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  1. Imperial only player here, still playing 1.0 and having a blast. But the rebels around me playing 1.0 aren't braindead enough to drive me nuts I presume.
  2. @ficklegreendice, are you being positive? *le gasp* Jokes aside, this is my experience so far as well. Man, I love this game.
  3. Well, I guess the avatar gives away my favourite. Watching @Crabbok's video only made the itch worse. There are a lot of great IP's to convert into some X-Wing-like game, though I fear most universes suffer a bit from the " 2 factions only" desease, as most militaristic Sci-Fi franchises focus on this kind of conflict, BSG included. Of course, X-Wing's very own addition of a scum-like faction can fix the variety problem quite a bit.
  4. I'd like to propose a slightly more positive view on the above points (in addition to tooting in the "it's not out yet" horn, but that's obvious anyway). 1. Expensive and powerful upgrades can make for incredibly interesting playstyles. Balancing literal game-changers is tricky, but pull it off correctly and it makes list building that much more exiting. The freedom they have now in pricing everything enables them to fine-tune that elusive sweet spot where making compromises for one or all ships can be immensely rewarding. 2. Got to agree with @Herowannabe on this one. They said they had plans years ago to advance to 2.0 eventually, and this forum alone is proof that the interactions of the system as we know it have been thoroughly discussed. Now they threw in something fresh- in their shoes, that's the one thing I wouldn't want to mess up. 3. As far as we know Vader is about as unstoppable as he was all kitted out in 1.0. Sure, Vader can masterfully manipulate dice, but in 1.0 we could even add results and he still blew up. It's still X-Wing, single ships- even ones turtling as hard as OG Soontir- tend to bite it quite fast when you set your mind to it. Long story short- I'm going to give FFG the benefit of the doubt and be cautiously optimistic. No evidence I can see that they haven't learnt from past mistakes, and as far as I'm concerned, good old flawed 1.0 was already a rather fantastic first attempt.
  5. Not sure if it was the first mention of the K-Turn, but in the first Thrawn novel Luke performs one with (iirc) a Skipray Blastboat. He speeds up and then literally kicks the nose down at the last second, dis- and then reengaging the engine to turn around on the spot horizontally, just losing altitude. Basically, it truly is (was? You know, what with the canon change) that all-or-nothing- maneuvre that stops your momentum at the end of a line if you ignore the Z-Axis (as X-Wing does). Which is also why there is just one ship that doesn't stress the pilot beyond belief when pulling it off. But getting back to in-game- I actually love the K-Turn because it's all or nothing. You have to gamble on you reading the battlefield right in order to stay on target and save a turn or two turning around normally.
  6. Oooh, nice to see my favourite Epic-pilot get some intersting workarounds!
  7. Good point! Unique flavours for unique campaign settings. Maybe this could also translate into the campaigns progression? After all, CC had an entire sector to play around in, Jakku by comparison is just a single planet that neither side is willing to just relinquish. I for one would love a kind of push/ pull mechanic in the later half of the campaign with the ability to force the opponent into atmospheric combat with unique forms of peril compared to fighting in space. Maybe have ships crash to the ground when they have just 1 or 2 hull left, basically "down but not out", or affect squadron maneuverability. (Just spitballing of course.)
  8. When I started with Armada, being able to fall back to X-Wing allowed me to enjoy the game more. One of the main reasons for me to eventuallly drop out of playing 40k was the sheer length of games and the amount of downtime each player had during his opponent's turn. Of course, this was also coupled with the amount of money one would usually pump into the hobby. X-Wing brilliantly avoided all of these points, but on first glance it didn't seem to me Armada did. Coming from an active X-Wing player's perspective allowed me to slowly expand my fleet and learn, which incidentally lead to more X-Wing games being played, not less. It's a question of how much time and space is available, which of course means X-Wing is easier to set up and find opponents for. TL;DR: You absolutely do not have to "drop" X Wing to play Armada if you don't want to. For me right now, Armada healthily punctuates my many X-Wing games- it needs more preparation and thus games don't just "happen", but in turn the two systems slot into each other perfectly.
  9. DampfGecko

    Thank You Devs

    100 % agreed. One can only hope that FFG reap what they sowed these past few weeks. From what I can see, all the 2.0 goodies brought some much needed enthusiasm back to the forums. Let's keep this up!
  10. My main problem is that any blue action would allow a ship to behave like a ship with Advanced Sensors performing a green maneuver does right now- with the notable difference that your choice of maneuver would be less restricted on any ship than even the current TiE Silencer. Allowing a ship to shed stress with an action also makes ships a lot too nimble on consecutive turns, as back-to-back red maneuvres are then possible, basically allowing for a more flexible Defender-like white 4k. What is lost in action flexibility is gained in maneuverability, as an essentially infinite Adrenaline Rush turns your entire maneuver dial white. If the blue action is also a dice mod, this comparison is even more true- and easily visible as potentially Meta defining, maybe even locking a large part of other design spaces. If I can basically completely ignore the difficulty of any given maneuver, why would I fly anything else? Add to that that there are a whole host of cards can mod dice results as well, and you can see what kind of headaches this mechanics could cause- not to mention the possible power creep with any further releases. That being said, I think there are two possibilities to introduce blue actions into the game without closing more design spaces as you open: a) Let any blue action a a ship has on its frame be very detrimental. This way, it forces a choice. There's a lot of coordinate in 2.0 already, so even a "shed stress, do nothing else" action is potentially increasing the threat potential of a ship massively. b) Turn an action blue via a massively expensive card. This may cause a pre-nerf Palpatine effect, but it allows for balance by point cost and slot requirement.
  11. Thinking about the comparison, I'm actually quite happy to notice that I'd put a question mark behind many if not all of those comparisons. Sure, they might be different in 2.0, but in the current system, there are no true 1:1 design space overlaps. The /fo as a frame is a lesser swarm ship, but a better filler than the /ln, since its synergies with other copies of itself is worse, the point cost is just a little too high for the classic builds and of course it's just better on its own since it brought all these upgrades. The Upsilon is a very potent and surprisingly maneuverable attack craft- and too expensive to just slot in ships you'd use with a space cow. It's behaviour on the battlefield is much less passive as well. It feels as if it's almost precisely in the middle between the Lambda and the Ghost in terms of design space. The /sf is a weird transmutation of the concept behind the TiE/D card on a bomber-like frame that still fills the aces role in most lists. The silencer somehow looks on paper exactly like his canon backstory of combining Interceptor and Advanced, but can often feel much rather like someone mixed the x7-Defender and Echo instead, depending on the build. Sure, most of these points are extremely subjective. But it certainly makes me appreciate the uniqueness of the First Order ships quite a bit, which I hope translates unharmed to their own faction in 2.0. Should be fun to see where they're headed.
  12. Cannot help but feel the opposite. I hope you're right, but have to point out just how much the experience of the players has sharpened perception of X-Wings game mechanics and combos compared to the early 1.0. Of course approximations of current/ past meta-defining lists won't work the same as we're used to. Of course points costs, mechanics and so on will be different, but not drastically slow. If anything, I expect the meta to (r)evolve even faster than ever before. This community is excellent in processing large amounts of data and adapting to the results. The fact that there are approximations of those old metas means we've got comparisons that will make it easier to gaige 2.0 quickly. Whether they'll work or not will be tested almost immediately, thus speeding up meta definition.
  13. Any answer that involves OpSpec is a good answer.
  14. IV= /~ R1 V >>>III >VIII >I > II, VI, VII
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