. 3D-aiming gets a lot harder if you have to do it against your own movement direction and without computer Support. There's a reason there aren't a lot of aces in a bomber's gunner seat. The Star Wars setting mitigates quite a lot of these problems, or rather admits handwaving. We've seen forward facing cannons swivel far back as ANH, so following up on that with "the First Order made that better" is well within the realm of possibility.
  3. Interesting idea- what are you doing with 0-point Upgrades? Keep it at 0, even stuff like Adaptability? Let us know how it goes!
  4. My friends and I started challenging each other with certain specifics before the match (i.e. only PS 5+ TiE-Fighter pilots, no ion, small/large ships only, or "hey, bring your Corvette, but don't give it any guns!"). It's a neat thing to do when you get oversaturated with something. It's not an outright ban and forces players to think around corners. Usually, after a couple of rounds, it's fine to play against the "Meta" again.
  5. How am I supposed to Play Tycho if I can't replace all my stress with a red base?
  6. Well, in the end they sort of did. Granddad had it worse, though. In every interpretation possible.
  7. Well, maybe something high-tech, such as linking the gun facing to the pilot's helmet (compare AH-64 nose turret). Maybe something like that could make it into Canon fluff as some sort of First Order high-tech-shenannigans. In a visually more pleasing form, though, please.
  8. The level of Detail and the way the lighting on the StarVipers almost creates a surface texture is impressive.... Most impressive.
  9. Just to entertain the thought, let's say there is, or rather that it doesn't matter because the planet they're fighting on is literally breaking apart. I'd wish to express that the fight still squandered a lot of potential. On of the central motives of TFA was Rey and Finn learning to trust each other, going from complete strangers lying in everyones face to (in theory) dependable heroes (or the larval form thereof). This is not only the most obvious hook for a battle based on Teamwork, it is also a central theme of every beginning Star Wars chapter. Yet, it was almost completely disregarded in the fight we got. Rey and Finn quite literally took turns going at Kylo, with a rather flimsy pretense for the other to be out of the fight temporarily. Imagine this: Rey still has the blaster they brought from inside Starkiller Base. Finn carries the Lightsaber. Rey gets pushed, causing Finn to grab the blaster (the weapon he trained with), yet posing little more than a distraction for Kylo, pushing Finn, while Rey gets up, cue "pull Lightsaber out of snow"-Scene as in the movie. Play out the rest of the fight just as presented in TFA. Then, Kylo corners Rey, gives his little speech, Finn gets back up and fires at Kylo. Kylo freezes the bolt mid-air (cause he can), providing an opening for Rey to win. Teamwork overcomes pure power. This is by no means meant to be a conclusive rewrite, but TFA basically just went with "Oh, right, I totally have the Force, I forgot". Reasons for Kylo's behaviour can always be found later in the trilogy, even satisfying ones, but the fight's shortcomings sadly go further, creating problems that could even seroiusly disrupt character Dynamics in the future, lest they just handwave it. Which would be a shame.
  10. Excellent way to show us the Empire in behind-the-frontlines- sectors, too. What I'm saying is Canon Skiprays, please.
  11. I think the original intent went somewhere along the lines of "look at him, he hit the AT-ACT's knee joint in one go". Maybe the "door gunner needs a Crew Card to combo" idea could be a Crew upgrade depicting the gun Emplacement (as in, the space is used up), making for instant Captain Ersatz-YV666s. Honestly, I'd think this could be fun on two-crew ships, opening up old classics like the Lambda for some new builds. It's also hilarious in the mind's eye. Imagine Moff Jerjerrod or C-3PO slinging a space-M60 out of a space-Huey.
  12. Like the JM5K (because meta joke about maneuver dial is meta)
  13. If you haven't, go and give it a try. It's got its zits and pimples, but it's a beautiful game nonetheless.