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  1. BoradGameGeek has a lot of examples in the images section for this game: here Some of these are pretty impressive (especially considering the small scale of the minis, compared to your typical 28-to-32 mm reference) crazy ion canons troopy troopers great airspeeders super star destroyers Note that none of this is my work, so I don't need any credit for it. Instead go praise and ask questions to the painters over there. ;)
  2. (I've only tried with 2 heroes on my end.)
  3. Same here, playing on the PC. I didn't meet any other blocking problem before this one for that tutorial. I believe a "continue" button is missing in this case, maybe?
  4. Hello! 1 - I have a bug reported here: (bug about last mission, I didn't want to spoil stuff for others) 2 - Since you build the map" as you go, doors are often the limit of what terrain you know and build. So that means you place them over a "jigsaw puzzle connector". Virtually in the app, it works. Physically with the game, either the door is pushed "a bit inside the terrain" and makes it hard to have units in front of it, which is bound to happen (since it's here to be opened), or the door falls off-balance. It'd be nice to be instructed to put an extra piece of terrain (temporarily, something that doesn't tell what's beyond) -- that or any other fix you can come up with, of course. 3 - On PC, I've found that the app also influences the brightness of my screen, which "survives" Alt-Tabbing out of the App, even though the app automatically minimizes itself. (I have a laptop with an external monitor connected, so that I have 2 Windows desktops.) After some time, the brightness goes down as if it was trying to saves battery on a phone... except this is a laptop and it's doing it on a screen where the App is minimized, so it's preventing me from using other apps on a properly lit screen. That one's more of a rarer case, I guess. But you can see it if you go look at the manual while playing. 4 - SUGGESTIONS: These are not bugs, but seem to be "not immediately obvious" to people. . When an officer orders another unit to attack, the other unit's surges are available through that portrait. Except people don't immediately realize it. It would be great to have a shortcut to them (such as the surge sign appearing clickable near other units portraits when the officer is activated?) or, by default, a reminder somewhere in the text that you have to go there to see it. Or by default of the default, show it in the tutorial? . When you click outside of the currentactivation window during an enemy's activation, the way to go back there is to click "Activation" at the bottom of the screen. It took me a good 30 seconds to realize it. I think it would be much more natural for that button to be near the portrait of the enemy that's being activated. . Since a lot of people seem lost sometimes during the turn, not knowing if they are to activate or an enemy is supposed to do it, in spite of there being a nice vertical line indicating it, how about also writing something like "Rebel activation" and "Imperial activation" on top of the bar, just to reinforce the meaning it has? I hope these help.
  5. I'd love if there were a scenario editor tool with the app, so that fans share more love for the game.
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Take my money, all of it! (Hem - well, not until I've got that App installed here, 'k? Also, can I keep enough for sweets during the game? I love sweets.)
  7. Good news! I now have a fixed Gather intel card! Bad news! In the full set of cards I have just received today, the Probe Droid Initiative mission is still "attempt" (when I'm told it should be resolved). Oh well - here goes another request... (I have a feeling I'll end up with 3 times all cards except those 2. ) EDIT: Apparently most French players have the Probe Droid initiative with the "attempt" text too. I'm starting to wonder if this is news to Asmodee.
  8. For the record, I just received good word from Asmodee that they've shipped the cards. Yay!
  9. I don't think the work is very far above what Rahdo got from Miniatures Mutated for Gloomhaven, filmed here: https://boardgamegeek.com/video/137636/outside-scope-bgg/rahdo-runs-through-miniatures-mutated EDIT: You may want to ask them to make sure to remove mold lines, and use matte varnish (if it is to your taste), but I guess that's about equivalent then. I'm only quoting them because I saw their names earlier. I'm pretty confident there should be quite a few painters going through FB to propose this service - some with even higher artistic levels. I wouldn't be surprised if MM priced theirs in the 5-to-10 bucks per mini range, for a SWR full set, but I haven't formally asked. That's of course a premium compared to the price of the game.
  10. Could it be that you retreat more once you've learnt the game further? I only have 5 games under my belt (3 of which solo :-\ ) but I feel like it's not natural at the start, until you get a good feel for your actual chances in combat. I mean - it's not obvious when (to me at least) to retreat or not at the start. But it is darn useful for the Rebels...
  11. That is a lovely work result! Wow! EDIT: And in 2 weeks only??! Incredibly awesome! Please count me in as a big fan of your Death Stars. The free hand lines are great, and the starred bases are really neat. I'm definitely taking this as my main source of inspiration for whenever I dare start my painting them. I also like a lot the variation in grey colors for the imperials - I'd probably use a blue-ish grey for Super Star Destroyers (and Interdictors some day) like you've done, and stick to "warmer/normal grey" for the Star Destroyers. (I think the movies go like that too.) The Endor uniforms are great. Really! I just wish the standard uniforms in all reference material were a bit less... "uninspired", maybe? I mean - you've done them perfectly (on the right hand side). It's just I'm not a big fan of the reference blue-and-black they get. What is the source for the uniforms of the "left side" Rebel Troopers? They feel familiar but I can't remember where I saw them. I quite like the stripes on your X & Y-wings, as well as Air Speeders and Correlian Corvets (especially like the red, yellow and green stripes). Have you used magnifying glasses to paint them? I love the color variations on the transports, too. Subtle enough, yet readable. Do you have any recommendation for the painting of ("glowing") reactors? Have I mentioned you Ion Cannon in "Hoth colors" looks fantastic? I'm curious about the Mon Calamari cruiser on the right hand side (which is my favorite of the 3): is it "just" the result of base coat + wash + dry brush, then a few (is that black?) black thin spots to bring a battered look? Overall a great result. I'm thinking I'd probably try and have different bases for Imperials vs Rebels, to ease the reading of the game (especially ground troops). But I'm not sure yet. Those "Hoth snow" bases of yours look really good.
  12. I'd love to see the result. I'm really thinking about painting them too, as the more I play this game, the more I like it.
  13. A Death Star is "just" a single unit, and getting the Death Star Plans to work isn't always that obvious. Not to mention - there are exactly é such cards in the Rebel's Objectives deck, so it takes some time (and luck?) to get to it. Then some time to execute.
  14. If I read the preview article correctly, once per turn, the Rebel will be able to discard a single Objective card in order to gain 1 Reputation. Am I the only one thinking this seems over-powered? I mean - Objectives have conditions, which is what keeps balance to the game. I would expect the Rebelplayer to need to invest something like 2 Objective cards to gain & Reputation thanks to the Rebel Cell. Or maybe I've read the preview wrong.
  15. Thanks, David. I have already contacted Asmodee. They gave me the usual auto-reply that they'd be back to me within 4 weeks (of June 16th), so I guess they could be contacting me or I could receive something any time now.
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