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  1. The Aggressor seems to be quite happy to do its own thing, setting up on the opposite side of the board than anyone else and then either kiting the enemy or being a pest if left unattended. And unlike other imperial turret options, it's not too grueling if you lose it while drawing aggro. Either way, you get to feel up more people from the side, and that's always what you want to do. But if you want to fling something head on, go and grab a bomber and some popcorn, cruise missiles, and start doing 5Ks. Overall, as far as I am concerned the power creep and resulting power gap in the game is still in the "comfortable"- range for me. We're far from comparing lists to find out who wins. If the aggressor is the weakest option of this wave, so be it. It is not amazing, but by no means garbage. If a weak single ship would make for a weak list, no Swarm would have ever won anything. Under concentrated fire, a Scurrg and an Auzituck melt just like anything else. I sense some TiE/D and ion aggressor ideas coming up? Very, very pleasant thoughts...
  2. Full stop. Couldn't agree more.
  3. The good thing about it is that most ships with turrets have less than superior dials. That makes it possible to stay out of range and pounce singled out targets. It isn't easy, but when enough thought is put in, it is usually possible to outfly turret ships. This, and TLT's inability to crit, is why list-tayloring is not yet necessary. Let's just hope that doesn't change with LWF Aggressors ...
  4. Interestingly, there are cases where the underside of camouflaged fighter crafts are also using camo.
  5. Well, now you just have to swamp this thread with pictures!
  6. Sounds like a lot of fun! You went up against a really nasty combo in RAC/Kylo with a well built Boba, fought one amazingly close game and turned it with a rear arc shot. Hell. Yeah. Nice rep!
  7. Sadly, yes. I used him once and had the good fortune to have an enemy attack "force" me into range and arc for proton rockets, and while this is a cherished moment of really funny facial expressions, it sadly does not make Valen reliable. Intensity strikes me as something I'd like to fly Vader with. My meta isn't fixated enough on bombs to make arc-dodging obsolete, and I'd certainly appreciate the added focus for the barrel roll I do anyways.
  8. I think I'd like to point out something rather obvious but comparatively rarely mentioned- the amazing attention to detail. I'm not even talking about the adherence to the art style of the OT, but the small things that make this movie worth watching multiple times and provide something extra to each scene and the movie as a whole. For example: The Erso's home burning in the background after the Death Trooper finds the Stormtrooper doll- something they did to "find the child". One of them actively aiming to the side of Chirrut to kill him indirectly. The TiE Reaper on the Rings of Kafrene. Nearly everything rummaging around in the streets of Jedha. And of course the obvious stuff, the Ghost, D'jarek and all the other little things, such as the empty escape pod bays of the Hammerhead that we've all seen and spotted, or been told about. You know, the endless list of little things that define Star Wars as the "lived in" universe, setting the stakes and defining the distribution of power and understanding through visuals alone. That Rogue put in this kind of effort even when not centering the camera on it makes it all just feel that much more organic.
  9. I'm sure there are some squadron marking refrences out there. That's always a nice way of making ships stand out without losing too much uniformity. Does the Black Eight Sqadron have anything special?
  10. That freehand is amazing!
  11. Neat ideas all around. I would probably lean towards removing the stealth devices as well though, as this can also afford you better pilots instead of the black squadron and scimitar pilots. If alpha strike is the idea, getting to drop a bomb one turn earlier with Deathfire, for example, could prove fun and profitable. Also, since the TiE Agressor is right around the corner, why not give a bomber with LWF and Unguided Rockets a try? (Something like Tomax Bren/ Adrenaline Rush/ LWF/ Unguided)?
  12. I'm not quite there yet (far from it actually), but if there should ever be a time to release a third core set, that would be the way to go. V-Wings or Clone ARCs versus Vulture Droids? Yes please?
  13. From my experience, if both contestants/ players agree on this, it is a very convenient way to get around filling a second table's worth with cards. However, I do not necessarily think there is too much Upgrade "bloat" in the game yet, mechanically speaking. Most cards carve out their own niches to fill quite nicely. To stretch the comparison a bit, we're far from something like a Battlefield 4 with its myriad of mid-range assault rifles. As long as it stays that way, I'm golden. Customization is, after all, a good thing.
  14. Hopefully. The /ag is too cool a concept to lose it to such a boring stock archetype.
  15. So, I've been toying around with a fluff-oriented First Order List. The idea was, of course, not to pack stuff that's unavailable at the time and simultaneously fully embrace that glorious bastard Hux. TiE/fo: "Omega Ace" (Swarm Leader) 2x TiE/fo: Epsilon Squadron Pilot, Sensor Cluster Upsilon Shuttle: Major Stridan (FCS, Systems officer, General Hux, Kylo Ren's Shuttle) Needless to say, this List is mainly meant for fun. Omega Ace is kind of meant as a pawn, with the shuttle constantly being fanatical. When Ace is down, the Epsilons are meant to go from passively aquiring firing arcs to blocking, and the shuttle's title is there to make turning around after the first pass less painful. The sensor clusters were, more or less, afterthoughts, to make Hux's other focus tokens do more for them. It's quite vulnerable to aces, but if left unchecked it can prove to have pretty hideous damage output. Or maybe I just really like the idea of Hux throwing one massive temper tantrum after another over the intercom.