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  1. To fulfill a certain quota so they don’t get flak from certain groups that really like to get upset and fabricate drama.
  2. I'm selling my whole AGoT CCG collection. Feel free to check out my Ebay link: https://www.ebay.de/itm/273794228075
  3. At this speed the community is declining, I wouldn't be surprised if this game won't see its first rotation. Why does it need neutral cards to set itself apart from other games? These card slots could have been easily replaced with faction conflict cards (which you could splash and which would help tremendously to shape the identity of the factions). And why should neutral cards help identifiying the baseline, all they probably do is dillute the baseline of the game, especially if they are stronger than equal costed faction cards. You don't know my expectations and I didn't say any of the stuff you list there.
  4. A) Because that's the way FFG can sell the most amount of core sets/cycle packs to a single player who wants to build more than one deck B) Because FFG thinks it's a good idea that every faction should be able to put some powerful, universal threats/answers in their deck...(which naturally leads to less meta diversity but FFG isn't capable of realising that)
  5. The last Team Covenant podcast was about this topic (no/vague release dates) and FFG's questionable logistics.
  6. It's quite simple, there are two reasons why L5R is on a downward spiral (currently): A very weak Organized Play program and bad product management. As a long time LCG player I can safely say about FFG, they don't like to invest in their player base and don't want to do anything to help building an offline community because ultimately they don't trust the longevity of their own product. They also still don't know how to get the release schedule right, and I'm not talking about those vague announcements for their upcoming products and probable delays (as usual because their logistics suck too), I'm talking about the way their products enter the meta. It's super unhealthy for a competitive game and ultimately for the community if you drip release stuff that imbalances the game instantly. 6 packs 6 weeks was a very very small step in the right direction but they should actually adapt from their well established competition and release product for every faction on the same date every 4 months to have a stable meta environment for a solid period of time.
  7. It's not even a proper comparison, it's crazy stuff crazy people do say.
  8. Hi there folks, I'm looking for old CoC ccg cards/collections or sealed product. If anyone want to part with stuff, send me a pm or post in this thread, any time. I'm based in the EU, so keep in mind, that there is shipping involved.
  9. Hey there, I wonder what you guys would recommend for an old X-Wing player who wants to get back into the game. Me and my play partner (whom I will support with my collection) do like to play more the joust style and prefer small ship combat.
  10. Sold my x-wing collection a couple of years ago, thought about coming back but after I read the topics here from the last few days, it seems like I should wait some time before I reinvest?
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