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  1. So where is the new announcement for ships!

    My point exactly.
  2. Ship Upgrade Cards - Is there a checklist?

    The Armada Warlords Fleet Builder let's you search for cards by Wave, Type, and Faction. So you can search for specific cards, or set the parameters to match your collection.
  3. So where is the new announcement for ships!

    And that's not the status quo since... when?
  4. Do Scum win any big tournies these days?

    Looks like switching to me. Scum didn't have the major updates the other two factions had lately, missed a wave and so far looks like their missing another. So their best toys are well known by now, plus the other factions adapted quite a bit. Remember, something very similar happened a couple waves ago, mostly with Imperial players switching to Scum.
  5. Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighter Concept

    Concept and Dial look really fun! Excuse me for being a bit out of the loop on this though, why can this thing fire backwards?
  6. My players and I are in agreement that we play as long as our current "episode" lasts story-wise. We plan to minimize drag and focus on roleplaying an action-oriented story, so our playtime varies around an average of about 3-4 hours. Sessions with a lot of character moments usually last a bit longer because of us freestyling it, as do sessions where the dice let situations spiral out of control.
  7. When your opponents dice hate you

    I've got a friend whose luck is through the roof. I have started to numb to 3 Crit/ 1 Hit unmodded Ghost shots, but that might be the PTSD settling in. He doesn't cheat either, he legit just keeps rolling like this, even using my dice. The fact that I still win more often than lose against him is the best reminder I have that X-Wing is still about player skill more than anything else.
  8. Ion Clouds

    *flys into trippy space cloud* *turns around as the music swells* "There must be some kind of way outta here..." Nice eye-catchers your wife made there, Meanie!
  9. Have most of the good players stopped playing?

    Still here, still flying TiE Fighters, Strikers and Decimators. Can't say it's unsucessful, every other player I know still engaged, plus two new players casually playing X-Wing since they're more into Armada.
  10. Flight assisted Pilots

    Nobody expects Wedge Antilles with R2- training wheels.
  11. HD New Trooper from Solo

    The Helmet looks very close to a Tank Trooper to me. I like the exo-skeleton-like extensions on the legs, that would sure come in handy on long tiring walks through rough terrain... I wonder if they're meant to be some sort of "Jack-of-all-trades" kind of soldiers. they combine quite a lot of elements we already know in their design, why not in their deployment, too?
  12. Now that everyone is getting their very own ISD

    Hmm, given that her ability buffs "standard" fighters, and her prime was when the Empire lacked resources- how an Instructor Goran-like effect, but in range 3-4? That way you'd be incentivised to play a fighter screen, and Goran could come along himself for more flexible Screen Deployment.
  13. Free Virgillia Bunkerbuster Rebel Ship

    You might get your wish soon, now that Star Wars: Resistance is more or less anounced and very likely taking place in the run-up to the sequel era. I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy Rebels' story-wise (and I hope Resistance improves there), but it did a lot of good for X-Wing and Armada, which I greatly appreciate. And in addition to new ships, we d*mn well need some context on the Republic-First-Order war/ cold war/ Resistance-deputy war at last. It'll be nice to get some basics there to put weight to the conflict.
  14. Statting out Darth Vader

    Though I am usually in the "statting out Vader is not a good idea" camp, I really like what I see here. After all, you'll need some references ready when you face him either way. Thankfully, nobody's going to argue throwing as many fear dice in the check as is necessary to make killing him virtually impossible. The system allows us a way out here that I really love: He can live off of his reputation as an absolute beast, meaning he's basically murderous Lightsaber Batman.