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  1. That's some serious talent.
  2. Nobody ever said the EU had only good ideas @topic though, the simple problem of providing 3 new ships per wave will most likely continue to draw FFGs eyes towards the EU. So, Skipray fans, rejoice, we're going to get one eventually, right? However, when it comes to the ones in the list above, I'm still baffled at times over just how large the chasm is between the designs of the movies and what the third party designers managed... (It's not all bad, but seriously, there's worn/ lived in and then there's ugly. Looking at you, DP-20)
  3. The classic Soontir is also one of the few pilots that have a decent shot at avoiding that Harpoon thanks to 4 green/ AT/ Focus. He's still the scalpel in the gunfight, but just having Harpoons on the board is not going to deal with him.
  4. Absolutely in favour of this. Come to think of it- how can it be given its own unique niche? Given that the Silencer is, as a base chassis, already situated between the Defender and the Interceptor (which is where I'd have put the Avenger before). So, what to do with it?
  5. I'd chalk that up to a mistake made by the film, not the game, to be honest. Trajectory simulator gives you the perfect excuse to build a scene around a ******* Space Trebuchet, it's your fault if you don't take it. I'll bet somewhere there's a supplementary text that explains the Resistance didn't pay enough to have them fitted with it or something.
  6. That was... seriously quick. Thanks! In that case, there you have it, I suppose I can now officially hype both old ISDs again AND find the new ones interesting. That red-dice monster above is just too nasty not to try. I get evil giggles just by reading the number 14.
  7. I'm hyping the fact that I can now do a lore-friendly Jason-style Vader raid on a lore-friendly equipped profundity! Out of the two ISDs on offer, I'd say the Kuat Refit tickles my fancy just a tad more. Though I've always envisioned the Chimaera to be an ISD II, what with the 9ABY timeline and all. I suppose in Canon that would mean she's a I? (Feel free to enlighten me. No seriously, I am genuinely surprised to see just how well all the new stuff fits its theme, and I want to tinker with precisely that theme.)
  8. Don't give up hope, man. We could get him as a Captain AND as an Admiral, rules adjusted to his position. I wonder if they'd ever consider doing something like Epic Armada. Ah, the dream...
  9. Just give me a Black Squadron Scout with Adaptive Ailerons and whatever tickles your fancy. I don't care if I win or not, these things are just pure ******* fun.
  10. The empire came across Vultures in "Tarkin" as well. But to be honest, IF we're going to do this, we should probably take the time to fully develop the Republic and CIS as factions. Just putting Vultures in the game is not going to muffle the demand for Clone Wars content, but enhance it. Not to mention that these ships are very much icons of their own era. Content for new releases is going to run thin eventually, and while I'm all for sensibly including CW era content in the GCW where it fits, let's not pretend that this is the main reason we want the ships in the game.
  11. Guys, you're missing the point! We've got to do something about all those d*mn double falcons and Fat Han's ruining the game. This newfangled stuff is just a syndrome of that.
  12. Come to think of that (I play exclusively Imperials), I would absolutely be fine with Rebels get some sort of Upgrade to help with their range, but I'd like that to be an Option. After all, I'd wager most players could work around building a Lamda/VCX-Comlink-Conga.
  13. Well, if they deploy their squads completely to the other side of the board, that may in the end basically remove most fighters from the game. Splitting up 3/4 squads for the relay and another 1/2 for the escort in the opposite direction of your fleet, spend time to get there, roll dice at least with average results, get past possible damage mitigation, and get back to the fight. That's almost the game over. That's just less fun than it could be. Extreme range bombing runs should be a risk-reward deal emphasizing squadrons, not potentially turning the game into "266 points/no squadrons". This is pretty much the only time relay gets annoying, and range limits would probably fix that without hurting relay or anti-relay squads in any other capacity. Don't get me wrong though, other than that, I can only agree. It's not even an occurence that's all that common, and pretty much the only reason I see for a "fix". Just for the sake of immersion and strategic thinking.
  14. Honestly, I'd just go with having to relay to ships in range. It makes sense within the context of the games mechanics, and sure, you could probably stack it, but that would actually require some risk management to get where we are now anyways. After all, the main concern here is the lack of limits on this ability, allowing you to be comparatively thoughtless with it. Comparatively. It's not that there are no countermeasures as is. Even with the slightest range limitation itcan now be more easily disrupted, relay ships can more easily end up in risky positions, some nice cards get a little boost, and the mechanic still works as intended. It just stops potential openings with an entire bomber fleet across the table of your officers and other such fringe cases. Let the capital ships instruct a fighter coordination team aboard a shuttle within its normal comms range, and you're golden.
  15. If we go the title route, I'd veer away from giving /lns an inherent offensive boost. The lack of proper offensive power has always been a core idea behind the chassis, and especially keeping the /fo in mind we shouldn't want ships becoming obsolete or cranking up the power creep. If we fix the frame, it should be defensive for the /ln, as it helps with what its strength used to be anyway and emphasizes its weaknesses. The offensive help would be much more appreciated on the Interceptor, which itself needs some love by this point. After all, the difference in offensive output is exactly the defining difference between these two. They should not lose that identity.