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  1. The question is.... This or arkham 3rd edition? Looks quite promising. I've stopped collecting eh until ah 3ed hits the stores. In paper. The game play is similar to eldritch,but is more inmersive, like mom 2e but without the replay problems and less expensive.
  2. I assumed it was 4 standard actions for each class,and 4 actions for EACH spec.
  3. Excellent review. Ive never been so hyped for a game, its exactly the game i was looking for. I started with this hobbie in 2015, all the games i own were released before i started throwing dices. Ive been excited for expansions, and some cool kickstarters that i never buy cause of the price, since i live in argentina its difficult to get a kick starter for a reasonable price, plus the fact that i try to own games in spanish only. But this,this is the game. I wanted some dungeon crawler or something similar,with good solo and 2 players modes and no miniatures, its exactly what i wanted !.
  4. I hope they add enough base cards to play with more than one character of each class. In the descent 2e core, we played many times with knight and barbarian or rune master and necro. Its too boring to play with scout,warrior,healer and mage each game, even with the different specs and heroes.
  5. Yeah, there is a bunch of iconic characters,but just way too many storm troopers (that includes snow troopers,elite storm troopers,etc),i find them boring. Its awesome to fight vader,or the rancor(A rancor?The Rancor?Is it a character or a race?) but you spend most of the time killing dudes with guns.But its just my opinion mang. Whats wrong with the magic? Are you talking about the stamina sistem or the lore of magic?
  6. You open a space door and find a storm trooper,then walk down the space stairs and find a bunch of storm troopers,then comes a the space corridor filled with stormtroopers and stormtroopers with a shoulder pad and after that you fight vader. I love star wars,but i dont find it a funny theme for this kind of games. In imperial assault you finish 3 quest and all you saw was storm troopers,its too boring imo. Zombies,goblins,elementals,bandits,etc. Terrinoth provides more variety.
  7. Our house rule for investigators is that each player draws 3 random investigators and picks one of them.It gives you a chance to get a decent team and it force you to play with different investigators each game.
  8. My group has like %60 win rate,i courrently own forsaken lore,Mountains of madness and strange remnants.I feel like FL pumps up the difficulty,SR makes it easier and MoM is quite balanced. What about the other expansions? Carcosa and under the pyramids looks harsh with those impairement tokens and conditions.
  9. So,in all expansions you get some prelude to add the "feature" of that expansion to any game... Mountains of madness:Arctic sideboard. Under The pyramids:Egipt sideboard. Dreamlands: Dreamlands sideboard. Strange remnants: Ruins Deck. Cities in ruin:Disaster Deck. Signs of carcosa: ??????????????????????? I dont get the idea on signs of carcosa,do you have to be a fan of hastur's lore to enjoy that expansion??
  10. I will go for forsaken lore and strange remmnants. Forsaken lore gives you a ton of replay value and pumps up the difficulty. Strange remmnants gives you the focus mechanic,new types of spells and assets,the mistic ruins deck and makes the game a little bit easier to compensate forsaken lore. Forsaken lore+Mountains of madness is also a good combination but mom is a big box expantion. Also,forsaken lore+another small exp gives you more content than a big box exp in my opinion.
  11. I would like to see a big game hunter(something like that jumanji dude),a Ninja or a Mechanic. The idea of the pilot sounds interesting.
  12. Nice job mang!Can you post a photo of that thingy holding the portal?
  13. I tried to solo Azathot too. Just rushed the misteries and kinda ignored everything else,i endup losing due to a rumor(the one with the rift in london).But i just needed just one more turn to win the game. I think Azathot and shog are totally soloable. Rise of the elderthings is one of the easiest old ones normally,but when you play with only one investigator its hard as hell,the extra mistery prolongs the game too much,and the extra board becomes a problem too.When you reach the last mistery you just have a ton of open portals,rumors and crap going on. Keep in mind that the rumors and the misteries can give you a complete diferent story,Even with low health the meatball of dunwich and azathots green thingy are a pain in the butt.
  14. Im surprised that Yorick is the most popular investigator,i know he is in the base game but i dont know,i think Rita is way better,the only throwback is her low sanity. Yorick,Amanda and Bob are the weakest in my opinion. Also,i didnt expect that Monterey and the buttler would be some of the least picked,those two are in my top 5 investigators PD: Is this the right thread to talk about this topic?
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