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  1. "Desperate Maneuvres"? "No such thing as luck"? "Experienced Bait"?
  2. I don't watch Rebels, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong- but I seem to remember seeing Saw in some sort of transport and think it was a U-Wing. However, while I like the idea of the partisans dipping the rebels in some grey scale morality while leaving the main Alliance intact, I suppose that would still not make them Scum. FFS, have them be Rebels with some scummy abilities, leeching off of their friendly "take my token" allies. As for X-Wings, we see some of those parked in front of Saw's fortress and one crashed in Jedha City, we also get to know their aerial strength (or rather, weakness) in some of the complementary work such as "Guardians of the Whills". I like to see the Partisans, but as for Rogue One-themed X- and U-Wings, I'm voting Blue Squadron all the way. Anything else is a welcome challenge for the painters we got on this forum.
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome! Heading over there now. Looking forward to scrapping some metal!
  4. Greetings! A friend of mine recently convinced me to give Armada a try, and after a single introductory game with the core set I was pretty much hooked. I'm usually playing X-Wing, but Armadas take on Star Wars tabletop has me very intrigued. So currently I'm ogling a Gladiator, Interdictor (personal favourite since Thrawn Trilogy) and the ever classic ISD of course to set up a task force that is fun to play as well as looking great on the shelf. Right now, though, I guess I have no truly firm grasp on the game and no idea what to look out for. Could you guys give me some tips to set up this fleet for a casual imperial civil war? What to look out for, what to avoid? Really happy to meet you people, looking forward to your suggestions!
  5. Look, we all know frustration and being on the wrong end of a nerf bat, but this ain't that.
  6. Guess you could take that even further: In case of the K-Wing, the release of better bomb options (Sabine!) created a boom in K-Wings. Back to topic, though. I come from a mostly imperial perspective, so to me "forgotten" ships besides the Punisher (poor Punisher) concerns mostly the Imperial Firespray. I actually like to toy around with it every once in a while, and I'd just like to see some imperial-exclusive Crew options, so that they feel distinct from Scum-Sprays. Otherwise, I guess I'm seeing less Adv. Prototypes, Interceptors and other squirelly little buggers, but their niche is actually very well filled. For those to force their way back onto tables, I guess it's more of a thing about making attacks out of arc less dangerous.
  7. I know, right? But why think around something when you can complain
  8. This. I mean, what was the point, that he took no Jumpmasters because they are "worthless" now? Since when is it a bad thing when facing an enemy in a game provides a meaningful challenge? Having your reactions be this binary is a far bigger problem than any real or perceived nerfs. By the way, moving around the board is usually more fun than throwing a couple dice down- so, might I suggest taking those same ships and adding a few boosts and BRs to the mix instead of missiles?
  9. Very much like the idea. I'd like to pitch this as a Modification, as standardized squadrons should not primarily consist of modded Fighters, so making an Order take up the Mod slot leaves any other option open while emphasizing uniformity.
  10. Okay, now I just want to do a non-stop Palpatine impression, holding up my plastic spaceships while someone screams the above from some corner. And then we start playing.
  11. I like to run a Core Box match with 25 pts. 1 Academy Pilot and one Obsidian Pilot vs a Rookie with R2-D2. This way, you can explain all necessary points of play on the go- Squad Cost and Upgrade slots, Pilot skill advantages and disadvantages, as well as the importance of control effects and green maneuvres. It also introduces the difference between Rebels and Imperials quite nicely in my experience. After that, you can rather quickly go up to the classic 100 pts standard. Flying more than 2 ships at once will probably backfire at first, but not for long. As an "instructor", this also allows for you to toy with several archetypes that contrast with what your new squadmate is trying out. Be sure to show some options, and have fun!
  12. This. Christ, this is awesome.
  13. The way X-wing is doing right now, it is only a matter of time basically anything that largely fits the scale comes out. Either that or my optimism is showing. Whatever the case, Rebels content is still one of the most used contemporary source for FFG ships. The Nightbrother is big, but so is the Ghost. We might also see some more of the craft, giving the designers more to work off of. I could do without another Sabine in the game, though, to be honest.
  14. Maybe literally. The problem of 360 degree firing de-emphasizing maneuvering extends past TLT or Turret slots. Most Primary Turret Carriers are far from defenseless when forced to fire out of their primary arc, but coud more easily be controlled by stress and blocking.
  15. Why not both? We have multiple pilots flying more than one craft, and Versio, Hask and Meeko have all gotten into Inferno Squad after receiving commendations as pilots. Or maybe we suddenly get confirmation that Iden Versio goes by the callsign "Quickdraw" 30 years later.