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  1. DampfGecko

    Can the Decimator still hack it?

    Any answer that involves OpSpec is a good answer.
  2. DampfGecko

    STAR WARS FILMS Discussion Thread!

    IV= /~ R1 V >>>III >VIII >I > II, VI, VII
  3. DampfGecko

    Oh My God I Just Realized Something!!!

  4. DampfGecko

    My 2.0 Epic prognostication

    Oooh, I would love to have Epics move more like the ships in Armada! Imagine that, suddenly having almost something like "movement continuity" between the games, like you just "zoomed" an imaginery camera!
  5. I guess they'll "theme" new releases and go with the 2-ship-cycle we're used to. I fathom (going from the fact that they released each factions re-releases in pairs) that we'll get a wave of 2 Rebel ships, then 2 Imps, 2 Scum, etc. This also allows to go along with a new movie with one "protagonist" and one "antagonist" ship.
  6. Yes, it is. It is mainly about Galen and Krennic as characters interacting, dedicates quite a lot of time to Galen's wife Lira as well and paints a beautiful picture of the Republic already having all the hallmarks of the Empire luring under its shiny surface. The technical details are there, but they serve the story in that they tell how pacifist Galen came to first admire and then fear his own work, and how Krennic developed this need to manipulate Galen specifically to make the weapon work. Back to the original question: Krennic learns that the Geonosians developed the blueprint/ "first draft" of the battlestation's frame, but after it fell into the Republic's hands, it soon became clear that a lot of adjustments had to be developed. Structural integrity as well as planning and building phases received overhauls, and then came the big hold up with the weapon's development and its fitting on the station.
  7. DampfGecko

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    Had the exactly opposite reaction. A lot of people around me suddenly realized how much stuff they never tried because of preconceived notions of "competiteveness" and are now throwing ideas around that are complete, glorious jank. We are firing off a months-long fireworks display to wave goodbye 1.0.
  8. DampfGecko

    Solo - first reviews

    This. I think we can all agree that Star Wars is best when it's Star Wars. I don't care which side pushes which "real world narrative" BS into it, because none of it belongs there and it just ruins the taste of something usually great. Back at topic though: I'm genuinely curious to see how SOLO turned out. I don't think the reviews necessarily tell us much besides it didn't f*ck up the basics, but I am pretty sure Ron Howard can manage something I can enjoy. Seriously, I watched "Rush" to see how he handles cocky characters and I came out of the experience wanting to see his rendition of Lando and Han.
  9. DampfGecko

    Happy Friday - Which Faction?

    I've got way to much imperial Stuff already not to convert it- but goddamn, this beautiful X-Wing Model with the movable S-Foils... Don't tempt me, rebel scum!
  10. DampfGecko

    The beauty of the mini upgrade card

    Well, that is beautiful artwork. As for the cards- Since our group does not have all that much space to play, we already had most of our info on our phones and only laid out the pilot cards. Seems like that isn't going to change with 2.0. The small cards were perfectly fine, so I don't know why they changed it, but look at it from the bright side- now we get our beautiful little artworks slightly larger!
  11. DampfGecko

    I don't like the changes to the evade action

    This is precisely the point why I like it. It's never cool to lose to dice. It appears that the approach to action economy is to make players ponder how to remove uncertainties. Precisely what it should be.
  12. DampfGecko

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    Will Epic ships be converted into 2nd Edition? If yes, how? Does developing the Resistance and First Order into their own faction open up the possibility of other, new factions joining the game? Does playing exclusively non-force-sensitive pilots mean that the force mechanic is unavailable?
  13. DampfGecko

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    I'm in. Though I'll admit that I only play Imperials and therefore won't have to buy conversion kits until I'm swimming in them. I guess I'll buy one and see how it goes with what I can play out of that box. Going by how long I've bee able to extract fun out of a single expansion in 1.0,, I should be happy for quite some time with just that. Which is pretty much the primary reason why I'm in in the first place.
  14. DampfGecko

    How many reapers?

    Precisely. Btw, who came up with these pilot names?
  15. DampfGecko

    How many reapers?

    One. Plus three Strikers.